Kumar also turns down invite as past proposals were ignored

Former Sri Lanka cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara has also turned down an invitation to be part of the Sri Lanka Cricket administration calling it a “waste of time”.

In a letter to the Sports Minister, Sangakkara has said that the former Sports Minister had also sought his assistance yet he wasted six months in an advisory committee as none of his recommendations were taken seriously.

Sangakkara said in his letter that what is needed for Sri Lanka Cricket is not temporary fixes but complete change.

Among the changes he proposes is amendments to the Sports Law and Sri Lanka Cricket Constitution.

Earlier former cricketers Mahela Jayawardena, Muttiah Muralitharan and Roshan Mahanama had also turned down the offer to join the SLC administration. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. Hharsha

    According to SLC history and it’s cricket legend’s, cannot ignore all of the competent leaders/managers SLC have had past 2- 3 decades at a cost of few. Kumar, Murali and others are not the only former crickerter’s can be in the adviser board. There are several other. The main goal should be ,du Kumar and Mahela wants to be part of the consultants of uplifting our SLC or continuing and complaining about the past mistakes of others. This is not something to own by anyone. Or boast about. Get the right people , matured citzens who have a heart for SLC , from the past to have better future of cricket in SL. Mahela and Kumar quit the game prematurely ;,the reason better known to them. That does not mean we have the right to see the SLC falling down, letting the young talents go astray without proper guidence. Aravinda, Mahanama and others can do the job, if the sports minister let them do it with their experience. There is no time left to war or judge anyone. It is time to restore SLC . We are all responsible for what we do. Politics have nothing to with sports. Favourations cannot build a good team but a talented good young team can. Let the right people be 8n the the administration and in the playing 11 in all 3 formats. Dear Sports minister go forward with your plan to have right consulting’s and be not involve in any political influences to the gentleman’s game. Your efforts will surely bear good fruits for mother Lanka without shadow of a doubt. GOOD luck SLC.

    • Hugh Karunanayake

      There is no need to second guess why Sangakkara and Jayewardene retired prematurely from national cricket to continue their careers in the game elsewhere. They were chasing money. National considerations are secondary to them. So why chase after them. Undoubtedly exceptional talent. Remember however that is is St Lankan cricket that spawned them, and it will continue to produce outstanding cricketers in tthe future too. Let the game hold its head high and allow cricketing mercenaries to go their own way. These two will play for any country if you dangle a few dollars before them!

    • kp

      The minute anyone uses the phrase “mother Lanka”, I know they’re both naive and hypocritical. Naive, because you think this kind of request for cricketers to join as consultants is anything other than a farcical exercise to show the world how the SLC is “reforming”, and hypocritical, because you would do the same thing Sanga and the others did in this situation.

      The SLC isn’t trying to reform, you dolt. This is just the usual modus operandi of an extremely corrupt, politicised club. They want people like Mahela and Sanga to lend credibility to their bankrupt organization.

  2. Swamy

    It is better to ignore this ungrateful fellow. Only money talks for buggers like these driven by greed. If not for the opportunity given by Sri Lanka (under the sponsorship of National Team) this fellow is no body. Most likely he would have ended up in a bankrupt drunkards club playing cricket for the promise of bottle of local brew. He and his pals must not interfere in Sri Lanka’s cricket. These spooky fellows turned “KALU SUDDHAS” will be better-off among English and Australian fellows. These fellows have nothing to offer Sri Lankan cricket players other than their condescending behaviour.

    • TCK

      Don’t talk cock!! What do you mean by “If not for the opportunity given by Sri Lanka (under the sponsorship of National Team) this fellow is no body” ? Do you think it was by a “potte” chance that a great player like Sanga played for Sri Lanka??

      What opportunity you are talking about? Do you think these opportunities you are talking about is the property of SLC to be distributed at their will?get a life mate!

      It is sheer talent and determination that made people like Sanga & Mahela play for Sri Lanka. If it was “Opportunity” you talk about, even nerds like you could have played test cricket!!

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