21st  May,  2006  Volume 12,  Issue 45

First with the news and free with its views                                     First with the news and free with its views                             First with the news and free with its views                                    


Russian roulette

Sree-pathi was recently in the city of the wild nights, Bangkok, and was having a jolly good time. The man was Spotted at a hotel in interesting company. And we can assure you that it was not Russian roulette he was playing. The fun was much more and risk much less. Hmm….

Road Blocks

Katan-apulle has hit the road big time but unfortunately come a cropper. Last week Pulle was all set to declare open the construction of the Katunayake-Colombo Expressway. He had invited the Ambassador from the Country of the Dragons for the ribbon cutting. But the Dragon types were not at all pleased with the goings-on and turned their noses away from the do in disgust, making it clear there will be no show by the dragons.

Target Practice

The spectre of human rights is hanging like a ghost from the past and Ma-hinder found himself with his back to the wall. He summoned Dougie and gave him the shelling of his life, and told him that the situation up in the north needed improvement. A furious Deva left muttering as to why he always had to be the fall guy. Tch! Tch!

Labour Pains

There were clashes in the cupboard as well. This time it was between Boggles and Atha who labours for the masses. Atha wanted a new law that guaranteed that BOI companies did not fill vacancies of sacked workers till legal wrangles came to an end. Boggles was not for it and the battle lines were drawn. Poor Ma-hinder was left torn between the need for investments and the love of a lifetime for the labourers. Finally the man begged for time out. Aha!

Editors clash

There were clashes at the Guild that is all about the Editors as well. Some of them were none too happy of the airplay that Chairman U-pali was getting and three Eds – the Timely Lion, the Running Lion from his Sinhala sister rag and the man of Mul Pituwa fame – fired off a missive. But true to form the Running Lion later called U-pali and said that he was forced to sign the letter by his colleagues. Shame, no!

The Gentleman

Ra-kneel is back in town after a sojourn in the land of freedom. But there the man got a taste of what ordinary mortals have to undergo. Over in Boston he was seen lifting luggage from the conveyor belt and playing gentleman to the better half, Mai-tree. She however beamed that for once she had the man for herself with no political hangers on to spoil the honeymoon.

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