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Death penalty to be initially implemented on 19 drug offence convicts

The death penalty is to be initially implemented on 19 large scale drug offence convicts, cabinet spokesman Dr Rajitha Senaratne said today.

He said that cabinet approval had been obtained to implement the death penalty on repeat offenders related to large scale drug offences.

Initially 19 convicts have been identified and the President is to sign the documents to implement the death penalty on them.

Senaratne said that there was a need to implement the death penalty to curb the spread of crimes related to drugs.

The cabinet spokesman said Sri Lanka is unlikely to face criticism from human rights groups for implementing the death penalty on a select few criminals.

At present the death sentence is issued by courts but the death penalty is not carried out and instead the convict is sentenced to life in prison.

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) had in 2016 urged President Maithripala Sirisena to abolish the death penalty in Sri Lanka in keeping with Sri Lanka’s commitment to a more humane society consonant with human rights principles and values.

In a letter to the President, the Human Rights Commission had said in 2016 that the death penalty seriously violates several human rights including the right to life and freedom from cruel and inhuman punishment and is an extreme and irreversible punishment and is ineffective as a deterrent to crime. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. Gabriella

    When legislators are influenced by these Human Rights Commissions, any deterrence to perpetrators of serious crime evaporates. As a result, society bears the consequences of this vacillation.

    These large scale drug traffickers have little regard for the lives they ruin. And accordingly, they have foregone the right to any humane consideration from society. If a cancer isn’t eradicated it will destroy the host.

    However, It is amusing that one of the biggest thieves in government ranks -Rajitha Seneratne, is preaching law and order. If this crook represents the face of integrity and honesty in parliament, then how bad are the others? And what hope do we have ?

    The President should stop his incessant rhetoric, and give Gota the post of Minister of Law and Order, and a free-hand. Then lets see how long the drug epidemic lasts.

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