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Suspicions raised over Lasantha probe following President’s revelation

Suspicions have been raised over the ongoing investigations into the murder of the founding Editor of The Sunday Leader, Lasantha Wickrematunge following a revelation by President Maithripala Sirisena on Friday.

The President said that when he had made inquiries from the relevant officials with regards to the progress of the investigations in 2016, he was told the investigations are expected to be completed in just over a week.

He said that the relevant officials had informed him that further legal will be filed in relation to the murder of Wickrematunge as well as the murder of rugger player Wasim Thajudeen and the disappearance of journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda.

The President raised suspicion on as to why the investigations have, however, not progressed further than what they have.

Meanwhile, Economy Next quoted the President as saying at the same meeting that he was concerned over the undue delay in prosecuting high profile criminal suspects of the former regime.

Sirisena said he wanted indictments prepared by the Attorney General’s department by a panel of independent legal experts, but Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had neglected to do so.

The dossier on former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was completed just before Prime Minister Wickremesinghe visited India and the case was held up till his return, Sirisena said without giving actual dates.

Wickremesinghe travelled to India in November last year.

“I had told the Prime Minister that cases filed against these high profile individuals (of the former regime) should be examined by (private) legal experts to make sure that there are no loopholes and that cases will not be thrown out.

“When the dossier was presented to me I said, as I have told the Prime Minister very clearly, to appoint a panel of legal experts and have the papers examined before filing the cases. The Prime Minister returned (from India), but he did not appoint the panel and that is that.”

Speaking to senior editors, the President made it clear that he feared that the Attorney General’s department could botch the cases against individuals such as Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and wanted additional safeguards to ensure water-tight cases against the suspects.

He said in 2016 there was a time when Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was about to be prosecuted, possibly within a week, but the move fell by the wayside.

There had been allegations that it was Sirisena himself who had blocked the investigations, a charge he has since denied.

31 Comments for “Suspicions raised over Lasantha probe following President’s revelation”

  1. Kumaran

    What a spineless “man” you have become! When you contested M.R in 2015, we felt a soaring sense of admiration for your guts and thought we will surely see an amazing change. But, you are like the head that is wagged by the tail, when you are so scared of R.W!

  2. Bowed & Aftaid

    Surprise to read reference to a ten year old murder, but not the ‘hot’ trillion dollar BONDS SCAM issue in your paper!. May be you are afraid when the paper is run on bond money! Do you wash your backside after going to the toilet, you shameless pricks?

    • Romeo

      why blame him; most of the politicians, army intelligence, navy intelligence, police all are involved.
      We praise them for other things! we now complain.

  3. Yes Minister

    Why is Ranil silent on these allegations? Is Ranil guilty as President accuses him of massive coverups and blocking investigations? PEOPLE USE YOUR VOTE TO FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPT POLITICIANS.

    • Cobra

      Indeed it is the million dollar question. Is Ranil really afraid to extend help in bringing these crooks to justice and if so of whom and why? Granted, these fraudsters are not just ordinary criminals they raptors with a T-Rex among them but Ranil is government with all the resources of the police and law with him. So why?????

    • Romeo

      Ranil has direct line to Gotepaya. All know about Ranil saving him.
      two headed snake.

      • Kalu Nangi

        You are the President. So why blame Ranil now? You got the former Bribery Commissioner removed when she was doing a splendid job because she filed action against one of your Ministers. She did not pick and choose culprits, but filed cases when investigations were completed. You had no business to interfere in her work. You have contacted the Attorney General directly regarding pending cases. So we have no doubt you are the cause for the delay other than the former Minister of Justice Wijedasa Rajapaksha who is now in the JO fold. You did not take any action against MR and his family members because you thought you could get them back into the SLFP once again. For you, the Party was more important than punishing the wrong doers. You have fooled everybody and very soon you will realize how lonely you are at the top!

  4. S B Lokuge

    This is the biggest con artist in the history of Sri Lankan politics. He thinks he can fool all the people all the time. Since the elections were declared he comes up with all these utterings, but nothing will happen after that. He is desperate to win a few councils and come up with this utterings, but people know who protected the mega crooks responsible for the BOND SCAM.

    • rew

      Asleep for 3 years!! Time to move this man out.

    • Our President is not spineless. If he was he would have not left MR’s camp in 1985. The problem is that the people whom he thought were his friends are actually not hid friends but trying to put every obstacle in our President’s way. The actual culprits are now more nervous than ever. The truth will WIN!! Pem

  5. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    This man is desperate because he during the regime of MR he appears to have given high positions to SLFP members without even O level qualifications and also by his utterance on climate change he also does not appear to have O level qualification which contravenes articles 3,4,12,27 and 33(f) of our constitution

  6. Mac

    Can the president do what the present Saudi king did for his close friends. Arrest these guys get the freeze the money from all those who cheated the country . Use it on the country for development. We don’t think he is capable to do that.

  7. Dr Wijeratne

    President has become the most unbelievable political animal in the history of Sri Lankan politics. Sometimes he boasts of bringing the JO gangsters to justice. But after few minutes he is dreaming of chasing off the UNP out and forming a new government with Jo. What is this ?

  8. Ron

    You are all in politics to look after your own (and your family’s) interests, so you turn a blind eye on your predecessor so when the next government gets into power they you allowed to go scot free. Shame that the country is run by such leadership. If the PM is not doing anything about charging the crooks of the previous regime, it is for you as President to show some leadership, guts and honesty and prosecute these crooks and their families.

  9. ,ddd

    he is trying to fool the polonnaruwa people as he has failed elsewhere in the country.

  10. upi

    Hang them all

  11. Nelum Vithanage

    The President is slowly trying to get away from charging the Rogues by blaming the prime minister. One of Maithripala’s Chief Minister and the JVP did accuse the President for granting permission to Gota to leave the country.
    Yesterday, in his election meeting he very vociferously pronounced that if 96 members from the Joint Opposition would cross over to his side he will be able to form an SLFP Government and he invited them even to come to his house.
    The President has placed himself between the devil and deep sea.

  12. I suggest the President to take over the full administration from the Ranil’s hand. Keep Ranil as a puppet PM, the way MR kept his PM. Remember the way MR handled the administration. Appoint all his family members and robbed the country without outside knowledge. Our country will never prosper with the same politicians running the country for the past 40 years. They all made mega money at the expense of us. But we idiots keep on appointing those idiots.

  13. Park

    It is very clear from the President’s statement that he has protected Gota. He is now trying to sing a different song. I think only now after becoming the President, he is showing his true colours. He is not to be trusted. Does he think that his own Attorney General is inferior to the external lawyers? If so why is he still continuing with the Attorney General? For a President HONESTY should be the most important quality. He is playing politics and showing his true (hopper) colours.

  14. Chutta

    After a three long years deep sleep, Mr. President woke up, until the election of local government, and after that he will go back to sleep. Wonderful. Good luck Sri Lankans.

  15. If you say that RW covered up the Murderer’s of the previous regime how was it you Smuggled out Gotabaya out of the country,

  16. You Smuggled “Gota” out of the Country He was the number one Suspect in my Friend Lasantha Wickrematunge’s Murder,and Ranil Wicremasinghe it is a disgrace to the country to have a Prime Minister like you,if you are covering up the Murderer Of this straight forward Journalist A Proud Son “Lasantha The Great” I would like to ask the people of this country are you going to vote for these Scoundral’s again ? Don”t ever think of it,Discard these Liars all of them and cast your vote for the JVP who will get these Guy”s into the Net.We are in the USA watching all you Liar’s ruling this country

  17. mr srisena the man of culprit he to was in the same came of mr Rajapaska family. whole world knew srilankan president are criminal ,mr JR ,Jayawardena was escape indian prime minister ms INDRA GANTHI death, ms srima Bandranayaka. and her daughter ms Chandrak bandrakanaka , mr Rajapaska and ms srisena, and prime minister mr Ranil, srilanka was beautiful country very harm and gentle, today worse country, many left west ran countries live peace fullive

  18. sagala

    WE all know that MAhendra Rajapaksaa and Gotabaya are behind the cruel murder of Lasantha,these two bastards being sinhala buddhist must be skinned alive and roasted ina frying pan
    these two fellows should not be allowed even to exit in the human form
    must be executed in the public domain,filthy bastards
    war veterans pigs arse
    Mahendra Rajapaksa was in a thai brothel riding a 17 year old young thai girl
    in the last two weeks of the war in 2009,when the our Soldiers were fighting the war,these bastards afetr hif sessions comes to Katunayake for red carpetted eromany;must b e burnt alive,para jadaya

  19. P J ROY

    Ha Ha! Silly season from Silly-Sena!

  20. Srisena is not a honest man for the simple reason he was with MR for a long time & never ever opposed any of MR’s crooked deads further he is not a good President, he utters all lies & acrooked person, he is helping MR’s family & has sent Gotha to the States because he is to be arrested, Srisena is a damn crook not worth to be a President.

  21. Sambo

    These are all election gimmicks as the Golden key and other Celynco frauds which is only brought during election time and later forgotten. The public can be fooled one, twice but no more.

  22. The Prime Minister is responsible for the delay/sabotage of this investigation.

  23. gamarala

    The PM has been ‘bought over’ or, is under threat, by the corrupt/criminal members of the former regime.

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