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Soil excavation racket continues in Minuwangoda

By Ashanthi Warunasuriya

A soil excavation racket is continuing in Minuwangoda in collaboration with underworld members and regional politicians. Area residents and others revealed that the racket involves ransom, bribes and threats.

The racket, which has been operating for several years, had been highlighted in The Sunday Leader earlier as well.

Illegal soil excavation is said to be taking place, largely at Waliya Richard Watta, near the Yagodamulla cemetery, and behind the Kotugoda Post Office.

Area residents feared that heavy rain in the area could cause earth slips if the illegal soil excavation continues in this manner.

Residents keep their concerns to themselves a powerful politicians and underworld members are involved in or support the racket.

Sources said that illegal soil excavation taking place behind the Kotugoda Post Office is seen as a major operation. It is alleged that the soil excavated from the location is transported to construct the external stretch of the expressway by the Road Development Authority (RDA).

The Sunday Leader learns that between 9 a.m. to 4 pm, once every five minutes, trucks loaded with soil operate along the route in the area. The location has a small air-conditioned office in a container to inspect and control the process. The location lies on a large mountain connecting the Kotugoda Ariliya Uyana. Excavating soil in this manner from one side of the mountain poses a risk to the stability of the opposite end of the mountain and this can cause earth slips.

However, Divisional Secretary Mrs. K.A.S. Lakshreeni Gunathilake said that the soil excavation in the area is taking place with approval and is not illegal.

Underworld member ‘Pas Podda’ was accused of being involved in the racket.

The underworld member has been jailed over a murder. He was arrested for possessing the weapons used for the murder and was later sentenced to prison.

However, The Sunday Leader learns the underworld member is still leading the soil excavation racket from prison using the telephone number beginning with 075.

4 Comments for “Soil excavation racket continues in Minuwangoda”

  1. No need to be unduly worried over the new culture that has gripped our country, when the leadership has become the patron saint of all these decadent people in society engaged in such crimes. Can honest businesses and self employed make money to buy some of the new, hyper inflated prices of certain goods and services that have now been the trend. Immagine paying millions for a average vehicle, Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 million for a condo, where even the 15% vat has been removed. Fortune favours the few, and for access to other similar health and daily essential services.

    • kudson

      when laying new water lines in the modara ,mattakuliya area which has been ongoing for the last 2 years for the port city and and the new hotels and buildings in colombo1,2,and 3
      the good soil that is dug up is being sold by the water board mafia and sierra the contractor
      the CMC mafia is also busy selling the good soil in the Elie House Park
      where else could they get money to buy condominiums and SUV,s
      and ohh I forgot to mention the valuable teak and jak trees being carted away by the CMC Mafiosi

  2. surasena

    How they can transport soil without permits of Geological Mining Bureau? They must have permits and doing business legally with the approval of Geology bureau

  3. Reggie Pinto

    Ashanthi – If you keep investigating the ultimate stake holder who approved this will be our President. The honest culture has to come from the top.

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