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WITH A BEE, without batting so much as an eyelid, having expressed a desire to lead the pack after Satellite, the battles have already erupted in the Pee A folds. And last week, a furious Hot Garden told Satellite at the presidential abode that if A Bee tried his divisive games again, he would publicly lash out at the guy. Sentiments similar to those already expressed by the fishy one.

A Bee is sure creating more than a splash of discontent in the blue waters...


AND now, even pee em Rat Wick is said to be none too pleased with Satellite's statement that no one over 65 would be given a place in the Pee A and that the oldies should hobble out of politics. This has been taken as a broad hint that A Bee is the crown prince once again. And instead of looking for manapa from the voters, the old aspirants are canvassing would-be em pees for the post as against A Bee.

But Satellite is going all out with her help for Mallo and a cocktail party for the biz types is being organised by Mallo at the presidential abode to give him a leg-up.


THOUGH the Pee A has said there should be no manapa battles between candidates, posters have sprung up all over the place. And when last week Satellite met the Colombo candidates, she was to rebuke the Fuzzy One. "I know there are people wanting to come first on the list," she said hinting at Fuzzy. "Because, after the election they want to form a national government with the greens."

Now if that is not an acceptance of defeat, what is?


EVEN the Pee A tough guys are feeling the heat with the greens having showed they are up to the task this time round. And none it seems, is feeling it more than the tough guy himself, the thalagoya from Wayamba who is generally known to strike terror in the hearts of the bravest.

The Anamaduwa chandiya called on Satellite last week and broke down in tears saying the green's ex cop was waiting to do him in and that he wanted extra security. And Satellite obliged by giving him a posse of es tee ef commandos.


AND like the thalagoya -- the four legged variety that is -- Satellite has developed two tongues. Last week she dropped a gem when she told the es el ef pee youth types that Ass Bee once told her he could kill an anti-govt. ass or two to turn the tide in her favour. And then on Thursday night on telly, she deadpanned that when she was on a hospital bed in London she heard that a ministering angel was planning to do the two eds in and that she promptly called up people at home and had the foul deed stopped. But the ungrateful eds, said she, were still attacking her.

Now, if she had named the angel then, and had him arrested, the asses would sure have been grateful! Otherwise, it's nothing but poppycock, eh?.


SOME people sure end up with all the wrong guys in the wrong places. First she was all mixed up in the Pera affair and next Vanessa was seen in close companionship with the gun-toting pee es dee terror who got a bullet in his own head last week.

And now the girl has got another shoulder to cry on. And this time it is the comedian turned cardboard hero, the media-bashing Merv the Big Mouth who is playing knight in shining armour to the grieving lass.


LAST week Sonna Boy threw in the towel and walked out of the selalihiniya. And in a letter to Satellite the man griped that he was prepared to take orders from her but not from ministering angels who wanted appointments made willy nilly at the tee vee station.Hmmm


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