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Pushing the Indian factor into the peace process

by Suranimala

While the government last week decided to put in motion a political agenda early next year together with an aggressive campaign on

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Ratwatte’s son  assaults Gypsy’s Sunil

Veteran singer and popular entertainer Sunil Perera of the Gypsies was assaulted by Mahen Ratwatte, son of former deputy defence minister Anuruddha Ratwatte, at the Colombo Hilton on Friday night at the Tea Traders Ball.

Following a baila performance, Sunil Perera says that Mahen Ratwatte accosted him at the buffet table outside the main ballroom of the Colombo

Hilton and forced him towards the toilets. Puzzled, Sunil says he did not know who Mahen was, but allowed himself to be propelled towards the toilet as Mahen Ratwatte kept a firm hold of him, with his arm around Sunil’s neck, pretending to be a friend.

The duo, were followed by Mahen’s wife. Inside the toilet area, Mahen had at first verbally abused Sunil saying, “You f..ing ..B.. you have LTTE connections” and had then hit him on his face.

Reeling from the blow, Sunil had asked,

The continuing strike by the paramedics has created untold hardships to the less affluent sections of society who depend on government hospitals for treatment. These patients have to languish in the sun for hours to obtain medicine from Osu Sala. Some had been waiting in the queue from 6 a.m. This photograph was taken at 2 p.m. Friday. Osu Sala was issuing medicine free of charge, but that was of little solace to the patients, like this old lady whose plight has been brushed aside by the strikers

Photo by Berty Mendis

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Inside story of LTTE’s radio booty

By Frederica Jansz

An apparent sinister move by the LTTE to import an entire consignment of radio equipment from Singapore has surfaced as being nothing more than an attempt to evade a Rs. 2 million customs duty.

An in-depth investigation by The Sunday Leader has found that the recent controversy over the government having allowed the LTTE to import new radio equipment for its station the ‘Voice of Tigers’ boils down to the fact, the Tigers involved the Royal Norwegian Embassy to facilitate the import in order to avoid paying over Rs. 2 million in customs duty. The radio equipment in reality was not a gift from the Norwegians to the LTTE.

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