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Galle Face Hotel rewards Good Samaritan Tuk Tuk drivers

(L-R): Robert C. Hauck – General Manager and Area Vice President of The Galle Face Hotel; Upali Rathnayake – Director, Tourism Planning and Development; Tuan Rizneer; Chandanath Sivanathan; Kavan Ratnayaka – Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority; and Mr. Maurice – Dep. Chairman of the Three-Wheeler Association.

Three-wheelers, also known as tuk tuks, are a cheap mode of transport for both locals and foreigners in Sri Lanka. There are stories of foreigners being taken on a ride – and not the kind they bargained for – as reports of tuk tuk scams have increased in the recent past.

However, recently, when some guests staying at the Galle Face Hotel hailed a couple of tuk tuks and accidentally left their smart phone in one of the vehicles, they never expected what happened next.

Tuan Rizneer and Chandanath Sivanathan frequently transport passengers in their colourful tuk tuks to various points within bustling Colombo. After their last pick up from the Galle Face Hotel, they realized that one of the passengers had left behind an expensive smart phone. The two altruistic tuk tuk drivers then drove back to the hotel in order to find the tourists and return the lost phone.

The Galle Face Hotel, an icon of Sri Lankan heritage, greatly values hospitality, magnanimity and authenticity, which both Rizneer and Sivanathan exemplify.

Robert Hauck, General Manager and Area Vice President of The Galle Face Hotel, invited Kavan Ratnayaka, Chairman – Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, Upali Rathnayake, Director- Tourism Planning and Development and Mr. Maurice – Deputy Chairman of the Three-Wheeler Association for the Galle Face Green area to the hotel in order to recognize the selfless tuk tuk drivers for their act of kindness.

The group shared their appreciation with Mr. Rizneer and Mr. Sivanathan for standing by their values when many others would have simply taken advantage of the situation. The Galle Face Hotel also offered tokens of appreciation to the Good Samaritan tuk tuk drivers in recognition of their efforts to uphold honesty and integrity.

South Asia’s leading Grande Dame, the Galle Face Hotel is testimony to both Sri Lanka’s colonial past and its independent present. Celebrated within the hospitality world, it blends historical splendour with crafted modernity to form a new model for heritage properties. International guests are immersed in the Galle Face Hotel’s rich traditions and compelling stories, while Colombo society perceive the hotel as the most prestigious, desirable destination in the city for memorable dining and special events. Whether at the hotel for dinner or for a month-long stay, an experience of the Galle Face Hotel is one of timeless grandeur and exceptional hospitality.

Celebrating 150 years, the Galle Face Hotel is one of the landmarks in Asia and was acclaimed as one of the best heritage Hotels in Sri Lanka in 2012. Further it is the first Hotel in the country to be featured on a postage stamp.

Galle Face Hotel Group

The Galle Face Hotel Group manages the hotel and leisure interest of Galle Face Hotel, Kandy Hotels PLC & Ceylon Hotels Corporation PLC.

Under this banner are 3 distinct portfolios of businesses.

The Deluxe Heritage Hotels Collection

Galle Face Hotel in Colombo and Hotel Suisse & Queens Hotel in Kandy.

Each hotel is a connected to Sri Lanka’s history, imbibed with the splendor of yesteryear while continuing to serve visitors, foreign and domestic is gracious surrounds.

The Resorts Collection

Four hotels routed in some of Sri Lanka’s most special areas offer a modern facility with outstanding vista & access to experience this great country. They are:

The Lake Hotel Polonnaruwa,

The Surf Hotel Bentota,

The Safari Hotel Thissamaharama and

The Lake House Polonnaruwa.

Each of these recently refurbished hotels offers traditional Sri Lankan hospitality to visitors.

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