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In world report Sri Lanka listed among countries unsafe for Muslims

Sri Lanka has been listed among countries unsafe for Muslims in a newly released world report.

In the report, Amnesty International notes that Sri Lanka saw a rise in Buddhist nationalist sentiment last year, including attacks against Christians and Muslims.

In September, a group of hardline Buddhist monks attacked the homes of Rohingya refugees in Boosa, southern Sri Lanka. In November, dozens of home and businesses of Muslims were attacked near the southern city of Galle.

The State of the World’s Human Rights report for 2017 to 2018 by Amnesty International notes that in South Asia, governments invoked law and order, national security and religion as they engaged in attacks against religious minorities, criminalized freedom of expression and subjected civil society to a campaign of intimidation, threats, smears and violence

“Over the past year, the region was marked by assaults on civil society. Journalists, bloggers, activists and others human rights defenders have been vilified and subjected to threats and violence. Meanwhile, online, invasive new cybercrime legislation has been used to criminalize freedom of expression and subject people to unlawful surveillance,” said Biraj Patnaik, Amnesty International’s South Asia Director.

“South Asia also remains one of the most dangerous regions to be a member of a religious minority. Muslims in India and Sri Lanka, Shi’as in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Hindus in Bangladesh have all come under attack over the past year. In each case, the governments have either failed to protect them, been indifferent to their fate, or even encouraged a climate of hostility.”

The report also says that in Sri Lanka, families attempting to arrange stones as memorials for loved ones lost during the 26-year internal conflict were stopped by security forces last year. Human rights defenders were also subject to surveillance and intimidation. Women human rights defenders in the north and east reported that interactions with the police were often degrading and sexualized. (Colombo Gazette)

11 Comments for “In world report Sri Lanka listed among countries unsafe for Muslims”

  1. srilankan Muslim has no place in Sinhala buhhist country,monks coming to parliament better than UNP and SLFP .monks want power, but Buddha want harm and peaceful live in the world, monks are misleading the srilankan Sinhala, most of the monks are communal and immoral,

    • Yamuna

      sri Lanka Muslims have more privilege than Sinhalese Who made this bullshit report

    • Kathiran

      On body can blame these boudhistes monts since They are not so educated.Most of these poor monkIs are coming from remote areas like Ingniyagala And They get nervous when They see these muslims with small or big boutiques.Nobody can control them.

    • Kochikade

      So in this country only Buddhist can live no other minorities?? If the same thing thought by other countries like Buddhist are minorities what will happen to them .. Will u tell the minority Buddhist to go out of the country?? Don’t be a racist .. Follow the Buddha’s way

    • Ratna

      There are no Sinhala beople inBatticalo the Muslims are 100% they will not allow any Shops to be opened in the town discriminations against Sinhala is utmost. Wahhabism are ruling .

    • javed

      If muslims have no place in sri lanka,then buddists have no place in muslim countries or any other country,Do not forget the muslim countries were the main supporters during the LTTE war.They trained the army and gave weapons,Do not forget the number of muslims who have died for sri lanka.

  2. wijelion

    yes..please don’t come over here, go to Saudi, afghanistan, pakistan, etc..

  3. Rtd. Lt. Reginald Shamal Perera

    I’m thinking, the US of A must be one of the safest countries for Muslims. Or perhaps France, Germany or Finland. The skin headed punks of those countries must be on vacation when the study was conducted.

  4. Neil

    This is not true, every body knows who is at a real risk and under threat in Sri Lanka. Buddhist were just reacting only, why not talk about the actions also. What about Buddhists suffering in Bangladesh..

  5. Arjuna

    But I’m sure all others may be safe and secure in Islamic countries as well as under Muslim mejority.

  6. Jayantha

    I do not think so. This is grossly misleading. How unsafe Muslim World for other communities? Is it more than here or lesser?

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