17th July,  2005  Volume 12,  Issue 1

First with the news and free with its views                                     First with the news and free with its views                             First with the news and free with its views                                    


the attraction

There was the court that is supreme sitting to hear the red caps take on the pee-toms. Wee Flower though was covered by a bevy of legal eagles as the Cee Jay sat.

And much to the amusement of all, the Cee Jay politely asked the black coats to move so he could make eye ball to eye ball contact with Wee Flower's mustachioed mug. Hee! Hee! Such is the man's attraction! 

hot stuff

And the red caps, including that blackguard Sripathee, had ants in their pants and could hardly wait for the end of the week for the Cee Jay to deliver his verdict. So they tapped a young lady of certain Diyawanna fame to see if she could use her charms and find out what the order would be. Their ploy worked or so they thought for they were told before the day a stay order would be coming. Hmmm. It sure pays to be a hot favourite eh? 

matters foreign

Kadi, we hear, has blotted his copybook once again. For the blot told Margaret the wall storm in a fit of anguish that the pee-toms is a blasted disaster. And this was repeated to two or three angels who duly did their duty and sneaked to Satty. So Kadi for now is persona non grata with the Prez. Dear! Dear! The guy is sure losing his barnacles these days, what?


But it is not only Kadi Satty is mad with but Mangy too is in the doghouse.  For she believes he was guilty of slapping all those posters around town of Ra-Kneel resembling the bad boy of America, Michael Jackson. And she was heard snapping that this was all Mangy's doings to try and upset the apple cart and have the greens withdraw the conditional support they have thus far given her. Ouch! 

wrong lever

The Pee Em now says Unilever gave all those green smackers for Hambantota. So Ra-Kneel has since issued orders to his own band of cheerleaders to insist Unilever doles out the same to all other tsunami affected, if not the greens will boycott buying all things Unilever. My! My! The aliya is sure pulling muscle, eh?

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