Indian Ocean life-line for Non-Aligned Sri Lanka

By Trevor Jayetileke

As we Reflect back and Celebrate 70 years of Independence we can certainly be proud that we have weathered a series of Battles since 1948 and have come through as a resilient Nation with hope for the future and the Indian Ocean giving us a second opportunity to salvage so many missed chances.

The strategic position of Sri Lanka with the rise of China as the leading contender to the weakening sole Superpower the US which was the Economic Engine of the World now been challenged by China.

Under the leadership of President Donald Trump the US hopes to become Great Again but has been forced to put things right in the US first which has given China the space to carve out its Domain in the Asia Pacific to its own liking which gives the Non-Aligned Sri Lanka a new beginning as the sole Logistics King Maker to those Powers wrestling for control over Indian Ocean Sea Power.

Though former President Mahinda Rajapakse lost his opportunity to nail his position as a Statesman and a Visionary Leader that built the Hambantota Port as his best infrastructure achievement that has now been leased out to China on a 99 year lease and used as the Asian Logistics Pivot to spread its Economic Orbit (BRI ) to the Mediterranean Region and hopefully beyond and leaving India to carve out its domain within the Bay of Bengal Region with the logistics support of our Trinco Port.

Its all systems go for China from now on but for India its Asia Pacific dreams will remain locked in the Bay like it did for China,Japan and South Korea in the South China Sea but cushioned by the US Pacific Command that will be remembered by the Asia Pacific with gratitude for now and ever. The only way to circumvent the Indian dilemma is to tap Thailand at the Isthmus of Kra which will open its path between the Andaman and Nicobar islands giving it access into the South China Sea. It will be a big learning curve for India and will the meeting of minds of the two big powers of our region.

With the Extended Sea Bed a timely gift from UNCLOS and the Lotus Tower which will become a Beacon for Ships sailing the Indian Ocean waters with both due to happen soon and simultaneously Sri Lanka will be open Season once again with bitter regrets to all those who have pilfered their Legacies since 1948.

While the future of Sri Lanka moves from now on more to the Sea than land we must not forget that a self- reliant economic base has to be built around our Natural Resources ( oil/gas) and not loading of more debt. That is the challenge our Leadership have now to ponder for prosperity/posterity.

Trevor Jayetileke is a Petroleum Prospector/ Freelance Energy Writer (

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