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July 8, 2007  Volume 14, Issue 3








~ In a Nutshell ~ 


Missing three million

With numbers constantly shifting the governing types are on the look out for pole-vaulters. One such effort to induce a cross-over was a call from the Araliya Abode to a green man from Kandy, the offer was a portfolio and 15 million smackers. A little while later, the same man got a call from Hema the Nana who crossed over for the same stunt, but this time the offer had been scaled down to 12 million, depreciation had set in so fast eh!

Tough  Talk

Gota may be bulldozing his way through all, but one man who gave the man a taste of his own medicine was the Justice that is Chief.

There the two were at the launch of the new Buddhist channel and near Gota was the man who used to own CBN, the service that Gota eventually closed. Said the Chief, "This is the young man you tried to run out of business; don't try that again with anyone," and all Gota could do was study his own toes. Hmm...

Poor Show

Professori is not having it good and was the butt end of jokes courtesy Ma-hinder. He told officials of the ministry that is foreign that Professori had taken flight to Uncle Sam with a pledge to sort the mess but only succeeded in getting 50 Congressmen to petition against Paradise Isle. Tch! Tch!

Night Life

Lucky Sene cornered Boggles recently and asked about the ban on night flights. "It is not good no," Sene asked. "What to do, you cannot monitor what is going on in the night anyway," was Boggle's cheeky logic. And the man sure knows best, what! 

Choice language

The House by the Diyawanna was turned into a mad house by Merv the Perv who used choicy language when answering questions raised by Anura the red comrade on his vehicles. Merv would only give the number of vehicles he used - three and thereafter served a dose of the choicest vernacular on the comrades in true Medamulane style. Yes folks, he is from the same neck of the woods. Aha!



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