The secret is finally out; the whole war is a family affair. Attending last week’s party leaders’ meeting over the LTTE courts dispute, Mangy let the cat out. He said that he should be more worried than anyone else, “because Prabakharan is my uncle.” When others inquired how come, Mangy’s family tree  was exposed.

“My father’s sister’s husband was from Velvetithurai and was a cousin of Prabhakaran,” said Mangy.

So, said Mangy puffing out his chest, “Prabakharan is my uncle.”

It seems with the peace process achieving success, relationships are already being claimed.

And no doubt, the Tiger supremo may well be thinking with relatives like this, who needs enemies, eh!


First it was the Clown Prince who shot his mouth off about Bush rigging the election. Now it seems, the sis is right behind. Last week, addressing her parliamentary group, Satellite said that the In-jun defensive one, Georgie Fer-nandez was elected with the help of the LTTE who stuffed the boxes.

She warned the MPs to keep an eye out, since may be the naughty Tigers were doing Ra-kneel the same favour right here in Paradise isle. Hmmm...


Cold Feet

But  some of Satellite’s own MPs are not that macho. Last week, Thee-lina, the new PA buck from Dambulla wanted a debate on what transpired in Oslo. The green types were more than happy and wanted to double the time allocation for the adjournment debate.

But Mangy and side-kick Wee-flower wanted none of it. “No, no we can’t have it today. Thee-lina has ‘peenase’,” they told the green types.

The debate however, went through the next day with Kehe the Rum-ella proposing it for the government.

So much for bravado!


The gardener

Satellite sure knows how to keep the distance, even from those near and dear. Last week, at the cupboard meeting, Tee-ron, the one to whom nothing is foreign, took up the issue of diplomatic appointments.

Talking of the three appointees blocked by Satellite, Tyronne said that Lucky-Kadi was far worse. His gardener was given a posting and the man who carried Lucky’s bags was sent all the way to London.

Satellite agreed whole heartedly, saying all those things were done without her knowledge.

And to show her Tee-ron she meant it, gave the nod to Appu’s nominees!


Naughty Boy

Ra-kneel can be a naughty boy, especially on foreign trips, and when Maithree is not looking. On a high after the success of the peace parley, Ra-kneel, who is on a special diet, was digging into chocolate cake by the mouthfuls at Gopal the Gandhian one’s, the former In-jun high commissioner in Colombo now in Oslo.

All the time, Ra-kneel was lauding the cake that it was the best ever. Guess who won’t be taking any more foreign trips without a chaperon to keep an eye on his dietary habits in future eh! 


Chappati Boy

Wee-flower, the red brother was blushing red last week. Soon after Ra-kneel made his speech on the Oslo meeting, Wee-flower and his comrades were up and shouting about the In-juns.  One wise crack from the green lot, reminded the reds that they should be the last to be talking of the In-juns.

“Not long ago you were murdering anyone who was wearing anything Indian and eating  Bombay onions.”

The hack saw poor Wee-flower turning red.


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