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Deception continues by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence

By S. V. Kirubaharan, France

“Deception can cost billions. Think Enron, Madoff, the mortgage crisis. Or in the case of double agents and traitors, like Robert Hanssen or Aldrich Ames, lies can betray our country. They can compromise our security. They can undermine democracy. They can cause the deaths of those that defend us”.  – American author, entrepreneur and fraud examiner Pamela Meyer

After almost thirty years of war, those who do not know the history of Sri Lanka, say the country is marching towards development, democracy, good governance, reconciliation, equality, etc.

As a person who was born, lived and experienced several racial/communal riots, broken promises/pacts, discrimination, standardisation, ethnic cleansing, etc. in Sri Lanka, I would like to record the real situation.

Before writing further, I would like to raise the question, why have Sri Lanka’s defence budget and expenditures rapidly increased, especially after the end of the war? I mean after May 2009.

Sri Lanka – Military expenditure

(Local Currency Units – LCU relative to the U.S. dollar)


Year                 Value                                       Year                 Value

2005                 64,742,000,000                          2011                 193,700,000,000

2006                 82,247,000,000                          2012                 188,202,000,000

2007                 116,687,000,000                        2013                 206,619,000,000

2008                 163,732,000,000                        2014                 249,978,000,000

2009                 174,973,000,000                        2015                 279,486,000,000

2010                 173,217,000,000                        2016                 289,160,000,000

(Excerpts – Courtesy Index Mundi)


Presently, as there is no war in the island – unemployed land, sea and air Sri Lankan soldiers are occupied in businesses undertaken by the government. They operate military-run tourist hotels, restaurants, shops, fishing, farming, etc. Unused arms and artilleries are on sale to other countries or to arms agents.

This is to say that, now the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence – SLMD is earning extra money by millions compared to during the war time. Why is the Sri Lankan government’s defence budget increasing every year? Many researchers have touched the subject, but because of fear, they haven’t gone deep into it.

This is where the dilemma starts and only a few know the right answer. Not many know that since the end of the war, the SLMD has been involved in many new projects to achieve their four pillars – Buddhisation, Colonisation, Militarisation and Sinhalisation. The Government of Sri Lanka – GOSL has made many promises on reconciliation and accountability to the International Community – IC, and their plan is to achieve these four pillars without confusing the IC.

Delaying and buying time

ince May 2009, whichever individuals or government have been in power in Sri Lanka, they work on the basis of delaying and buying time in order to achieve these four pillars. The Sinhala Buddhist rulers strongly believe that, once they achieve those four pillars successfully, the IC will not be able to raise questions on reconciliation and accountability.

To achieve this aim or target, the SLMD is gradually taking charge of the media, especially those in English and Tamil. Through third parties, the SLMD own many newspapers and electronic media in Sri Lanka and in foreign countries. Many propagandists are working under the cover of being journalists, locally and internationally. They are well paid by the SLMD through their contacts.

Under the auspices of the SLMD, they are also producing propaganda films in the name of documentaries with foreign collaboration.

Recently I saw a film in Paris which was produced by a Tamil director in collaboration with a French company. This is a propaganda movie, purely produced to counter the international outcry, especially the United Nations and European Union on Sri Lanka. However it has managed to reach Cannes and it is waiting to participate in a few other film festivals in Europe.

Obviously, a huge amount of SLMD money is involved to influence high profile people. The most interesting part in this film is that those who play the part of ex-cadres or fighters were earlier members of the paramilitary organisations.

In order to promote this so-called documentary film, the director claimed that he was previously a human rights activist, turned into film maker. But this film contradicts the norms of human rights, humanity and people’s rights. The directors aid in one of his interviews that any film is for advocacy. So he agrees that this film is advocating the GOSL.

Then there are new publishers and authors funded by the SLMD who have written and are writing their so called auto-biographies and books. When one looks at what they are publishing, it’s all pure propaganda material justifying the four pillars and countering the international outcry on Sri Lanka.

Divide and rule

Another deception is that a huge amount of money is being pumped by the SLMDinto divide-and-rule among the Tamils, among the Muslims and in-between both communities, both locally and internationally. This happened during the war and is still happening today.

Also since May 2009, locally and internationally,new political parties, political organisations, cultural organisations, solidarity organisations, sports clubs and other organisations are coming up like mushrooms. Out of all these new entrepreneurs, more than 90% are indirectly funded by the SLMD to suppress Tamil nationalism and the struggle for political rights.

In the meantime, the SLMD is buying international lobbyists and VIPs to counter the international outcry on Sri Lanka. Those foreigners, who are in it for the money make statements and write articles in support of Sri Lanka’s four pillars. Several individuals in Europe, UK, America, Canada and Australia are involved in these well-paid jobs.

Human trafficking is another project carried out by the SLMD. People are being trafficked from the North and East of Sri Lanka to foreign countries with pre-planned motivation. One reason is to reduce the Tamil population in Sri Lanka; another is to earn foreign remittances. Those who are in foreign countries send money to their kith and kin in Sri Lanka and it brings in good foreign exchange to Sri Lanka.These foreign remittances yield Sri Lanka’s second largest revenue, next to tea.

Vastsums of money from the SLMDarespent on planting Buddha statues and colonising the North and East with Sinhalese.

There are many businesses indirectly funded by the SLMD.  Shops, restaurants, jewellery shops and book shops in London, Paris and a few other places in the West are run by the SLMD. These shops remain for information gathering about diaspora activities and also as meeting places for collaborators of the SLMD.

It is to be noted that there are a few Tamils guided and funded by the SLMD are working as bogus activists in the UNHRC.

Most of the football and cricket tournaments among the diaspora are also indirectly sponsored by the SLMD. This is to keep the Tamil diaspora youth away from absorbing themselves in their political rights, language and culture.

Now one can understand, why the Sri Lankan defence budget has increased, especially after the end of the war.

Sri Lankan battlefield

With reference to my article of 05 April 2017, “Sri Lankan battlefield moves to Geneva UN HRC”- here I would like to add further information.

During the last 37th session of the UN HRC in Geneva, almost forty soldiers from the Sri Lankan security forces attended the session. They all are Sinhala Buddhists belonging to various forces. Some live in Sri Lanka and a few others live in foreign countries. In terms of the GOSL, they are known as ‘war heroes’. They were admiral, colonels, directors of the National Intelligence Bureau – NIB and others. It should be noted that many of them are war criminals.

One of those officials, known to be in-charge of the so-called Civil Defence Force has recruited many child soldiers. It is surprising, that the Champions on Child soldiers in the South are silent now.

The important question one should ask from these so-called war heroes is,who pays their passage and who is paying their food and lodging in Geneva? They were transported by luxury vehicles, stayed in luxury hotels, with three meals a day and drinks. How this is possible, if they are coming on their own expenses, especially travelling all the way from Sri Lankato Geneva?

This group of soldiers or ex-soldiers do not know anything about the UN nor about the Human Rights Council. The agenda of the GOSL/SLMD is to justify the accusations against them,to disturb the HRC procedures and to buy or drag time until the four pillars are successfully completed.

In my article of 05 April 2017, I mentioned a war criminal, Palipodi Jegatheeswaran who is on the payroll of the Sri Lankan military intelligence, presently living in Switzerland. This person is responsible for having tortured and killed more than five hundred innocent Tamils in the North and East. Several appeals have been made to the Swiss government regarding this war criminal. It is believed that so far no action has been taken by the Swiss authorities.This surprises civil society.

The other person whom I mentioned in that article is a so-called journalist on the payroll of the SLMD, Kirthi Warnasooriya. How can someone who doesn’t speak, read or write any of the UN languages – English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic come to Geneva to cover the proceedings of the HRC?I am sure he is good in Latin, because he scolded me in pure Sinhala Latin.

This Lilliputian Kirthi Warnasooriya once told me in the HRC that if I come to Sri Lanka he will kill me. All this is in the records of the UN.

Under the guidance of the SLMD, brain-storming workshops are taking place every month in various parts of Europe, Canada and Australia. These workshops are organised from where we live. This is the only country which permits Sri Lankan intelligence officers to work freely in their embassy. It is believed that, this is what led to the killing of three Tamil activists so far.

Visible attempts on me

These soldiers or ex-soldiers and the so-called journalist who attend the UN HRC in Geneva are aiming to kill a few Tamil diaspora activists.

I have been targeted on many occasions since May 2009. The first incident was that my apartment was ransacked in June 2013. During the same period, a Sri Lankan embassy driver in Geneva wanted me to meet him near the UN Library. It is located far away from the HRC, there is less movement and it is amore remote area.  The idea was to harm me in the UN itself. Then on 18th April 2015, a man in Paris told me in the Metro (Underground/subway) that he was assigned by the Sri Lankan embassy to kill me in the La Chappelle area in Paris, but he didn’t want to harm me.

In another interesting incident, there was a man who worked as a so-called Tamil journalist, attending the HRC a few times from 2010 onwards. Then he was appointed by the GOSL as the information office to the Sri Lankan embassy in Germany. On 07 February 2017, he phoned me with a French mobile, told me that he had sought political asylum in France and wanted me to meet him in Paris.  When I asked him why and when he left the Sri Lankan embassy in Germany, he told me that it was very difficult to work with them, as they suspected him of being a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – LTTE man.

My reply to him was that I would not meet him but he can always talk to me on the phone. Then,a few months later, he was running a Tamil newspaper in Colombo. Where did he find the money to run this newspaperand if he was really suspected as an LTTE man, how does he manage to live in Colombo? What happened to his asylum claim in France?

These were visible attempts on me and I do not know how many other invisible attempts have passed or are impending! However I will not bow down to any of these threats. As usual,I am continuing my human rights task and to write about truth and reality.

During the peak hours of the war in Vanni, the government told utter lies to the IC that there were only about 30,000 to 40,000 civilians living in Vanni areas. Eventually the world witnessed that there were almost 380,000 civilians surrounded bythe security forces. The GOSL still continues to cheat theIC.

Civilians photographed

Innocent civilians from Vanni who surrendered to the Sri Lankan security forces in May 2019 were photographed during their release with a board attached them, showing the date of release and a serial number. If they were a family, the serial numbers would go A, B, C…for each family member.

This type of identification and intimidation was practiced during the Second World Warby Hitler,when Jewish people were sent to Nazi concentration camps.

Those who know about Kirinthalai Army camp, which is in a forest area near Amparai, want to know what is happening in this camp and who are the inmates or residents there? It is believed that there are about four hundred members of the LTTE housed here. Has the GOSL informed the UN or any other UN Special rapporteurs who visited Sri Lanka in the recent past?If not, why not? Are these four hundred inmates accounted for, as detainees or prisoners or ‘disappeared’?

When it comes to war crimes in Sri Lanka, not only the soldiers who were in action in the battlefield, but also people known as academics, ex-diplomats and specialist on international terrorism, bear responsibility. Here I will not disclose anything further about this category of people who are war criminals. They may live in Sri Lanka or in a foreign country, but there will be a day, they will be charged for war crimes committed in Sri Lanka.


In conclusion, rather than finding a peaceful way for all ethnic groups to live in peace and harmony in Sri Lanka – Sinhala Buddhist politicians are finding ways to eliminate ethnic and religious groups,other than Sinhala Buddhist.

Any reasonable individual on this earth has to consider the fact given below:

For the first time in Sri Lankan history,the government in power until 2015 had a clear two-thirds majority in the parliament with an Executive President from the same political party. But they never wanted to find a political solution to the ethnic problem.  After the end of the war, they openly said that there is no ethnic conflict on the island. In such a scenario in Sri Lanka, how can the present unstable minority government do anything meaningful on accountability and reconciliation?

Presently, what is happening in Sri Lanka is a carbon copy of Israel. Many Sri Lankan military leaders have become politicians and some have become Buddhist monks. Those who have become politicians are traveling abroad to justify atrocities/war crimes that they have committed. Of course, the Buddhist monks are busy land-grabbing and planting statues of Buddha in the North and East.

These days what is happening in the Sri Lankan parliament, arewell-planned tactics to dupe the IC. No-confidence motions and splits in the ruling Sinhala Buddhist parties are purely tactics to delay any positive action for reconciliation and accountability.

As I wrote in the past,since 1948 Sinhala buddhist politicians have successfully fooled and cheated Tamils in the island. Now they find a way to fool and cheat the IC. I wish them good luck.

A Tamil song says: “அச்சம்என்பதுமடைமையடா, அஞ்சாமைதமிழர்உடமையடா, ஆறிலும்சாவுநூறிலும்சாவு, தாயகம்காப்பதுகடைமையடா” (Fear is foolishness, fearlessness is theTamil’s asset – death may be at six or hundred but the duty is to save your homeland)

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  1. gamarala

    SVK is not the first person to query the increasing ‘defence budget’ each year in the absence of any threats & hostilities. He has bared the truth of where the funds are going. How long more can Sri Lanka go on giving false promises at the UNHRC.
    The Tamils suddenly find themselves being treated as aliens in this country where they have lived for centuries, from long before Vijaya came.
    Click “Jaffna Kingdom” in Wikipedia to know the truth.

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