2nd  March,  2003, Volume 9, Issue 33
















Politics of destabilisation

Inside of politics

By Suranimala

WHILE the government was moving to consolidate the peace process and the economy in the lead up to the Tokyo donor conference in June, the President was busy laying the ground work for the dissolution of parliament in consultation with the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP).

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Trains have been running on this bridge mounted on sleepers for close upon one year. Located at Pinwatte, Panduara, it was meant to be a temporary structure guaranteed for six months, according to workers. Long distance office trains with thousands of commuters travel on this death bridge every day. General Manager, Sri Lanka Railways, Priyal de Silva however dismissed claims that the bridge was unsafe, stating that it meets safety requirements. The bridge will be replaced by a permanent structure at the end of the year according to de Silva. Till then, pray to God that the sleepers will not give way

 Photo by Padmasiri Gamage

SLFP split over pact with JVP

The SLFP has gone into a serious internal split with news that the party intends to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the JVP.

After the recent meeting with the JVP, the SLFP was exploring the possibility of signing an MoU with the Marxist party in March.

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A university's shame

By  Frederica Jansz 

The Colombo University's cover-up of an alleged rape and plagiarism through conferring the highest academic honour of professor and chair to a faculty member who was facing ongoing investigations on both these charges has backfired. In the face of 

yet another alleged sexual assault perpetrated by the same staff member, the university authorities are attempting to sweep even the second incident under the carpet because otherwise they will have to answer the obvious question as to why they ignored the first incident of rape.

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