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Net closes in on Chandrika

By Suranimala

While the noose slowly but surely tightened around the high flyers of the People's Alliance on issues relating to corruption, violence and abuse of power, the government last week decided to proceed with its reform agenda, notwithstanding opposition from President Chandrika Kuma-ratunga and the SLFP.

Though it was clear from the outset President Chandrika .....

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PSD chief
takes on CBK

Interdicted Presidential Security Division Chief, Nihal Karunaratne condemning President Chandrika Kumaratunga for accusing him of associating with persons transporting weapons to the LTTE, said it was a figment of the president's imagination.

Karunaratne told The Sunday Leader he has never associated persons with connections to the LTTE and queried why the president retained him as her security chief for seven years placing her entire security in his charge if she genuinely believed her allegation.

President Kumaratunga recently told the SLFP Central Committee that she could no longer trust her security chief Nihal Karunaratne, because he was associating Bally's casino owner Dhammika Perera who had transported weapons to the LTTE.

As power cuts are lifted this week, the Fiat gas-powered electricity generator seen under repairs here at Kelanitissa, the government hopes, will stabilise Sri Lanka's long term power supply

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PSD chief drops another bombshell

By Frederica Jansz

In a bizarre, but perhaps predictable twist of events, former heavyweight of the Presidential Security Division (PSD), SP Nihal Karunaratne when quizzed by sleuths attached to the Criminal Investigations Department, has said that all his former actions had been carried out on the orders of President Chandrika Kumaratunga.

Karunaratne's attempt to absolve himself from all blame, follows hot on the heels of Kumaratunga having accused Karunaratne of being a weapons agent for the LTTE.

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