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Durdans Hospital unveils most advanced Biplane Catheterisation Laboratory in South Asia

(L-R): Dr. Adithya Salgado, Consultant Radiologist; Dr. Wimal Karandagoda, Director- Medical Services; Rakshitha Tudawe, Head of Strategy and Business Development and Dr. Pandula Athauda-arachchi, Consultant, Interventional Cardiologist.

Catheterisation laboratory is a procedure laboratory where interventions are performed, aided by imaging and image-guided diagnostic tools.

The new biplane catheterisation laboratory at Durdans Hospital possesses the most advanced biplane with angiographic capabilities available in South Asia, to support interventionists in making faster and better-informed decisions for head-to-toe procedures through greater accuracy, performance and safety.

The cutting-edge biplane catheterisation laboratory offers high accuracy through user-friendly interventional applications that lead to a high success rate for clinicians. Interventions are performed faster with less preparation and lab time, without compromise to patient safety due to standardised protocols.

Interventionists can also operate controls table-side without having to enter the control room or re-enter the exam room thus removing the need for sterility breaks.

New interventional tools built into the biplane such as VasoCT and AneurysmFlow are a first in South Asia. VasoCT will enable interventionists to see detailed images of soft tissues and blood vessels. AneurysmFlow can enhance decision-making through superior visualisation and quantification of information.

For example, live imaging offers high safety for brain surgery that demands superior diagnosis and greater use of minimally invasive techniques, as brain vessels are highly complex. In cardiac procedures live imaging and navigation platforms can facilitate more accurate navigation inside vessels and better guide the precise device placement procedures.

These platforms can also benefit sophisticated catheter and ablation techniques for cardiac procedures that require advanced imaging. In stent procedures the platform can aid the right sized stent to be placed in the right location.

Powerful performance of the most advanced X-ray tube facilitates enhanced detection. The use of real-time information sourced from imaging systems, interventional devices and navigational tools enables quicker decisions to be made for all kinds of head-to-toe procedures, preserving quality of life.

Furthermore, multiple procedures are possible. For example, a heart catheterisation procedure as well as vascular interventions performed in the same operating room makes it safer for patient as they need not be moved to a different location for a different procedure.

Another aspect of patient care is radiation control and management. This can be achieved with high visible images at low x-ray dose through ClarityIQ technology. The Image Guided Therapy Platform offers highly visible images that can reveal minute details at low X-ray dose. This kind of visibility helps interventionists locate the primary site and make accurate and lifesaving decisions.

The most cutting-edge biplane catheterisation laboratory for performing head-to-toe procedures including advanced neuro, peripheral vascular and cardiac interventions Philips Azurion biplane is now available at Durdans Hospital.

For more information call 011 2 140 211.

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