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SF to be Law, Order Minister despite opposition from top cops

Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka is to be appointed as the next Law and Order Minister in two weeks time, despite some strong opposition from senior Police officers, cabinet spokesman Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said on Monday.

Senaratne said that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was appointed Law and Order Minister for two weeks.

He said that in the next cabinet reshuffle Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka will get the post.

Senaratne said that while senior Police officers do not want Fonseka to get the post junior officers feel he is the right man for the job.

The cabinet spokesman and Health Minister said that the Law and Order Minister needs to be a straight forward person and not someone who plays a “double game”.

Senaratne said that Ministers cannot be appointed based on what one or two people think. He says Ministers who have feet planted on two sides must be removed.

The Minister also said that when taking decisions it must be based on discussions held between the President and Prime Minister and not just based on what the two main political parties in the Government think. (Colombo Gazette)

15 Comments for “SF to be Law, Order Minister despite opposition from top cops”

  1. Lima


  2. Laksiri

    If any senior police officer does not like our general to be next law and order minister they can go home we do not needs such police offficer to be paid by tax payers look the country drugs and many criminal activities but how many DIGS in Sri Lanka more than the India

  3. Daya

    I’ve never been a fervent supporter of Sarath Fonseka, but this is a good and necessary move. Let’s start countering obvious objections before the enemies of honesty start discrediting him on the grounds that SF was rejected by the people. No, that is not the case. When he contested Parliamentary Elections from his own party, he made only a miscalculation, but he is an honest man. His party fared disastrously because few voters cast votes for a THIRD party. Had he been a candidate from the UNP (or even from My3′s SLFP), he would easily have got a seat in Parliament.

  4. Ahmed

    We have to be proud to get a world class war hero to get such position. MY3 plays double game appointing FM SF n dragging for long. MY3 still didn’t learn any lesson from the election. At the end he MY3 will be labled as worse president of SL history.

  5. Nihal

    General Sarath F is the best for this Job, look at specially the city of Colombo people have taken the law unto themselves, can you ever drive on the roads, the Garbage on the roads stinks & Roads have become the worse Mosquito breeding grounds, POLICE FORCE IS VERY INEFFECTIVE, its a case of “the survival of the Fittest” the haves somehow leave the country and the S/L citizens living overseas are thinking twice to visit Colombo, the youngsters do not want ever to step in to this country, this Government has miserably failed the PM is the most ineffective and only NATO, its sad that he is a very poor LEADER unlike the strong men of the Caliber of MR and GR or late JR and R Premadasa.

  6. The best appointment, if police officers don’t like it,they are the corrupt ones, many other current ministers are under the control of the previous regime.

  7. Fritz

    Bring SF as law and order minister who can root out the corruption in police .’
    No wonder police dept is against his appointment so they can’t
    Take bribes
    Bring SF please

  8. banadara

    No doubt SF is the ideal candidate. But the question is why now? Why not 3 years ago. Again this is the another master plan of all time loser Ranil. Ranil used SF against MR. We all know what happened to SF after that. This time is no different, Ranil is using SF again.

  9. Sam

    Nothing against SF, but he may not be the correct person. We don’t know what has happened to LW, it happened in his watch. I think he wold act above the law like GR & MR. What we need is law abiding genuine honest person. We don’t need create dictators at this point in our countries history.

  10. Lankan.{ in USA}

    For the next correct person. And courage to doing correctly his job. Otherwise Law and Order not in the country. The for the time.

  11. A jebbar

    He is the oneof the best person to be elected in this country. If they can give to handle the war to him in critical stages and say he is the world best after winning the war. No they are reluctant to give the post of Law & Order but anyway he is the best & reail gentleman for this country he deserves this because he is the War Hero & War Planner. And everyone in this country should respect him & safeguard him. Our people forget everything very soon this is the weekness & people suffer & alsothethe childrenchildrenchildrenchildrenchichc thethet the children.B
    B ButBuB

  12. lion

    this shows how the top officers perform their duties all the time.They fear the man who led the war and the very word among war veterans during that time of war. That is to say if you go foreword there is jony( mine) if you come back word there is fony. So the boys who rest in their seat will be scared others who work will be happy.

  13. roy

    good move ,time to squeeze those corrupt’s balls . the best nut cracker in town.

  14. Jey

    I am a well- wisher for Sri Lanka to succeed after three decades of War and seven decades of leadership drought. Socialist democracy does not work in places such as Sri Lanka, as religious and so called race fanaticism reign in the mindset of the mass.
    Sri Lanka, currently need leader who is democratic with a bit of autocratic tendencies. Appointment of FM, Sarath Fonseka as Minister for Law & Order is way to go.

    • jagath

      Sarath Fonseka,will be the best person for this Country,he will reveal all the murderers in regards to Lasantha,Thajudeen,ekneliyagoda,Keith Noyer
      he will get to the bottom of curruption in a very short time
      let us hope that Ranil wick and Sirisena does not interfere

      Gota must be brought to JUstice,cold blooded calaculeted murderer
      Namal and Mahendra must be executed soon

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