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MR denies being told US will block Gota from being President

By Ashanthi Warunasuriya


Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today denied reports that he was told by the outgoing US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Atul Keshap that the US will not allow former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to contest and become the President of Sri Lanka.

Rajapaksa told the Colombo Gazette that while he did meet Atul Keshap there was no discussion about preventing Gotabhaya Rajapaksa from contesting the next Presidential election.

“The US cannot dictate terms to us,” Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

He said that the meeting with Atul Keshap was only a courtesy call by the outgoing envoy.

There were reports today that Keshap had told Rajapaksa the US and other Western countries will not welcome the prospects of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa contesting the next election or becoming President.



8 Comments for “MR denies being told US will block Gota from being President”

  1. Gabriella

    It is not what the world wants, but what Sri Lanka needs that matters. And, what Sri Lanka needs is Gotabahaya Rajapaksa as President of Sri Lanka.

    It is a dangerous gamble that comes fraught with danger. But, it is a gamble worth taking. Sri Lanka will never realize her full potential or achieve first world status with the current system of governance ( Institutionalized Graft and Corruption).

    Our system of governance does not work ! Since independence the parliament has been inundated with semi-literate scum intent on raping and pillaging the country. As a result, a potential Hong Kong of the Indian Ocean has been floundering as a third world hovel.

    Gota has to be a Director leading a Democracy. He has to be Caterpillar; Butterfly; Pigeon and Hawk as circumstances dictate. Can he rise to these demands ? He has already demonstrated enough leadership skills for the role he will be expected to perform. He has to be both democrat and autocrat and reform the system of governance, and the bureaucracy without fear or favor. With the sole intention of progressing the nation to first world status.

    We already know the ‘baggage’ he carries. His Sinhala Buddhist Tribalist leanings. All the other Rajapaksa hangers-on. The stacking of the bureaucracy with incompetents rather than qualified people. Can he rid himself of this tarnished image and with the benefit of hindsight become Sri Lankas’ White-Knight ? A man without ethnic, religious or clan allegiance. A true Statesman.

    To Gothabaya Rajapaksa, I would simply say: Our time on this planet is rapidly coming to a conclusion. It is not how much we accumulate but the legacy we leave behind. Singaporeans acknowledge that they are where they are today because of one man – Lee Kuan Yew. Will generations of Sri Lankans be able to look back one day and say: we are here today because of GOTHABAYA RAJAPAKSA ! Wouldn’t that be a better epitaph than a billion dollars in the bank? Act in the national-interest and make us PROUD !!!

    • Gabriella

      One Nation; One Flag; One People ! We Dare to Dream !!!

    • Hettiarachchi

      “It is not what the world wants, but what Sri Lanka needs that matters.”

      Amen. Gota Rajapaksa, in my opinion, is probably the only person left in the current political system who has enough patriotism for Sri Lanka to govern in the interests of its people, having himself served as a soldier during the war and as Defence Secretary. He understands how close we came to losing Sri Lanka to the LTTE and would not let the country founder to serve his own interests.

    • wijelion

      well said

  2. US can dictate terms to Gota. In the troubled times he ran to US , claimed refuge and became an US citizen. He has sworn to bear armes for US against any other country including Sri Lanka.

  3. Nimal Tissa Wijethunga

    His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse has shown not only to Sri Lanka, But to the whole world that he is not a pushover or bowed down to any pressure exerted in no uncertain terms when he took critical decisions at critical juncture in his entire Presidency as a whole and particularly during the annihilation of LTTE Terrorists in 2009.

    Having know this fact very well, we are very sure that Athul Keshap has the prudence not to tell him anything similar to that of he is against Gotabaya Rajapakse as the next presidential candidate.

    If AtuL Keshap mentioned something against Gotabaya Rajapakse and that suggests that he is the worthy Presidential Candidate and he is the next President of Sri Lanka as well.

  4. Former regime leader MR thinks he knows and can do everything the way he wants, stupid. The Sri Lankan’s around the world who have been citizens in other countries must be laughing at this jokes. Because to get or to cancel a citizenship is not that easier, and it’s like taking a oath and to have a certificate and the same way you have to make a request to cancel your citizenship and their is a procedure and then you gets cancellation certificate by are no holds in that country as a citizen. That’s the valid documentation proof to produce. To Rajapaksha’s ways of doing their is enough and enough Sri Lankan expatriates as highly qualified professional’s,rich millionaires and also political experience in those countries. In that manner they are more eligible.

  5. Appuhamy

    Maybe the Ultimate Napunsaka Party will bend down to the West (that;’s what they do best!); but patriots like Mahinda Rajapakse has shown time and again that Sri Lanka is an independent nation and its sovereignty will not be compromised!

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