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Lion of Udupiddy roars no more

 "Panchamum Noiyum Nin Meiyadiaarkko , Paarinil Menmaigal Verini Yaarkko" (If famine and disease are for your true followers for who else then are glories in this world)

- Subramania Bharatiyaar in his Ode to  the Motherland's (India) freedom.

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SriLankan paying millions to Emirates

By Frederica Jansz

SriLankan Airlines’ Chairman, SriLankan Airlines, Daya Pelpola when queried on this issue replied, I cannot divulge any details of the financial transactions as discussions are underway at present between SriLankan Airlines and Emirates.’

Pelpola refused to clarify if as chairman of the national carrier he is aware of these payments and for what purpose they are being made. Large sums of money have been paid by SriLankan Airlines as pre funding for buyer furnished equipment to Emirates Airlines.

handsome disabled soldier gets prepared with his Jaipur foot to undertake a peace march organized by the armed forces and police welfare units.  The soldier is one of many who became a victim of the protracted Eelem war.

Photo by Gamini Wickremasinghe

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Taking SriLankan to the cleaners

By Frederica Jansz

An investigation by The Sunday Leader has unearthed astounding details of how the expatriate staff at SriLankan Airlines have pillaged the financial resources of the national carrier.

In a foolhardy deal sealed in indecent haste on April 1, 1998, this nation and the government of Sri Lanka were reduced to puppets, dancing to the tune and jumping to the orders of Sheik Ahamed Bin Said Al Makoom and his British born staff at Emirates Airlines.

Four years thence, the national carrier has been downgraded to being classed as a third rate airline, run on a shoestring budget, showing losses that run not into millions - nay, but billions of rupees. The multi million-dollar question that begs answer at this moment in time is what benefits has the marriage with Emirate Airlines reaped for SriLankan?

On March 31, this year, SriLankan Airlines recorded a loss in air transportation exceeding Rs. 6 billion. The six thousand million rupee loss for the national carrier has galvanised the new government into appointing a special three man committee to probe the agreement between SriLankan Airlines and Emirates.

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