20th August,  2006  Volume 13,  Issue 6

First with the news and free with its views                                     First with the news and free with its views                             First with the news and free with its views                                    


Cutting Edge

Anil the Sekara who obeys and holds the top spot at the House by the Lake has a novel approach to avoid all the tale takers — the man only speaks in the kaduwa at the house and most of the tale carriers use the vernacular.

Now that is putting the kaduwa to good use what!

The Gossips

Here is another one on gossip, this time from the man who speaks on military matters on behalf of the Striped type – Marshall. He queries from scribes whether they really want to talk with him and use his two bits in copies or whether they just want gossip, for many have just preferred to have banter with him. Oh well there’s a cue for the intelligence types, eh!


New-tongue the man who heads the Salalihiniya is in hot water and Ma-hinder himself has said that the man would be given marching orders soon. But New-tongue is not about to go off lamely and has threatened to write a book on the inside dealings of the Chinthana since know-vember.

Thick Hide

Cupboard was in full swing when Boggles made an entry with four papers, one on setting up another board for an investment type operation. Even Ma-hinder was annoyed and said "meke puss ekkak," but that was mild to what Boggles got from the other angels. But the man has the hide of a rhino and persisted, but the paper now is on hold.

Horror scopes

The real deal behind the frenzied war effort has now come to light – it is all in the stars. The gazers have told Ma-hinder they have the horror-scope of ol’ Velu and he is not having the best of times till next January so to get whatever they need done before the bad times are up. Oh well, one man’s meat is another’s poison and the civilians sure will tell.

Burning issues

And here is the latest doing the rounds with war and all that – In the middle of a heavy traffic jam a man hears a tap on the window and the man outside tells him "they have kidnapped Baa-zil, Wee Flower and Rambuk-waliya and are demanding a 50 million ransom, otherwise they would be doused in petrol and set on fire, we are going around collecting from car to car." The concerned driver asks, "What are people giving on average?"

Pat came the reply, " At least a litre."

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