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UNP considers divorcing SLFP following polls outcome

The United National Party (UNP) is considering a split from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) following the outcome of the Local Government (LG) elections.

Sources said that the UNP is looking at forming a Government led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Several Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members are expected to extend support to the UNP-led Government.

The UNP performed better than the SLFP at the Local Government elections.

SLFP leader, President Maithripala Sirisena had overturned several decisions taken by UNP Ministers ahead of the Local Government elections.

SLFP and UNP Ministers in the unity Government had also been critical of each other resulting in a deep rift between both parties ahead of the elections.

Report by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

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  1. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    The UNP should throw out Mr. Sirisena’s economic policies for these reasons

    his policy on climate change because of his utterances our Country’s economy is so fragile as he does not appear to trust our Engineers to get investors to our country because of our President the moment he became President made a declaration about climate change to please the west he did this twice one of them recently when our per capita carbon emissions were one of the lowest in the world of 0.67 while the per capita carbon emission of 0.61 metric tons per year is very low compare it with Malaysia a developing Country (6.7) and the US a developed Country (19.78), is 10 times and 30 times more respectively and in Singapore 30 metric tons and as such there should not be any concern regarding carbon emissions these are supported by the per capita carbon emission per year statistics from the internet .and also it can be stated from the data from internet it can be computed that even if we have 10 coal power stations the size of Norochoholai producing a total of 70 billion units per year, our per capita carbon emission per year will not exceed 70×109/21×106= 3040 Kg=3.04 metric tons assuming a population of 21 million and 1000Kg= a metric ton, as such there is no threat of carbon emission to our country by planning for accelerated coal power projects as many as required for our country. The President’s statement contravenes article 3,4,12, 27 and 33 (f) of our constitution and as such direct foreign investors are avoiding us like a plague and also his reliance on solar power can be established has the biggest fraud committed in our country’s history amounting to several hundred million US dollars which also has destabilized our country’s economy . This document has been sent to cope and also to the speaker by sending a copy of a letter to NEC address to all MPs in Parliament which establishes the above statements and also by our President’s avoidance of burning coal we the people are losing over a Billion rupees. per day in the 3 years the president has caused a loss of over one trillion Rs.. This document should be obtained from the speaker by all Parliamentarians and studied and they will find the reasons no investors are coming to our country and it is definitely not because of the UNP but because of the President himself

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