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Brothels emerge from Colombo massage parlours

By Ashanthi Warunasuriya


Brothels have been found to be operating in the guise of massage parlours in Colombo.

The Police raided several massage parlours in Colombo and its suburbs last month as well. Many of them had engaged in prostitution in addition to functioning as massage parlours. Fort and Maradana boast of a high number of such massage parlours near and around clubs, while Kollupitiya has around 35 illegal massage parlours, Police sources revealed.

One massage parlour at Kollupitiya employs girls in different age categories and functions as an Ayurvedic centre. It provides medical consultations for free for its customers and they are allowed to select the girl they prefer to undergo the recommended treatment.

Some massage parlours provide free consultation to anyone who seeks their services, sources said. Customers also could seek the service of any girl they like.

The price of the services provided by massage parlours differs. Most massage parlours charge approximately Rs. 3,000 for a cubicle along with a woman that the customer prefers.

Masseurs receive daily wages in addition to tips they receive from their customers. Many parlours allegedly pay Police officers to avoid raids on their locations. Sources from a few massage parlour said that their employers pay a considerable sum to police officers every month and a delay in the payments results in regular raids.

Since many massage parlours engage in illegal activities including prostitution, those who need a massage for their physical and mental reliefs do not seek the service of massage parlours most often.

“Sri Lanka does not have enough genuine massage parlours. Most just engage in prostitution,” sources said.

A masseur at one massage parlour said that girls come there knowing what they are getting themselves into. “So, we are wrong, not our customers,” she said.

“When the CID raids our location, employers betray their employees. Finally, women employed at such places become the victims,” another woman said.

11 Comments for “Brothels emerge from Colombo massage parlours”

  1. Jude

    Why not legalize massage parlours!!?? First training as masseurs!! Then register as professional massage centres!!! There’s Absolutely nothing wrong consensual adults working as masseurs!! Period!!

    • This shows CHARACTER AND PERSONALITY OF P.M. AND MY3..tHEY HAVE POWER TO CHANGE THIS SITUATION,,Most likely they get paid some money under the tabel.;;Huh what a so called BUDDHIST COUNTRY ???..COUNTRY HAS GONE TO THE DOGS AND BITCHES.

      • Bombili

        Country has not gone to dogs because of this aged old profession.
        But because of F***ALL, do nothing politicians of all sides, President, PM , Ministers, MPs,elected & sod all National list, Provincial Councillors, Local politicos. They all suck taxpayers money, Free car permits, mega tax free salaries, allowances, bank robbers, Arti -fact thieves, drug dealers, murderers, womenisers & their goons all live on this free money from tax payer, Only a handful of honest politicians in SL, That is why they hang on to their jobs into their 80s & 90s.& then pass onto their next generation.

        Religious leader & clergy are NO different.

        That is the SAD truth about SRILANKA.

        We need a genuine person like Phillipines President

  2. Roger

    Why not legalize and tax and regulate it like Netherlands? You write as if this is a new thing. I have had “happy endings” at so many places like this from the 1980s when I was single; mostly what they say is “shake ekak onida mahathayaata?”. Even a Gem Clinic at Thunmulla where a great Tamil leader(assassinated later) used to go in his Tinted Mercedes 180 gives the shake but they are a bit more careful. He used to take his own bottle of Gingelly oil but loved the Happy Ending. The concern that he was entrapped when looking for young girls was never examined but was why he was lured away.

    But the sex aspect not so much those days. There are ones even in Wellawatte run by Tamils. Thai places also offer it such as at J*****a Hotel. Body to Body massage those days was 5,000 Rupees in the 1990s, but now it must be more.

    Gotabaya cracked down on them. Sex is natural, Most clients are married men and muslims, sinhala, tamil etc. So why not stop wasting Police resources, license them and have medical checks and make it legit. Why waste money? Brother at LP was well known to be run by a Swiss Sinhala woman.


  4. This is a kind of toleration making path for prostitution .The government , law and order ministry and the police has to be responsible for these kinds of illegal activities. To the knowledge these kind of massage parlours legal or illegal are operating with the backing up support of the underworld thugs, politicians and some police personal in different ranks who are not being doing their respective duties by taking higher bribes. This is the easiest way of making money by the women with any hardship or work tiredness and to be fashionable and never think about far and In Sri Lanka no need to have this much massage parlours, and the people who are going for these places are not for the real massage therapy given by a doctor. They are mentally sick and to have different types of happiness. If the country needs to have massage parlours in hospitals, and for the tourists who wants have in tourist hotels under GMOA approval and observation with qualified professional massage therapist . That will be the only alternative to handle this mania I suppose . Hope this way helps to have prostitution free better future for the present and future generations.

  5. laksiri

    living in 2500 years old ,method but want to make new Singapore.when politicians are living in cheated public funds there is no other way than doing all illegal thinks to live like monk who make way of living the religion.

    • kalu

      we are on the way fast track to another Bangkok( worst city i have visited in my travels around the world)

  6. ed

    The parlours should register their workers with proper governing body. there should be CCTV s operational in every parlour. Who ever wants a special massage should have a doctor’s report. failing to provide evidence for neccessary treatment will be subject to sexual practice and these parlours should be banned.
    They are encourraging the younger generation to be active sexually and have sexual deseases transmitted to the innocent young victims before marriage.

  7. it ca be legalist the club. for many reason , young women and men need sex. it is part of there live.

  8. This shows CHARACTER AND PERSONALITY OF P.M. AND MY3..tHEY HAVE the POWER TO CHANGE THIS SITUATION, Most likely they get paid some money under the table.; Huh what a so-called BUDDHIST COUNTRY ???.. COUNTRY HAS GONE TO THE DOGS AND BITCHES.

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