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GTF attempts to get Brigadier Fernando’s family removed

The Global Tamil Forum (GTF), an influential Tamil diaspora group in the UK, is attempting to have the family of the Defense Attaché to the Sri Lanka High Commission in London, Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, removed from the UK.

GTF spokesman Suren Surendiran has written to British Home Secretary Amber Rudd thanking him for returning Brigadier Fernando to Sri Lanka.

“However, we understand that Brigadier’s family members continue to live in the UK. We are therefore writing to request you to curtail their visas and return them back to Sri Lanka,” Surendiran said in the letter.

He says the Immigration Rules provide for the refusal of leave to enter or the curtailment of leave already granted in circumstances where there are discretionary powers to allow the Home Secretary to act in a manner that protects the interests of the United Kingdom and those resident within the country.

“Brigadier Fernando’s visa must have been curtailed based on this principle before he was sent back to Sri Lanka. The wife and children of Brigadier Fernando must have been granted leave to enter the UK as the dependants of the principal who had been granted a diplomatic visa to enter/remain in the UK. They have not been granted leave to enter the UK in their own right. Therefore, their visas in effect stand and fall with Brigadier Fernando. In the circumstances, we respectfully ask you to curtail their visas and return them back to Sri Lanka,” Surendiran said in his letter.

Earlier, the UK Foreign Office, in response to an email sent by Surendiran, said that the UK Government was taking the incident involving Brigadier Fernando very seriously. (Colombo Gazette)

17 Comments for “GTF attempts to get Brigadier Fernando’s family removed”

  1. Parayan

    British government – it is shame on you. The banned LTTE roaming the London Streets with LTTE flags. You want to worry about the dependents visas curtailed. The GTE are empty heads.

  2. Sam

    Why penalize the family
    Let them continue living in UK
    Didn’t the Sinhalese rehabilitate the
    freedom fighters and offer them employment

  3. helagama

    Lets deal with Surendiran’s relatives in SL

  4. Amarnath Tennakoon

    Without problems GTF cannot survive

  5. Upul

    Ado Sakkili Surendiran, Why do you want to take revenge from the Brigadier’s family? You bastards are the people who create problems between the Tamil and the Sinhalese.Do you think just because you made a mistake, your family is responsible for that too? You are an IDIOT you F’ing bastard.

  6. Kumaran

    These are the riff raff of the world, the worst kind of terrorist, to scream for vengeance while asking for a part of a nation! GTF should never be allowed to step into the country and we should reduce the size of our High Commission in the U.K, while kicking out a likesize portion from Colombo. To hold innocent children accountable, after these goons provoked !! G.R or M.R will know what to do.

  7. Noor Nizam

    I am totally in agreement with the demonstrations made by the “PATRIOTIC” Sri Lankans in London. Such DEMONSTRATIONS SHOULD TAKE PLACE IN ALL EUROPEAN AND NORTH AMERICAN CAPITALS IN THE WORLD. I wish to state that I know very well about these how the Tamil Diaspora manipulates to get the LTTE sympathetic governments to do things, with my experience in Canada. For these Tamil Diaspora guys to gather in front of any Sri Lankan diplomatic office and to protest for everything is a habit of no meaning. Yes, these guys are on the dole (most of them) or doing menial jobs and have no leisure activities, horrible in the language of the domiciled country and are manipulated and used by the NGO’s to create a scene so that “publicity” could be made in support of their fundraising campaigns, which they rake in the thousands of dollars or pounds. The saddest story is that the Sri Lanka Foreign Office and the Sri Lankan High Commissioner taking a rash decision to suspend the RECALL this “DESAPREYMI” high ranking defense attache’ just to please 2 British Parliamentary Members who got involved in this episode because they are depended on the votes of these Scums to win their elections. Patriotic Sri Lankan community in UK/London who are DEMONSTRATING TODAY against the LTTE front lobby groups and the UK MP’s who are gunning for the Brigadier should send a petition to HE. Maithripala Sirisena to intervene in this matter and make sure that NO OFFICIAL HARM is done to this “PATRIOTIC SOILDER” by PM Ranil Wickremasinghe who is an ally of the West. This is a great respect you guys will be doing to our heroic Tri-Forces who gained victory over the ruthless terrorist in May 2009 and gave Sri Lanka freedom and peace to all communities. Sri Lankan Muslims who are domiciled in the Western capitals should gather to support these demonstrations fully.
    Noor Nizam.
    Convener – “The Muslim Voice”.

  8. Victor Jayasekera

    Are these so call Tamils Sri lankens or third class Britishers who does slave work for those doings nothing in the parliament other than using brainless asians for their benefit. Do not even go to Sri Lanka if you doesn’t want the Sri lanken identitie be slaves for ever ,in other countries. If you love your innocent Tamil people who live in Sri Lanka motherland , help them been salves to others .brigadier loves his mother land that’s why he did it , it’s shame on your people stand against the country of birth , in a nother country where your been used.Don’t even dream of breaking the country that will never happen , if you love the innocent Tamil people who live in other parts of Sri Lanka . The motherland for Sri lankens not only lanken who live in Sri Lanka , all over the world god bless Sri Lanka when the lion rooooooo other have get into pampers

  9. ari

    These are the scoundrels who are clamouring for reconciliation. they not only go after our valiant security forces but even their families.

  10. Victor Jayasekera

    I hope whatever happens Sri lanken Tamils they belong to Sri Lanka it’s better to behave and show respect than behaving like slavery days

  11. Hamlet

    All those Demonstrators, are pretending they are still harassed in Sri Lanka, so they can educate their Children in the UK.

    Do they still demand Tamil as the Medium of Instruction in England? Or are they willing to ‘Reluctantly’, accept English?

    • Rattapakse

      Poor Hamlet,

      Please learn that Denmark pays for 32 Tamils schools and Canada has Tamil language teachers in Schools and in UK, many of the schools open as Saturday Tamil schools. Also be proud that Sri Lankan (Tamika) are hard workers with so many in the top Universities, many religious institutions, radio, TV and business establishments they are doing extreme well and so all politicians are poking at them.

  12. Dion Boulton

    How dare u Surendiran want Fernando’s family out of UK? Haven’t u got relatives in Sri Lanka? They too then should be kicked out. U brute’s live in UK n talk about s Are I Lanka. U r nothing but dogs

  13. Bandara

    All those low of the lows who refer themselves as Parayas and Sakliyaas should be ‘proud’ of themselves.You are so ignorant.

    First, we must understand the West has so much power an so it prevented MR returning to power following LG elections.

    Seond, the GTF and others are used as a tools for them to wield those power.

    If ongoing reconciliation attempts, fails, then these organisation will ask for a demand for ‘Referendum on self determination’ basing on the claim, ‘Our kingdom were taken by you and given on a platter to the Sotherners’

    If we don’t understand and be like a frog in the well, we will be the losers.

  14. Mangala

    Why don’t the UK government arrest the terrorists waving the LTTE flag which is a banned organization in UK itself.They trampled the legitimate national flag of Sri Lanka and raised the terrorist flag of LTTE.Will the british government allow the same behaviour from Al quiaida supporters in London?Double standards.Shame on you.

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