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Playing the political chess game



By Suranimala

While the President was toying with the idea of a snap election in May, the UNF government went into overdrive last week, mapping out strategy to meet a situation where parliament is dissolved without notice.

Despite a written assurance by President Kumaratunga to parliament she will not dissolve it prematurely, there is now a change of heart, with the PA publicly stating the President no longer considers herself bound to honour that written commitment.

General Secretary, PA, D.M. Jayaratne's logic in this regard is simple. The UNF did not believe the President's written undertaking and as such, she is not obliged to honour it. The President herself has taken the position, the decision by the government to introduce the 19th Amendment to the Constitution subsequent to her written assurance has invalidated the written pledge.

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Distraught and shattered. Pullaiammah lost her only son to the LTTE on January 24 this year, when the Tigers forcibly dragged Indrakumar from his home in Batticaloa

Photo by Buddhika Weerasinghe

Ominous hostage threat by LTTE

By Frederica Jansz in Batticaloa

Chairman, Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) in Batticaloa, Heikki Hulkkonen said last week that the LTTE has told the SLMM, for every child that escapes its baby brigades, it will take hostage another member of that family.

Hulkkonen revealed that since the peace process began in February last year, the LTTE has abducted 270 children from Batticaloa. “This number varies, but the situation regarding child conscription is very serious,” he said, adding that repeated requests by the SLMM to the LTTE to address this issue hardly ever receive any concrete response.

Instead, the Tigers merely say for all the child escapees the LTTE will take another family member hostage, Hulkkonen said.

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Terror story of children from the east

By Frederica Jansz in Batticaloa

Caught in a pact with the devil, the self-proclaimed saviour of the Tamil cause has emotionally slain hundreds of Tamil parents who are being forced to sacrifice one child per family to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Distraught and bereft with grief, Tamil parents in Sri Lanka's east have not even been allowed the courtesy of a goodbye as their flesh and blood - children as young as 11 - are being snatched from their midst to be "trained" by the LTTE.

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