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The People's PM

Sri Lanka has got a people's premier but not without several anxious moments. While grudgingly giving Ma-hinder the post, Satellite was quick to tell the new PM that araliya mandiriya is not for him.  Positive she will four months from now have done away with the presidency she told Ma-hinder there is little point in him moving into the araliya abode but that the place should be kept clean for the Bandas.  Apparently the place is too good for the likes of the Party Kings clan and Ma-hinder has to eat humble pie and say aye!


Sniff... sniff...

And despite all the media hype, Kadi is a poor loser.  He indulged in a right royal sulk when he learnt that the premier's post was to go to Ma-hinder.  Feeling blue and dejected Kadi confided he was ready to throw the towel in.  But his ambitious better half always has the last word and she figured the foreign minister post for Kadi is better than nothing and convinced Kadi to stay.  No wonder Kadi did not turn the other cheek when Ma-hinder sidled up for a smooch.  Well... well... all is fair in love and war eh?


Masses and asses

And the rathu sahodarays are playing poker.  Having convinced the masses that only they represent the will of the people and can deliver, they are now playing hard to get.  The hot shots in the peramuna have declined to accept ministerial postings, fielding instead their second eleven.  

What pray then was all that about - Wee flower shouting himself hoarse only to now tell all those who crossed their ballots for him that he is not going to sit in the saddle but only watch from the sidelines? How the silly blot thinks he can make a difference this way  is indeed food for matter.  As they say what is said on the campaign trail is hardly goose for the gander but mere politics for the asses ...such is life!


Horse deals in the making...

Hardly were the final results concluded before heavy horse trading began.  Politicos from various hues were being lobbied long and hard and the saffron robe types were not excluded.  In fact they were the hottest offering on the block.

And not one to miss a deal, Bookiepala confined as he is to a hospital bed sent big mama to plead his case.  Having failed with both the blues and the greens, Mama Mileena cornered the monks convinced the theros would be the saving grace for her darling putha.  

And she told the urumaya to back Ma-hinder's appointment as premier so then at least "mage putha" will have a chance.  But Ma-hinder a little bird whispers is not willing to muddy his paws and is steering clear of the bookie.

The schmuck anyway is not so badly off languishing as he does in a hospital bed.  He even directed the recent poll at the board that is cricket calling Aroo and telling him to step aside pledging to look after him if he did not accept the post of chair of the umpiring kind.

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