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Indian Army chief says must not let Sri Lanka drift towards China

Indian Army chief, General Bipin Rawat has said that India must not let countries like Sri Lanka drift towards China.

General Bipin Rawat said that India needs to shift focus from its border with Pakistan to that with China, cautioning that the country cannot allow its neighbours to drift towards China, virtually asking the Government to effectively implement its ‘neighbourhood first’ policy.

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7 Comments for “Indian Army chief says must not let Sri Lanka drift towards China”

  1. It is too late for India to do any thing. It was INDIA who helped SRI LANKA to defeat terrorism. But Mahinda Rajapakse was too clever. He used India to his benefit. Once that was achieved he showed his fingers to India. India was not clever in front of Mahinda RAJAPAKSE. Today SRILANKA was in the hands of China and nothing India can do.

  2. kanal

    And Sri Lanka cannot be happy by all means at the imminent development through China involvement. This may prove to be only temporary and also dangerously disastrous in the long run, leading to unwarranted frictions among neighbours and disruption to regional peace and prosperity. Let sanity prevail!

  3. Sangaralingham

    SriLanka state of affairs are contradictory to its own benefits blame also falls to india with its laggardly affairs in most matters to its neighbours including lanka. Future generation in few years will find out where this leads to. Current politicians day are numbered based on their administrative style and not listening to the common man in the country. Just plotting along riding imported luxury car not paying taxes for I it So says the media of the land.hope we all learn something from others errors do long as the error does not lead to collapse of the nation. 70 years petering out in all directions.

  4. Nadarajah Rajendra

    Thy will take up the Tamil course and interfier in Sri lanka
    If they want,they can start another rebellion


  5. Rattapakse

    India created LTTE and others to stop US coming into Trincomalee. It waited for long until LTTE grown out of guerrilla factions to more conventional forces to be defeated easily. If things get out of hand, India can start all over again in both South and North, this time more carefully in control, not to have another VP whom President Premadasa once said a brave Sri Lanka to save the country from Indian Forces.

  6. ,ddd

    All SL troubles stem from India and now they are hand in glove with the devil America.

  7. kumaran

    Admit it. India is the prime cause for all this. You initiated, under Indira the LTTE terrorists. JRJ was a weak leader who went flat when Rajiv sent his goons. Eventually, when you got your nose bloodied by your own students, the LTTE you pulled way and left M.R to deal with it. Neither India or the West did anything significant except Israel and China. China now has airports and sea ports at two strategic places in Sri Lanka and these new rail tracks and highways are for them to rush troops if and when the need arise. Have you heard the saying, “Sow the wind and reap the whirl-wind” Serves you people right. If not for your rotten interference, we would have been a different place.

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