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Protest in Jaffna against war in Syria

A protest was staged in Jaffna last week against the war in Syria. Those who participated in the protest said that Syria must not become another Sri Lanka where hundreds were killed during the final stages of the war.


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  1. Rashu

    These Sri Lankans are correct. USA should be chased away from Syrian issues; USA has already destroyed whole middle East except Syria.

  2. Ikarus

    Terrorists irrespective of the nationality and in which country they are should be killed and thrown them into the sea like US did to ALQUEDA Terrorist leader BINLADEN. Additionally, these so called protestors were dead silent when the ISIL Terrorists BEHEADED hundreds of christians and others who were not Muslims and even as of today ISIL Terrorists are killing innocent Syrian civilians who are trying to leave the area of conflict (East of Damascus) to safe areas in Syria. Lately the US Secretary of defence said that there is no way to avoid civilian deaths when you are figiting a war with TERRORISTS. So, the Sri Lankan Armed Forces did not specifically targetted the civilians but only the TAMIL TERROISTS and civilians casualties could not be avoided like the US said.

    • Ralli Ameen

      lkarus, who created terrorist. The creators of Sri Lankan terrorist LTTE was USA and India. Millions of Tamils were allowed to come their countries, especially, West on the pretext of refugees and all these refugees contributed to the war budget of LTTE, that is west indirectly contributed to LTTE terrorist war so nobody will blame them. The present war on terror was created by US, Israel with support of western countries to get into middle-eastern countries to break their back bone and destroy cities

  3. S illeperuma

    What a wonderful people. May god bless them.

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