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China and Sri Lanka sign agreement to prevent floods in Colombo

China and Sri Lanka today signed an agreement to construct new tunnels to prevent flooding in Colombo in future.

The agreement was signed between the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development and China Petroleum Engineering Company Limited.

Heavy rains in Colombo often result in parts of the capital being affected by floods.

Under the agreement two tunnels are to be constructed to prevent Colombo from being flooded in future.

China Petroleum Engineering Company Limited will design and construct the two tunnels, one which will be 1,100 meters long and 3 meters in diameter while the other will be 760 meters long and 3 meters in diameter.

Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawaka said that Colombo is often affected by floods and the recent heavy rains saw parts of the city being inundated.

He said that to prevent flooding in future there needs to be a proper system in place, especially since Colombo is a key city in Sri Lanka.

The Minister said that flooding in some areas had already been addressed with the construction of canals but there was a need for new underground tunnels to divert water out of the city and into the sea.

He said the new tunnels to be constructed by the Chinese company is expected to address the long-standing flood issue in Colombo. (Colombo Gazette)

1 Comment for “China and Sri Lanka sign agreement to prevent floods in Colombo”

  1. Trevor Jayetileke

    Till China stepped into help with the regular flooding of Colombo city every year due to monsoonal rain the rest of the World were silent by just turning a blind eye.
    SL cannot build a Megapolis(Urban Eutopia) in Colombo the Capital of Sri Lanka and the Western Province and see the state of affairs shown on Television every time this flooding happens and suffer the economic loss and precious lives.
    We have to thank China with whom we share the ” Relics of the Orient” which is the Porphyry Hard Purple Rock Arms Bowl of the Buddha that has brought us close to one together since the visit of Former President Mahinda Rajapakse to China in July 2007 and sealed our relationship for the rest of this century.
    With this drainage complete Colombo and suburbs will be a Wonderful livable place in the Asia-Pacific. The City drainage infrastructure has not been updated since the times of British rule but the numbers attracted to Colombo the Capital has increased unabated. With China taking over the reins of the Asia Pacific Silk Route with the signing of the Hambantota Port deal on a 99 year lease with China receives the Sea Power of the International Sea lane like what Britain enjoyed since 1815.

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