President’s Chief of Staff took bribe to pay a VIP?

By Ashanthi Warunasuriya

President Maithripala Sirisena’s Chief of Staff Dr. I. H. K. Mahanama, who was arrested last week while accepting a bribe, was reportedly going to pay a VIP part of the money, sources said.

Mahanama, who has since been interdicted by President Maithripala Sirisena, had accepted the bribe over a land deal.

Mahanama and the Chairman of the State Timber Corporation, P. Dissanayake were arrested at the car park of a Colombo hotel while accepting the bribe from an Indian businessman.

It has now been revealed that a VIP is also involved in the whole deal and part of the bribe was to be paid to the VIP.

Officers of the Bribery Commission arrested Mahanama and Dissanayake while they were accepting the bribe of Rs 20 million on Thursday.

It was reported that they had agreed to a bribe of Rs 100 million from the individual over the business deal and Rs 20 million had been paid as the installment.

Mahanama has been remanded till May 9.

21 Comments for “President’s Chief of Staff took bribe to pay a VIP?”

  1. Ishan

    Reveal the VIP

  2. Wise Donkey

    If Ranil was blamed for what Arjuna did at the Central Bank and a no confidence motion was brought in the house, what about Mahanam’s criminal act by accepting 20 million rupees for the sugar factory deal. We also learnt about My3′s shock on hearing this damaging news ‘Apey Mahanama’. Every one including My3 knew that he had a tainted past. Despite his record if he was hired, what is behind this appointment as ‘CHIEF OF STAFF’? What a chief? Looking forward to hear more interesting news related to this.

    • S B Lokuge

      From your comment it is obvious there no wise donkeys, only dumb and dumber ones. We all know Ranil appointed Mahendra to rob the bank to pay for the enormous debt the UNP incurred during the 2015 elections.

  3. Thambi

    The investigation should look into their assets,and ask them to show prove how they accumulated this wealth.
    This Cancer of corruption should be eradicated if the country is to progress.

  4. Jude

    Taking 20 million bribe !! Should have rented a room for 16,000 rupees from the hotel and completed the transaction!!? Huh! Very Amateurish!!??

    • Kandambi

      Read it carefully. who is VIP – A politician. who is that. Who is not scared to make deals even now.

  5. Sira

    Reveal the name of the VIP to the public.


    • The suspect/suspects in custody should reveal who the VIP in question is. If not it will be an incomplete investigation. However, that may be their defense. How can they negotiate/ collect bribes selling the name of another who might definitely deny it? This cannot be the first instance they have been in. There should be many instances they have been collecting bribes. That is why they have taken this bribe and were counting it open, without any fear. Anyway we are watching how they will be dealt with in courts.

    • Freeda

      Probably they may force him to say connection to Rajapaksa family for a pardon like they are forcing the jailed Army and Navy officers.

      I hope now people have seen how UNP and UNP supporters robs public money and murdered 60,000 innocent lives during 1986 to 1989 “Bheeshana Samaya” and during this period. These lives are equally valuable as Thajudeeen and few others your news paper gives so much publicity. You should start giving publicity to those 60,000 lives too.

      • Dr. Herbert Kapuwatte

        All are rogues ! Bloody rogues !!! The presumption should be , “one is guilty until proved otherwise !!”

  6. Buddhdasa

    Somebody has used Mahanama as a cat to get the hot Jack nuts off the fire, but the cat has been caught. I think the country knows who that cat was but waiting Mahanama himself to tell! Give Mahanama 10 years in prison and the person used him 20 years of hard labour.
    That will teach him.

  7. NCK

    I think this news is not very hot news for the general public in Sri Lanka. People knows that every powerful high ranking government official and politicians in Sri Lanka taking bribes in Millions except very few of the officials and politicians.Also general public in Sri Lanka used to give some bribes to government official to get their work done very past.Few examples past post office, Vehicle registration office .District Secretariat office etc.Therefore the blame must go to all the Sri Lankan’s that, they giving bribes and taking bribes.

    When I speak about percent government in Sri Lanka, I have identified the head of government is very cunning person in his first week of office after came to power in 2015.,
    Although he is telling everywhere, I am the person came to power among the very common people. We can understand his motive behind this statement. Because very close official like Mahanama (Chief of president office) give example to public people what kind of leader MS.

  8. Asoka Senanayake

    If the courts are allowed to do their job without political interference, Hats Off to Pres Sirisena !!! He is respecting the Rule of Law.

    Just imagine how many billuons would have crossed hands over the years and nobody was brought to justice !

    Thank you President Sirisena !!!

  9. There were five customs officials arrested red handed with 125 millions in cash. Nothing happened to them and they are still in their jobs. It is not Sri Lanka but Sorry Lanka.

  10. ed

    Put these suckers in !!!!! They are shaming the whole country and they are the cause for sri Lanka to be in the TOP 5 CORRUPT NATIONS IN THE WORLD !!!!!
    get the judicial work out an ethical plan independently show the world that yahapalanaya government is the bEST solution NOT THE FORMER REGIME !!!!!!!

  11. David Milli-banda

    Why a kuke warn report by Ashanthi??
    Is she more focused on Brothels and massage parlours ??

    OK guys…. you will hear no more about the bribe and also a Jehan behind the ops.

  12. David

    Both are now equally qualified to rule our country of looters

  13. Thambi

    If the president and prime minister want to show the public that they are clean, they should allow a proper investigation and ensure the culprits are sent to prison for a very long time.

  14. wimal

    Who is the VIP? If you all dont know the name, this report is a scam.

  15. meloney

    Spit out. Share the punishment with the VIP.

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