17th December,  2006  Volume 13,  Issue 23

First with the news and free with its views                                     First with the news and free with its views                             First with the news and free with its views                                    


Hard Times

‘Thondu-man’s beliefs in the stars may be a bit too much going by recent happenings. He was all set to move in to the new office last week when a group of star gazers from Injun land predicted the timing was not that good, and pronto the shift was put off. Hmm…

Staying Put

Ma-hinder was all panicky last week when he heard that Satellite and the Prince of Attanagalla had got together in their home base Hora-golla and had been critical of him. His reaction was to get his Secretary to call up the Prince and ask him to clear out from Visumpaya. The Prince was not having any of the nonsense and told the sec to go fly a kite. So there!


The latest joke doing the rounds in the blue party is that if according to the President the Prince should resign for want of tourists due to the security situ, then Ma-hinder the defensive one, and his sibling, the one who does all the defensive secretarial work, should go pronto for being unable to guarantee the safety of the city. Ha! Ha!

Hot Stuff

With all the infighting, every one wants to know what is going on. And there was Mangy whizzing to Matara, avoiding the cupboard meeting et all when he suddenly instructed the convoy to stop at Moratuwa. He wanted one of his security types to get the Leading rag that greets the Wednesday morning to know the best and the latest. Atta boy!

The Blade

And he had ample reason to seek the news. The man had heard that Ma-hinder had called up the members of the association that is all Friendly about Sri Lanka and Palestine and instructed them to release a statement condemning his own government of not voting in the Palestine-Israel issue at the Nations that are United recently. The idea was to snub Mangy but the man was tipped off well in advance. Tch! Tch!

Petty Mind

Professori is still smarting from getting it from his own prodigy She-ral. So intent on taking revenge he met with the Rope man Norbet of the Foundation that is Berghoff and recommended that all funding be stopped forthwith. Shame! Shame!

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