No room for LTTE resurgence – Major General D.D.U.K Hettiarachchi

By Ashanthi Warunasuriya in Jaffna

The military is confident there is no room for an LTTE resurgence in the North and that claims of the LTTE launching another war in Sri Lanka are only rumours.

Jaffna Security Forces Commander, Major General D.D.U.K Hettiarachchi told The Sunday Leader online that some groups are spreading rumours in the South of the LTTE posing a threat to the North.

He says intelligence reports have however confirmed the LTTE is not active in the North anymore.

Excerpts of an interview with the Jaffna Security Forces Commander:

Q: There are fears of the LTTE raising its head one again. Is there such a threat?

A: No there is no truth to those claims. There is no need to have such fears. Even our intelligence agencies have confirmed there is no such possibility. The only security related issue we have had over the past few months here is the issue arising from the activities of the ‘Aava group’. This group consists of a few youth who are addicted to drugs and liqueur. They watch South Indian films and try to imitate what they see in these films. Most of them have been arrested. So there is nothing to worry.

Q. Does the Army in the North have the strength to prevent another war from taking place? 

The Army is very strong. The Army can control such a situation within a short period. The Army strength in the North was weak when the war first broke out but now it is strong. We have Army camps in the whole Jaffna peninsula. Apart from the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Police are available if a situation does arise.

Q. Hoe is the relationship between the Army and the civilians?

A. The Army has a very cordial relationship with the ordinary people in Jaffna. We have been helping them to meet their requirements from time to time.

Q. Will the Army release more land to the civilians in the North?

A. There is a five year plan and under that plan we have released some land and will be releasing more land later. This process will continue. Our target is to ensure there are no more displacement camps in Jaffna and also ensure the rightful owners get their land back.

Q. Will releasing land held by the Army have an impact on the security situation?

A. We will give serious consideration to the security of Jaffna when releasing land. We will not compromise the security.

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  1. Jaffna does not nessiary army .well educated they may fight for the political right, they are not second class citizen, singhla monks and army wanted control tamil. will come to over came ,,then you will be a old crook, land belong to tamil what is there say we giving land little by little. own speech will be regent by public as well many army, please learn about human right, Jaffna under your commend girls are not save even now rape are going own.

    • tomsam

      Well said dharmapala! we need more like you to speak up and be counted.
      Sl should have been better than Singapore if not for the smoldering hatred and violence.

  2. tomsam

    Best way to establish peace is to hold a referendum on creating a confederate state for Eelam Tamils and get the military being a occupying force in NE .
    Rest is nothing but BS and hog wash.

  3. ranjit demel

    possible that there wont be ltte resurgence,but there would be anarcchy sooner than later in whole of s.l.s.l.may burn.not only the Tamils,sinhalese too are angry

  4. better known LTTE please discuss with the chief minister not army is watch Dog ,LTTE active you have work, other wise you are sleeping in barracks. mr senakaka told in army school about army ,please fellow with his idea , good with public, and good neigh ours ,mr Rajapaska came to power you have good place with communal idea, chief minister well known about Jaffna, better than anyone in srilankan,

  5. Just Society

    What Sri Lanka is in dire need is a political solution not an army solution, though he had spoken appropriately from his security point. That’s not the political solution nor that is his assignment. The rationale for the presence of security apparatus is the job politicians.

    The British security personnel spoke in the same manner after every uprisings in India. We did not have anything like that in Ceylon except for the Moor-Sinhalese riot that commenced on May 29, 1915. Tamils and Sinhalese never had a militant conflict prior to independence from the British Empire.

    Freedom from colonial form of rule is a natural phenomenon for a people. That requires a political solution. Intellectual strength with political maturity is just not there, at present, for a clear comprehension of the issues for a lasting resolution. Until the British people felt that ‘it is not fair the way the situation is in British India’ , British did not have to leave India. Modern India is a British construct. But had set a good foundation.

    Sri Lanka needs to wait until a clearer and peaceful vision can emerge from a Sinhala leader for a lasting resolution. Occupying a people can only be a short term strategy, however long that is.

    • freedom is natural not with army to settle tamil problem person like chief minister mr wigisnaran and opposition leader nessiary to bring freedom . not army is educated they are politician and economic and far away from public, srilankan need federal government like was Tran countries USA ,jaffna will became a Singapore

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