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Krishan Asian Avenue

By Marianne David

T he last few years have been good for the music scene in this sunny island what with the likes
of BnS, Iraj, Centigradz, etc., taking the local music industry to greater heights with original music and different styles.

And if the great collection of fantastic original music that has been a part of the local music scene in the recent past isnít enough, well Sri Lanka now has yet another original CD / VCD in the making: Krishan Mahesonís solo album, Asian Avenue.

To be launched in the first week of October, Asian Avenue is bound to be a surefire winner and spawn a number of fantastic hits.

The Asian Avenue CD will also be launched in India, while both the VCD and the CD will be available in Sri Lanka. Some tracks will also be released in the UK to be played on BBC Radio.

The CD comprises 11 tracks, the majority of which are Tamil rap songs. Adding flavour to the songs, the blend of English and Sinhala that is included gives them that perfect touch.

The VCD contains two music videos and one video documentary. The video documentary is produced by Rebelartz. The video for the theme track, Asian Avenue is by Nilan Cooray.

The long-awaited Asian Avenue is produced by Hit Factory and will be released under Universal Music Worldwide and M Entertainment.

As for Krishan, he needs no introduction since heís been in the music scene for quite some time and has been a part of some big hits. With Asian Avenue, Krishan starts his solo journey as a Tamil rapper and song writer.

Born in Colombo on May 4, 1983, Krishan Maheson entered the music industry at the age of 15 together with brother Gajan and formed Urban Sounds, releasing their debut single Smooth Flow in 1998.

The band received ample airplay on local English radio stations and also won an award from the Asian Institute of Broadcasting Development for the best TV campaign on HIV awareness.

After brother Gajan joined BnS in 2001, Krishan teamed up with Iraj Weeraratne and revolutionised the local hip-hop industry with the hit single Roots.

Following this success, Krishan became involved in the production of Irajís debut solo album and introduced Tamil rap to Sri Lanka. Their tracks J-Town Story, Ran Ran Ran, and the absolutely beautiful Ninda Noyena Handawae were a phenomenal success.

"Asian Avenue comprises Tamil hip-hop in its purest form covering themes like the ethnic conflict, youth, love and drugs. A wide range of professional music producers, lyricists and vocalists have contributed to this project, so sit back, relax and enjoy this journey down Asian Avenue," says Krishan.

The album features Ranga Dassanayake, Yohan Rajapakse, Iraj Weeraratne, Nisal Gangodage and Rukshan Mark of Charles Mark. While most of the lyrics were written by Krishan himself, some were written by Amala Umapathysivam, Vasantha Dukgannarala, Kelum Shrimal and Ram Victor as well.

Other contributors are BK (bonekiller), Infaz Noor-ud-din, Bertram Charles, Yauwanan Wigneswaran, Nilukshi Jayaweerasingham, Ashanti Colombage, Gajan Maheson, Romesh and Lashan of Kandy and also Dinesh Canagaratnam and Lance Muller who did the website, CD cover and promotional material.

Krishan is a member of Ill Noise, formed by Iraj, which also includes BK and Infaz. Ill Noise is the force behind the hugely successful CD Iraj, with sales exceeding 14,000 CDs. Krishan is also a member of Diatribe with BK, Bren aka GD and DJ Stalin.

Krishanís website,, will also be launched shortly.

Asian Avenue is sponsored by East West Information Systems and Elephant Cream Soda.

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