5th September, 2004  Volume 11, Issue 8

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Red Spies

The Rathu Sahodarayas it seems are into the habit of spying. Recently, when a Leading scribe spoke to Adhi-curry, a secretarial type for the minister that is agriculture, he revealed that the Red types had a spy working inside the Leading rag providing information about the goings-on.

Not that they would be getting anything more than the Sunday dose. All that we know is out there in the public domain come every Sunday. And it is a pity the Reds don't put their spies to better use by trying to spot the Tigers in the city, eh!

Missed Opportunities

AB, the Clown Prince is living upto his name. And now he is obsessed with the headway that Ma-hinder the premiering type is making. The Clown we hear was peeved with the reception Ma-hinder got in Injun Land, especially the meeting with Soniya, the Gandhian lady. AB has been raised to believe that the Gandhi's are the sole property of the Bandas.

So Banda took wing to Injun Land hoping for similar treatment. But despite all the media hype Clown Prince could not get an audience with the lady - not even after an extension of the trip by three days. But to pacify the sulking clown, he was promised an audience asap. Sin no! 

Plugging leaks

The Leading types were recently on the hunt inside the board that is all water, and the members were talking on record. So much so that they even agreed to get a union type to talk to the Leading rag. When the union chap was informed he was a no show. But the man had buzzed Thonda who in turn had buzzed Mangy, and pat came the order to all and sundry at the board that no one is to speak to the Leading types. And now we know why. So much for fighting corruption. Hee! Hee!

Tender Matters

It is not only at the watery board that battles are brewing. Last week when the board of the Salalihiniya, the idiot box type met, it nearly resembled a boxing bout. Barbs were flying high between the chairing man Zoo-hair and the clean general directing affairs Nee-Shantha the Runner-tunge. The new Blue and Red government is very obviously getting a baptism by fire with deals already holding center stage. What! Ahem! Ahem!

Unhealthy Matters

Healthy one Siri-parlour too was huffing and puffing last week, this was after the wild asses splashed details about a deal involving Three-posha. A very angry sounding Palour called the amiable Prem-jayanth the secretary that is general of the Sandanaya and said that all this was Mangy's doing and that if a stop was not put soon enough, Mangy's dirt too would be in public. Poor Prem had no option but to agree to put the reins on Mangy. But Mangy boy is pleading ignorance, which of course means the Parlour beating will continue apace. Ouch! 


And here is the latest joke on Satellite. The dear lady was taking a walk in her very Presidential lawn when she was struck with a very big stink. Looking around she came face to face with the words "President must go" written on the wall with very stinky stuff. The lady walked upto the security types and screamed herself hoarse that they could not prevent the s..tty letters from going up on her wall right under their noses. "I want you to find out who did this today," ordered the lady and walked off.

Later that evening, the head of the PSD walked up to her sheepishly and said, "Madam we have bad news and very bad news." Satellite wanted the bad news first, which was that tests had proved that its Ma-hinder who was responsible for the stinky stuff. "I knew, I knew, betrayed by my own kind," wailed Satellite, and asked "now what's the very bad news."

"Well madam it is Ra-kneel's hand writing." Chee! Chee!.

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