We will never support racism – Mahinda Rajapaksa

By Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the Government showed their inability to properly govern the country through the irresponsible way they controlled the communal violence in Kandy. He said the government should have carried out a proper plan based on the information they received from the security forces but not after many areas of the country were destroyed by the miscreants. Rajapaksa said that a government should not blame each other but this government is continuously engaging in the blame game.

Excerpts of the interview:

Q: What are your views of the recent communal riots in the country?

A: It happened in Ampara before Digana. It further confirmed that the Government cannot govern the country properly. Normally, a Government can gather information via its intelligence services and security sections prior to disruptive incidents take place. A Government should be able to formulate a plan based on the information they gathered. A Government, to point a finger at each other is futile after an incident wreaked havoc in the country.  This Government continuously did similar things. So I am of the view that this also shows the Government’s inability in governance.

A: What would a Rajapaksa regime do in a similar situation?

Q: Anyone who engages in such activities should be punished without considering his or her race, caste, or any other position. We will never support racism. We treat every citizen alike.

Q: The JVP accused the Rajapaksas for arousing racism. They accused the Rajapaksas of providing security for the racists and maintaining them during the former regime. What is your view of this allegation?  

A: The JVP acts like kids today. It must be recalled that in 1983, a racist group emerged in the country against J. R. Jayewardene as an answer to his attitude towards the problem in the country. Former President Premadasa blamed the JVP for racism and started another riot in the country. Now a No Confidence Motion has been brought against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the entire country goes against him. Even every teenager knows that what happened recently helped emerge the racism. The JVP cannot understand this trend because they helped them to come into power. So, it is futile to go against JVP attitude.

Q: Even Buddhist monks are seen supporting communal riots. How does one enforce the law against them? How do you react in a similar situation?

A: The law must be meted out against them as well. We do not think that the Maha Sangha would go against that decision. We are a Buddhist country and it is our bounded duty to protect every other person. We had such a history. The law should be enforced against a monk or any other who blemishes our prestige as a nation. It is the duty of the government.

Q: Racism is a very sensitive issue. Some claim the Government does not attempt to control any of these issues because they have a deal with you. Is that true?

A: There have been claims of several ‘deals’. The people showed the nature of this ‘deal’ at the last Local Government election. Whether we have a deal with the Government or not, we showed the country our deal by getting the top most results at the last LG elections.

Q: The Kandy incident was spoken of even at the UN Human Rights Council? Is this a bad sign for Sri Lanka? 

A: Before this, the international community even spoke of even a small communal incident. We feel that they now talk since they have to talk of such incidents. Everyone knows that foreign embassies and the international community covertly help in bringing this government into power. If they honestly mediate in this type of events, they have to make aware of the government in this regard and pressurize them some more. But that did not happen. The Prime Minister visited the places where the violence occurred only after four days from the incidents. Today the country has no leader.

Q: Beruwela witnessed similar incidents in the past. Racial allegations are levelled at your side continuously. Why did you not take steps to address such allegations?

A: When that incident happened, we instantly controlled it. We did not put the entire country on emergency law. We granted whatever was necessary for the affected people and provided whatever was needed to rebuild the damaged properties. We did not wait for the event to happen and then take remedial action. The incident did not spread because we controlled it fast. Today this Government does not take action against such events as they want to divert the attention of the people from the real problems that the Government creates for them.

Q: Is it helpful to restrict social media against similar issues?

A: No, absolutely not. Business persons, students and others who engage with the international community get affected very much due to such restrictions. This is not a solution but creating of another. When the Central Bank bond issue was spoken of, the people spoke more and more about the restrictions on social media. These are all to take away the attention of the public from the real issues.

Q: It is said that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is the candidate at the next Presidential Election. Is it true? 

A: The people of this country should decide whether it is Gotabhaya, Mahinda, or any other Rajapaksa or someone else. I cannot decide on that. We are ready to support the candidate decided by the people.

Q:  There is a rumour that a group led by President Maithripala Sirisena has sought a discussion with you for the 2020 Presidential Election. Is it true?

A: We are not going to have any discussion with that group. They are trying to engage in a discussion with us. We do not have any hidden agenda. We will not throw away the mandate given by the people.

Q: Finally, what is your message for the people?

A: I request Sri Lankans here and around the world to get together to uplift the country and to extend their support to make the international community aware of the short–sighted agenda of the Government.

15 Comments for “We will never support racism – Mahinda Rajapaksa”

  1. Law abiding citizen

    There was no rule of law,and , no law and order in the country when Mahinda was

    the President. We had only rule of persons.

  2. upi

    Do not lie you B……..d.what did you do at Aluthgama and Beruwala. You are all born racists.

  3. Ushan

    Rajapaksa’s the biggest racist from the South:
    The regime that gave life BBS and encouraged
    hooliganism. The regime that shot dead people
    who asked for drinking water. Now saying that
    they would have punished people for racism.
    They even protected Drug Lord Duminda Silva
    from being convicted after coming broad daylight
    murder. Like they would punish the people that
    really deserve to be punished! People haven’t

  4. Buddhist

    Mahinda is a liar, he met the President in the dark like illicit lovers. How can he say he does not talk to them?

  5. Robert

    Mahinda Raja is one of the worst racist and religious fanatic in the south Asia.

    He is agenda is different and I saw videos him with his racist clang praising him for what he has achieved up to now.

  6. H.L. Vanstraten

    It is not so hard for Mr. Rajapaksa to seemingly score some easy points when the goal seems to be empty. But even under these circumstances he is capable of missing the target as he does here by once again twisting the truth.

    Well, that’s all in style with a man like him. We can’t even blame him that his memory and present views are so selective. He wants us to believe that he knows what is true and what is not, while in truth it’s just a bunch of prejudices.

    He says that the government should have foreseen the eruption of violence among the people in Kandy through a timely warning from its security services. Well, he knows quite well that certain Buddhist sections have become quite active in sometimes open violence against other minorities in the country, Tamils of course but that’s his old story, but also Muslims and Christians. In fact the violence in Kandy erupted because some Buddhist extremists in yellow robes roused their adherents to riot after a Buddhist driver had been killed for whatever reason the circumstances of which are not yet clear. That was an irresponsible reaction of these Buddhist leaders who should have promoted peace in accordance with Buddha’s teachings, instead of violence against a group of people of whom they knew that they were quite innocent in what had occurred and of whom they knew that they formed a rather small majority in the country. (So against whom it was relatively safe to turn against)

    No government could have foreseen this violence that grew out of an unfortunate incident. What is more ominous is that the police and security forces – surely not all – were silently on the side of these rabble rousers and stood idly by while the mob started molesting Muslims and burning their properties.

    More in general the present government is well aware that some extremist Buddhists have been very active in the country and had been allowed to be so for a long, long time without seeing what a danger they form to the peace and unity of the state. Nevertheless so far they have failed to take adequate action against them, understandable perhaps given the fact that they themselves are mostly Buddhists themselves. The activities from these extremists date from long before the war against the Tamils, but got a boost from the so-called victory in 2009 Mr. Rajapaksa claimed as his personal achievement. From day one of his government (2005) it was he who gave these extremist Buddhists more or less a free reign in their actions on the street and has supported them in all they did.

    Mr. Rajapaksa says that he is not a racist. Yet he set loose some 300.000 Buddhist soldiers against the Tamil community of whom many innocent men, women and children perished. By the way also among the poor, young lads of his own community he sent to the front. Here he clearly states again that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. Now is it? It is NOT, since there are large minorities living on the same island adding up to some 40%, some 6 to 7 million people. In many of his former actions Mr. Rajapaksa DID manifest himself as a racist.

    Here he is again spreading the myth that there was a foreign conspiracy in toppling his government “through covert” action which allowed the Sirisena government to take over in 2015. He forgets that the people’s vote wanted him out because of large-scale corruption, stealing or other shady dealings in handling the countries’ finances, quite apart from his constant efforts in covering-up the atrocities that had taken place throughout the Tamil war and especially in its bloody final days.

    No, Mr Rajapaksa does not answer the question if he is going to run for the next general election in 2020. He keeps his cards close to his chest. Yet it is clear that in his mind it does not matter if he or any of the other Rajapaksas is going to run as long as national power returns to his clan and he can again manipulate the national and international press and do some more stealing out of the national coffer.

    He was and is an old fox and in view of the changed atmosphere in the country he may have minced his words a little for some time, but he is still manipulating the people and will continue to do so as long as he is not held responsible for the misdeeds of his former rule, which is one of the most serious mistakes of the present government.

    And so he thought that it would be easy to score some easy points in the present circumstances, now that the goal seemed to be empty, but even now he manages to miss it by a wide margin! A fox may change its tune when the wind blows from an unfavorable direction, but will never lose its nature. Sri Lankans, beware of the fox!

  7. Tyrant of the Century who breathes fire. Bloody, LIAR.

  8. Don

    You encouraged racism through your beloved brothers

  9. Jmmysm

    While he was in office he did not do the same thing that he wants the present government to do.

    Various groups were formed spewing hate against minorities specially Muslims when he was in power. But he did not do anything to stop it. A powder keg was created by his regime and the results are being seen.

    He has no right to talk about what should be done as he did not do anything when he was in power.

    He is hungry for power and he will say what ever is necessary to claw back to power.

  10. hari

    HA… HA… Pus tok ne denne RAJA RACISM was there 10 years A GO

  11. MRRajapaska is a murder you sold south to china collect billion put middle east bank, and criminal ,corruption you must face court case and sent to jail

  12. Lima


  13. S. Ratnapala

    At least now stop bullshitting to the public now ……

  14. Bull —- , he is instrumental in instigating the Kandy riots by organizing with the Rowdy Monk Ganasera, racial insting is inborn in him, almost the entire thughs are under him because he himself is a thugh & his entire family are thughs.

  15. MRRajapaska is main murder in srilankan cainet, even his brother mrGOTA crime, corruption both must go ail rest of the live,mrRajapaska cabinet mr srisena president was cabinet minister played important roll.democratic government has no place,prime minister the cause for supporting criminal..

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