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Reconciliation and economic prosperity key goals for Sri Lanka in 2018

Reconciliation and economic prosperity will be the key goals for Sri Lanka in 2018, President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said.

In his New Year message, the President said that as a country Sri Lanka can consider the past year, as a year in which many positive expectations have been fulfilled.

He said Sri Lanka enters 2018 with many challenges which must be faced with courage in order to accomplish Sri Lanka’s goals.

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4 Comments for “Reconciliation and economic prosperity key goals for Sri Lanka in 2018”

  1. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    The President cannot get communal harmony without advocating a Sri Lankan Identity it can only be done by getting rid of segregated schools by making English the medium of instruction from kindergarten upwards also get the assistance of the British Council to make all Sri Lankans including our representative in parliament proficient in English . Also Support all Buddhist organizations and the people of our Country who are claiming from our government the rights they were given at the Kandyan Convention which has not being full filed by our government while in New Zealand a Similar agreement called Waitangi Agreement is being full filed by the New Zealand government by giving to the Maoris back their land and their fishing rights and is the subject matter in their schools while in our schools I am not aware whether Ceylon History is taught in our schools. It is because of Ceylon History being taught in our school during colonial time I came to Know of the Kandyan Convention . Why have a change in the constitution when it can be amendment our constitution has been amended only about 21 times but the Indian Constitution has been amended over 101times up to july 2016 times even with such amendments the death due to communal violence averages over 3 per day let this not happen to our Country because of the 13th amendment which was forced down our throats by India by the so called Indo Sri Lanka agreement of 1978 which we Sri Lankans should never forgive or forget , which agreement main part of disarming the LTTE India did not full fill and as such has caused over 100000 Sri Lankan Lives, over 100000 Sri Lankans suffering loss of limbs, hands and eyes and 800 billion US $ financial Loss to Our Country as stated in parliament on November 13th 2017 Why do not a patriot organization go to the Supreme Court on the basis of article 126 (5) by which a petition in the Supreme Court should be completed within 2 months of filing a petition in the Supreme Court or making such reference and get this 13th amendment nullified naming TNA, India and LTTE fronts in several counties as respondents.Also we are in a economic mess is also due the President because of his statement on climate change which will be fully disclosed in my next comment

    • H.L. Vanstraten

      I beg to differ in many of your statements or proposals. Of course you have the right to advance them this way, but they are all issues that need to be discussed politically i.e. in the Parliament of the country.
      I believe that all children have the right to be educated in their mother’s tongue, with English instructed as a second language, particularly to have a lingua franca for all inhabitants of the nation island.
      The 13th amendment was intended to uphold the social and political rights of the minorities in the country. This has not been realized till this day. Past governments have tried hard enough to disarm the LTTE, but simply were not capable of doing so. To start on the political issues could have taken the sting out of the conflict by allowing minimal rights to the minorities in the country, by creating a constitution that would have guaranteed equality for all citizens. Instead they chose to go to war so are partly to blame for the many unnecessary deaths.
      I also believe that no government should take sides in matters of religion. It has to govern over all the people in the country irrespective of their religious beliefs and treat them all equally.
      The President’s stance on climate change is wise, I believe. Shri Lankans should have better care of the environment. I think of all the dirt in the streets, the stream of rubble and plastics that daily flow into the see through its rivers, the air pollution in the main city and towns by cars, buses, factories, machines. What about investing in adaquate sewers, separation of garbage and reusing as many materials as is possible. The island could be so much cleaner and healthier if such issues were given national priority.
      Anyway, I wish you a happy new year in which you’ll work towards improving your country.

  2. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    Our Country cannot get investors to our country because of our President the moment he became President made a declaration about climate change to please the west he did this twice one of them recently when our per capita carbon emissions were one of the lowest in the world of 0.67 while I wish to state per capita carbon emission of 0.61 metric tons per year is very low compare it with Malaysia a developing Country (6.7) and the US a developed Country (19.78), is 10 times and 30 times more respectively and as such there should not be any concern regarding carbon emissions these are supported by the per capita carbon emission per year statistics

    from the internet .and also it can be stated from the data from internet it can be computed that even if we have 10 coal power stations the size of Norochoholai producing a total of 70 billion units per year, our per capita carbon emission per year will not exceed 70×109/21×106= 3040 Kg=3.04 metric tons assuming a population of 21 million and 1000Kg= a metric ton, as such there is no threat of carbon emission to our country by planning for accelerated coal power projects as many as required for our country. The President’s statement contravenes article 3,4,12, 27 anf 33 (f) of our constitution and as such direct foreign investors are avoiding us like a plague and also his reliance on solar power can be established has the biggest fraud committed in our country’s history which also has destabilized our country’s economy.

  3. Sangaralingham

    All statements must be supported with honest and desired action. Country must decidedly implement English in schools to enhance the knowledge and communication speaking skills and understand it especially those seeking higher technical skills and academic pursuits.the united nation either federal status or otherwise must know how to deal with citizens of all religion language custom traditionsn equitable manner not for any one betterment but for whole country

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