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Tamils protest outside Swiss court against case on LTTE supporters

Over 150 Tamils protested outside a Swiss court on Monday against a trial involving thirteen LTTE financiers.

The protesters held posters of the LTTE and its slain leader Vellupillai Prabakaran and made statements in support of a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka.

Thirteen financiers accused of funnelling more than CH15 million ($15.3 million) to the LTTE stood trial before the Swiss Federal Criminal Court on Monday.

The accused are from Switzerland, Germany and Sri Lanka. Some are former members of the World Tamil Coordinating Committee (WTCC), which represented the LTTE in Switzerland until 2009, and include its founder, his deputy and the person in charge of finances, Swiss Info reported.

Between 1999 and 2009, they allegedly created a complex fundraising structure which involved coaxing members of the Tamil diaspora to obtain loans from banks. To raise higher amounts, the WTCC was accused of creating fictitious companies in the name of borrowers that issued fake salary certificates.

The 13 on trial face charges of fraud, false documentation, money laundering and extortion. As the LTTE was never declared a terror organisation in Switzerland, they will not face charges of funding a terror group, unlike cases involving Islamic State or al-Qaeda. (Colombo Gazette)

5 Comments for “Tamils protest outside Swiss court against case on LTTE supporters”

  1. Robert Brown

    LTTE terrorists still very active in financing and supporting their terror group all over Europe. This is just one example. When will Europe do what it takes to get rid of these terrorists?

    • tomsam

      This group was created by the sucessive sinhala regimes which ignored the reasonable demond by Eelam tamils for autonomy under confederate system of government.

  2. ed

    As most of these Tamil immigrants are at the receiving end of the Swiss government monthly dole. The Swiss government could reduce the dole every three months in order to put these Tamil immigrants to follow strict Swiss regulations and follow Swiss laws accordingly. Failing to follow the law the Swiss government should suspend their rights to their monthly dole.Still, if the government notices the laws being violated then the Swiss Government should send them back to Sri Lanka. by banning them entry to Switzerland.

  3. Kumaran

    Quite right, well done. Also stop traffic, burn tyres, commit “hara kiri”. You are most detestable lot of hooligans in recent times.

  4. Kumaran

    The Swiss Government will just roll over like the late JRJ of Sri Lanka did and let these criminals off the hook and will also give them a large “bonus” and all you a hand-shake and a good lunch!

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