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Cry baby cry

Ray-noo, the naughty boy of ABC radio notoriety whose offers of the filthy lucre to the ministering types appeared large as life in the Leading rag, was in a flutter last week. He was firing calls to all and sundry, the greens, the blues, everyone he could think of.

In the midst of the calling frenzy, one call went out to  Mangy boy, an old pal from times bygone.

But Mangy was in no mood to be conciliatory. To him Ray-noo’s offerings to the green buck down Matara way was betrayal at the highest level. “I can’t believe you have done this,” a heartbroken Mangy wailed to wailing Ray-noo. Ray-noo had  been a blue-eyed boy long before the greens took the reigns it seems. So much blue was he, that he went around canvassing for a number in the nomination list. A campaign he has now shifted to the green camp.

As pay back, if he is put on that list, the gift that is bandied about by Ray-noo is a radio station beaming to the north east. Tch! Tch!

Star gazer

Remember Satellite’s predictions to believers that April was the month? The stars, they were told had changed and luck was with her. Well April came and went, full moon et all, and still Ra-kneel is in charge.

Just before Ra-kneel took wing to the Land of the Rising Sun, there were more such predictions. This time July would be the month and Satellite has advised all her fellow supporters not to venture abroad since this time she is really going to move on Ra-kneel. Guess ole Satellite is taking it a month at a time. Sin no!


The jet set

Despite shunning the peace table, the striped tribe from the Wanni are quite happy to take wing all across the globe. They are studying federalism in the glow of the peace talking, we are told. Federalism or no federalism, stripes are hard to change.

On tour the Tiger cubs are under the watchful eye of Puli, the Deva, who, for a Tiger, keeps an eagle eye on the flock. The cubs only get to touch their passports once on the  flight, no doubt for fear of more flights. The passports are distributed once inside the craft, but not so the emigration forms. They are only handed over once on the relevant ground. Better safe than sorry eh!


Lost glory

So some red boys gate crashed Ra-kneel’s party in the Land of the Rising Sun, and at a temple at that, and tried to make a mess of the chap’s hour of glory. If he could have his way, blue boy, Mer-Win the foul mouth would have loved to join the lot. A little bird whispers that Merv was all geared up to get to the Land of the Rising Sun to play spoil sport. But some knotty issues on the entry documents stopped him in his track well before any flight, right here at the mission in Colombo. Hmmm...


Hell hath no fury...

Falling in  love with Boggles certainly is not a healthy habit. Occupation hazards include death threats and cat fights in very public places among others. Even after retirement from the occupation, the hazards keep following you around. That is what the good doctor who got ministerial love ditties is finding out.

Last week, a big blue Pajero drove up to her car and several goons that got off made away with her number plates. Curse of the Boggles love, is it?

As for Boggles, we all know his number now don’t we?

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