13th October 2002, Volume 9, Issue 13















Old habits die hard, especially when the habits are Satellite’s. The sheiks from Kuwait, walking, talking mountains of gold, were made to muse over this when they were kept waiting for over one hour by Satellite at the presidential abode. The delegates who had given Satellite right royal courtesy when she visited the Arab land were in rude shock.

After the wait, Luky Kadi came in and told the sheiks that there would be no meeting today. The visitors did not take it politely, taking off in a huff, bashing books and fists on the way. It was a case of sheik, rattle and roll, what!


The wild ass

After the pow-wow with Satellite, Rakneel informed her that he was on his way to the wedding of a sibling  of her one time sec, the one with the chula pedigree . The good lady shot back saying that he was no sec, but her press secretary and add libbed he could not even write properly.

“That was why the PA never did anything right — wrong people manning desks,” Rakneel was overheard saying after the Satellite’s  input to the defensive one, on the way out.  Naughty, naughty.

Book worm

The one to whom nothing is foreign was resting his limbs at the New World hospital when he received a surprise. Concerned Satellite sent him a bouquet of flowers wishing him a speedy recovery.

The surprises did not end at that. The Clown Prince who was at one time eyeing the job sent him a book, titled, Make the minister smile  by an Indian author. The foreign one was all smiles when he saw the gifts galore, be they from the opposite end, for not much has come from the greens. Hmm...



With battles raging in the congress that is Muslim, posters calling for the death of  Ha-keem have appeared in the east. Mangy, shot his mouth off at the PA meeting that it was all Ferial’s doing which made  the lady turn red and retort that she never stooped that low. Mangy as usual was made to  feel the worm and eat his own words, realising everyone should not be judged by one’s own standards.  Shame, no?


The trap

Lucky Kadi, to whom nothing was foreign not so long ago is smiling  happy these days. Finally Satellite is heeding his advice, that she keep her trap shut. Despite the good man’s efforts, the trap was very much open, until the likes of Mangy joined the chorus for its closure, after one too many embarrassments.

Now Satellite has agreed to keep it closed after many a public utterance.

 “What I could not do for so long these guys have achieved,” a smiling Luky Kadi was telling con-fidants last week. Now if only Satellite knows it was Kadi             who was spreading that story.  Guess she knows now, eh!


Pot luck

The conner-sans any morals is a plucky one. Whilst, accusing his one time mentor of not so correct escapades, he has been hiding several skeletons in the cupboard himself. During office hours he has been nipping on company account to the Gee...Oh... Etch for fun and games.

The list is endless. Careful as he is, only a slight change has been done to the name in registering but the ID number is there. Pot calling the kettle black, eh? More to come boy, more to come. Chee! Chee!


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