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Some UNP members prepare for fresh battle as rift continues

A rift in the United National Party (UNP) is continuing as the party reforms did not meet the expectations of those who pushed for change. Sources said that some UNP members who had pushed for comprehensive reforms in the party, including in key posts, are preparing to launch a fresh battle against the party leadership.

Several UNP backbenchers had urged UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe to call for a vote to appoint members to key positions in the party. However, instead Wickremesinghe had made the nominations himself and the nominations were approved by the UNP Working Committee.

The UNP appointed Education Minister AkilaViraj Kariyawasam as the new General Secretary and Kabir Hashim as the new party Chairman.

The UNP also appointed Minister Navin Dissanayake as the new UNP National Organiser and Dr. Harsha de Silva as the new treasurer.

Meanwhile former Minister Ravi Karunanayake was appointed as the Assistant Leader of the UNP and SajithPremadasa as the Deputy Leader.

Several UNP members who are dejected with the appointments have decided to launch a new challenge against the leadership.

Some UNP Deputy and State Ministers had earlier called for reforms in the UNP and threatened to back a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister in Parliament. However the UNP members took a U-turn after the Prime Minister assured them that key reforms in the party will be implemented.

Meanwhile some senior UNP members have proposed to the Prime Minister to sack any UNP member who speaks against the party leadership. (Colombo Gazette)

19 Comments for “Some UNP members prepare for fresh battle as rift continues”

  1. Appuhamy

    UNP’s domestic battle is now between the Rebel “X-Men” and the old “Walking Dead”!

  2. jagath

    Ranil wickremasinghe for god Sake step down ,your time has passed,you did nothin g for party nor for the country,wasted time,there are hundread of sri lankans more qualifie than you your sri lanakan qualifications thousand times better than you
    step down you are distroying the youg dynamic UNP ministers apart from the currupt
    Akila Kariawasam,Sagala Rathnayake,Tilak Marapaa,Ravi K Mallick Samarawickrema.,Rawan wijewardene yoyr dud relation
    step down now,youhave been a disaster for UNP

  3. Citizen

    Ranil continues as a one-man show in the UNP and the problems continues

    within the Party and amongst the supporters in the country.

    Ranil appears to be unconcerned about the destruction he has already caused

    and the frustration amongst the longstanding supporters of this great Party.

    His favorite and lap boy seems to be the notorious RK who is only cheered by

    the underworld characters in. THOTALANGA.

  4. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    the UNP instead of corralling about the party leadership should go for for political economic policies which gives quick returns like having BOT coal fueled electricity as base load and economical hydro with large reservoirs as peaking power which is the only salvation for Sri Lanka to give a million jobs in 3 years time

  5. David Milli-banda

    Kick him out.
    He has destroyed the gentlemen’s politics enjoyed by the UNP by becoming a pathological Liar and a Looter.

    He is an utter disgrace to the Wickremesinghe clan and the Country.

    Disgusting homosexual who has brought it into Politics, Party and to the Parliament.
    Tissa Aththanayake bears testimony.

    Stand up UNP’ers with b*lls.

    • The Sinopian

      You must not talk about b***s / this will unnececerily excite Ranil, Malik, Mangala, Akila and Sagala

  6. L. Perera

    And the Lankan Political Circus rolls on regardless, rogues / traitors and all..

  7. I am fed up with Ranil. Ranil is not the best leader for UNP which he knows very well. If Ranil continues to hold the top job, then the future of UNP is very bleak. Ranil should resign from the top job and pave way in for a younger leader. Now time has come for the UNP to force Ranil to quit.

  8. manik

    yes you are right Amir,Ranil is keeping

    ” The Thotalanga Ravi” near him as a companiobn like ,akila,Sagala ,mallick
    Ruwan w and other Morons
    The moment Ranil offers Thotalanga Ravi a ministerial post the Entire nation will pull out from the UNP,they now hate Ranil and Thotalanga Ravi
    Ranil go for give your mate Thotalanga Ravi a ministerial post and see what happens

  9. Ishan

    First change the leadership and then reform with the new leadership.

  10. D.T.H.Pararajasingham

    The same saga continues with the UNP, witnessed during their regime 1988/1994, by depriving key positions to Lalith Athulathmudali and Gamini Dissanayake, thus paving way in 2004 elections for the SLFP to sweep into power.

  11. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    the UNP should abolish these members party organizer membership and concentrate on energy policy of burning coal and move away from Sirisena’s energy policy which will bring in MR again

  12. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    the UNP MPs who speak against the leader who polled 6 million votes in August 2015 elections should be made to state how many million votes they obtain in that elections and sacked from the post of party organization if they were unable to obtain over a million votes

    • mangala

      What rubbish M.V.R. Perera, 602 million voted not because of this Moron Ranil wickremasinghe,it is because they hated the Rajapaksa Regime,you are dumber wretched man who has ruined the UNP and the Young talented UNP ers
      they hate Ranil wick remasinghe who has no fore sight,no absolutely no vision
      and an idiot of the first order
      this man he hated by the interlectuels,the expatriates,they will shit on his grave
      as he keeps on sitting on the PM’s seat,when 85 % of sri lankans hate \
      open your stupid eyes perera

  13. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    the UNP will be a bankkrupt party if they do not listen to their leader Ranil who brought 600 million votes to the party in 2015 august elections 7 months after the bond scam was exposed and all those who talk of leadership change paid by Sirasa who did not get a million votes should be sent out of the party including field Marshall Sarath Fonseka who came through the back door with the Blessings of Ranil

    • janaka

      It was not Ranil,he has no back bone,people hate him,it was the common candidate who won it,Ranil people know that he is currupt,perera FRanil is the Author of the BOnd scam,he got his cut from Mahendran nicely in a singapore bank through Ajuna mahendran
      Ranil is a bor n Looser,a low gardae lawyer like Mahendra Rajapkasa
      he has absolutely no forign under grad/ or post grad over seas university qualifications,none at all
      he has absolutely no vision,no planning,absolutely no charisma nothing at all
      big head full of some thing,your guess is good as mine

  14. Eng.M.V.R.Perera

    Ranils leadership qualities will be seen in the 2020 elections How can the common candidates votes of 6 million votes go to Ranil in the 2015 August elections as the president was contesting against Ranil for the SLFP

  15. David Milli-banda

    Rani is only concerned in creating a chaos among politicians , political parties and in the Country.
    He is eyeing the for the Presidential race.
    Country & the people come second to him.

  16. Sangaralingham

    Politic in lanka carry holy names freedom united etc if not something enchanting it seems parties are not free or united. Same thing goes for the country it is not free or united. Now it need reassessment. A collective group of intellectuals philosophers psychologists few from representing each provinces must assemble decide the fate of the country future progress of the country

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