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Zeid calls on UNHRC to explore other avenues for accountability in Sri Lanka

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has called on the UN Human Rights Council to explore other avenues that could foster accountability in Sri Lanka.

In his report on Sri Lanka to the 37th session of the Human Rights Council, which meets in Geneva from 26 February to 23 March 2018, the High Commissioner reiterates his appreciation for the constructive engagement of the Government of Sri Lanka with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and United Nations human rights mechanisms since January 2015.

However, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said that as he noted in March 2017, this constructive collaboration must be accompanied by the implementation of key commitments.

He says the fulfilment of the transitional justice commitments made under Human Rights Council resolution 30/1 has been virtually stalled for more than a year.

Progress with some confidence-building measures has often been insufficient and inconclusive, and the structures set up to coordinate implementation have not consolidated enough or did not receive sufficient political support to move things forward.

In statements and reports issued since 2015, the High Commissioner, while expressing concern over the lack of progress on accountability and reforms, was encouraged by the positive improvement of the general human rights situation.

However, 2017 was marked by intermittent inter-ethnic tensions and attacks on minorities which are unlikely to dissipate completely.

While the Government has managed to steer many of these worrying events in a positive direction, this type of violence in a country that has experienced cycles of extreme violence roughly every 10 years is deeply troubling, particularly when accompanied by hate speech, misinformation and agitation through social media and political manipulation.

The continuing allegations of torture and surveillance and the lack of sufficient progress in implementing critical confidence building measures, such as the release of land, the repeal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act and the solution to the pending cases under the Act, have antagonized key constituencies that could be instrumental to the Government’s reform efforts, the High Commissioner’s report on Sri Lanka said.

The High Commissioner urges the Human Rights Council to continue to play a critical role in encouraging progress in accountability and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

He also called on Member States to explore other avenues, including the application of universal jurisdiction, that could foster accountability.

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12 Comments for “Zeid calls on UNHRC to explore other avenues for accountability in Sri Lanka”

  1. Dudley

    UNHRC is not the colonial agency of the world for this guy to dictate what an independent and sovereign nation does. Before you preach to others go and fix long standing HR abuses in the region you come from including your own country. UNHRC has made HR a commodity that can be purchased for the right price by Western masters against developing countries which is a big disgrace!

  2. David

    How much money did you get this time from LTTE?

    • Sanjaya Disnayke

      Machan, If Supramaniya Swamy help and pay some money to Swamy were will give an idea. Mahinda need to come back to Power.

    • Robert

      David, Stop your nonsense. Shows how mad you are. The person said this is not as mean or blind like you

    • tomsam

      What a stupid comment ;after successive pogroms against the Eelam Tamils since independence, all this guy could think was bribe.
      The present day International community is much more than what you think!
      Justice will prevail.

  3. David Milli-banda

    UNHRC stinks.
    SL representative dead. Hand of God has caught up with Ena at 54.
    Whose next ???

    We did’nt start the fire.

  4. gamarala

    “Human Rights” in Sri Lanka was highlighted by the Brigadier/Diplomat in London by the ‘throat cutting’ gesture in public – the uniformed thugs are enforcing this mode of it in the northeast right now.

  5. Richard

    Dear all readers, Journalists and Responsible Sri Lankan Executives,
    If possible please stop publishing irresponsible write ups in public media for the sake of your future generation to share a good life with all others.

  6. raj

    If UN finds that Sri Lanka has violated human rights or committed war crimes, Mr.Sampanthan and Mr.Sumanthiran would certainly defend Sri Lanka in order to enjoy benefits they are enjoying.

  7. Sangaralingham

    Leadership seems to be lethargic evasive not collaborating cooperating in this matter which is vital to progress of the country and in fact tell how leadership is acting in faces of adversity. Dynamics in social matters within a state is a must if not country as a nation is not following human rights charter of UNO to which a member state. Country does not belong to any politicians and all elected politicians are servants of the society from they collect pay checks from taxpayers of course contributions from interational community to to all they are answerable like or not. Tardiness and careless attitude reflect on all of us

  8. Ikarus

    The types from the former CAMEL driver clan has nothing else to do other than in finding other ways to accuse and strangle Sri Lanka. This is mainly because Sri Lanka did not heed to their call to abandon the final phase of the operation JAYASIKURU against the RUTHLESS TAMIL TERRORISTS which rampaged the country for almost 30 odd years. However, these HYPOCRITES purposely ignores GLARING WAR CRIMES currently being committed by SAUDI ARABIA by carpet bombing of YEMEN and the use of CLUSTER BOMBS supplied by US and UK mainly to kill innocent down to earth people. This willful destruction of Hospital facilities, Schools, blocking the harbor facilities by destroying cranes capable of lifting heavy containers from ships which brings basics for the survival of suffering millions of innocents (women, children & elderly etc.,) had created one of the greatest man made FAMINE in YEMEN. This is not my story but it is in world news broadcasts. However, the UN HOUND DOGS and these CAMEL drivers, the world BULLY and the EU STOOGES even though they are fully aware of it but turns a BLIND EYE to these glaring atrocities to human kind in YEMEN carried out by SAUDI ARABIA. Then the other atrocities conducted in SYRIA by the world BULLY and the EU STOOGES by supporting the terrorists group ALNUSRA in SYRIA mainly to topple the current Government elected by Syrians, (irrespective of the type). Hence Sri Lanka should IGNORE the comments of this member of the CAMEL DRIVER clan because these are not GENUINE but great lickers of MEATLESS BONES thrown by the world BULLY and it’s STOOGES.

    • tomsam

      Two(Too) many wrongs don’t make it right. The tactics of finger pointing nor name calling doesn’t exonerate Sinking Lanka.
      Aboe verbal diarrhea is nothing but hogwash towards cover up. UNHRC is smart enough to see the facts,communications,and aerial photos.
      Justice will prevail.

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