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Exploding the cohabitation myth

By Suranimala

WITH D-day for the debate on the 19th Amendment to the constitution fast approaching, President Chandrika Kumaratunga has launched an offensive against the prime minister, finally sealing the fate of cohabitation between the executive and the legislature.

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Govt. readies for poll 

The government yesterday moved its election machinery into full gear amidst reports that the Supreme Court will tomorrow notify Speaker Joseph Michael Perera that the 19th amendment to the constitution will not require the approval of the people at a referendum.

The Sunday Leader learns, however, that while the Supreme Court is expected to so rule, there was also speculation that the court will require one provision in the amendment dealing with the conscience vote to be subject to a referendum.

These two children were among the nine handed over by the LTTE to their parents last week in Jaffna. The LTTE released the nine below 18 years who had joined the organisation voluntarily. The child on the right kept looking blankly at his feet most of the time during the hand-over ceremony as if he was not sure what to do next now that the LTTE was sending him home. Photo by Asoka Fernando 

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spotlightpic1.jpg (25534 bytes)The Tiger re-emerges  in his lair

By Amantha perera in Jaffna

  While passengers  line up for security checks in the hall at Sinhala Vidyalaya in Jaffna, on the wall in front a small makeshift stall opens up. The window is barricaded by a wooden panel till the checking commences. Once the rows start moving, the panel is removed and two neat rows of one litre soft drink bottles and other refreshments  make their entry.

By the looks of it an enterprising Jaffna soul is cashing in on the increased number of travelers and the relaxed security network.

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