CID grills key suspects behind Kandy violence

By Ashanthi Warunasuriya


The Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) is questioning the key suspects arrested over the violence in Kandy, newly appointed Law and Order Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara said.

The Minister told The Sunday Leader that while efforts were being taken to reconcile the Sinhalese and Muslim communities in Kandy, investigations into the perpetrators of the violence were also ongoing.

He however said there was no evidence so far to prove any political hand in the communal violence.

The main suspect in connection with the incidents of violence in the Kandy district was arrested last week by the Terrorism Investigations Division (TID) of the Police.

Vidanapathiranage Amith Jeewan Weerasinghe, believed to be the main suspect and his main associate Nasnarampattige Sumedha Suraweera were arrested from the Digana and Poojapitiya areas.

SP Gunasekara pointed out that while the main suspects were from Kandy, all others arrested were from various areas across the island.

“The Police have uncovered how they planned these attacks and their future plans,” SP Gunasekara said, adding that the TID is now uncovering more information in this regard.

According to the spokesperson, 45 incidents of damage to houses and businesses have been reported to the Police while four places of worship have been attacked, according to reports.

“Eleven incidents of damage to vehicles have been reported as well,” he said. “Two deaths have been reported while 10 persons have been injured,” Police said.

15 Comments for “CID grills key suspects behind Kandy violence”

  1. Law abiding citizen

    What is the punishment that can be meted out for these animals for the heinous crimes committed and destruction caused ?
    There is no Death Penalty and only a prison sentence. With a change in Govt.
    they will be set free to continue with their activities and commit similar crimes
    on a future occasion. This won’t serve as a. deterrent to the other animals
    of similar mind.

  2. Buddhika Lokubandara

    Quote: He however said there was no evidence so far to prove any political hand in the communal violence.” Unquote.
    Dear Editor, have you ever heard of the world Bullshit?

    • If you don’t read your own news read last weeks new of Lanka enews, Lohan and Dilum seen on CCTV camera President Prevents Arrest,He is the Root causer of all the damage done from the start,instructing Senior DIG Wickremasinghe not to arrest Galabodathe Ganasara and don’t stop the rioting in kandy We are reading all the correct news in our country from the USA

  3. Lima


    The Police have uncovered how they planned these attacks and their future plans,” SP Gunasekara said, adding that the TID is now uncovering more information in this regard.

  4. Dr Najimudeen

    The Police has identified the two main suspects Amith Jeewan Weerasinghe and Sumedha Suraweera They are only the agents and the masterminds behind should be identified .

  5. Sumaiyya Ahamed

    If the people of this country have to live in peace and harmony; then there should be a total destruction of the powers of the Mahinda Rajapaksa Clan and his goons together with the destruction of the Gota’s Yellow robed terror – Gnanasara and his BBS. Otherwise, this problem will persist and there will be no development or progress in this beautiful country of ours. This is the cancer that should eradicated.

    • H.L. Vanstraten

      Dear Sir,

      I beg to differ from your opinion. “Total destruction” sounds in my ear as a call for all out war i.e. for even more violence against all those who may have or may not have had any role in the recent riots or may just have been targeted by them. It even sounds as a call for genocide! Think of all the children, women, non-participants, do you want them all killed? I am taken aback from listening to your words. Is your country going to repeat its transgressions of the past, but this time against another community?

      I understand that you are enraged by what has happened. Surely, the ringleaders who incited the people to take part in these unlawful events must be identified and brought to book. Especially as it was a majority turning against a minority who could not defend themselves. This is the only way to uphold the law, and those who have had no part in this violence must be protected, be they Muslims, Buddhists or any other community in the island.

      Clearly the security forces failed to protect those who should have been protected and as this is the first duty of government they also should be held responsible and report what action they have taken (and failed to take) to avoid all this from ever happening again. Then the government should also pay full compensation as far as possible to all those who have lost their loved ones, their possessions and livelihoods.

      It would also be wise for the government to organize communal gatherings of all the people living in the area to help them talk to each other about what has happened, their frustrations, about their losses, their pain and fears with the aim of rebuilding empathy, sympathy and a return of mutual trust.

      This is a huge task for the government that deserves to be supported by all for the sake of all citizens and a return of communal peace.

  6. Buddhist

    What about Bodu Bala Sena leader, what about MPs who instigated violence, why catch only small flies? Is the Minister of Law and Order so weak?

  7. David Milli-banda

    Summaiya Ahamed……….. get off your tail as you are standing on it.
    Gnanasara & BBS and Yellow robe terror belong to Rajiths & Norway.

    Who was that lean Tall politician wearing the national who was accused of master minding the Kandy attack in Parliament the other day ?

  8. Park

    Before grilling any one Police should arrest and lock the guys who instigated violence, there are plenty of video cliips to support it. What about the Bodu Bala Sena Gnanasara and the other monk who threatened President who was with Gnanasara?

  9. Sangaralingham

    Sinhalese Muslims Tamils are living together for years. What happened now. Muslim business man many working still th the thugs damage it and Muslims cannot be locals hired from other places to fo the damage while local lok and I hope do not cheer them up as one heard many Buddhist work in the mill.
    Is it charitable to kick the hand that feed you never mind outsiders we heard many of course dome locals with ring leaders yes prison teaching the need for good citizenship when we learn. Yes it is wise to tell all citizens by politicians of all heads to travel teach to be a citizen worth our respects and politicians with similar ideas to stay at home not enter politics country need peace harmony prosperity not thugs hooligans irresponsible dangerous behaviour. Love you r neighbour fellow citizens

  10. Buddhist

    What a crap. There are video clips where JO politicians and connected Buddhist Monks are planning and instigating violence. Is SL Police so stupid or are they thinking that the SL voters are stupid?

  11. Sangaralingham

    So there are hired hands selected individuals go fro place to place doing these violent irresponsible acts to fellow humans. Careful identification occupation social and family background occupational history one found guilty those criminals must send to long term hard labour prison

  12. Buddhist

    CID has once again shown their weakness. How can people from all over the country get connected and arrive at one location to attack without any political organization? Does CID think the people of Sri Lanka are as stupid as they are as they put out this weak argument. What was CID doing prior to these incidents when things were being organized?

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