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September 9, 2007  Volume 14, Issue 12








~ In a Nutshell ~ 


The stylist

Everyone may be boo-hooing at the price increases and inflation, but Knee-wad the Governor that is Central proved that some people at least can live it in style! Even as the house by the lake was debating price hikes, the governor, security and all was seen sneaking into Ramani at the Grand Cinnamon for a bit of expensive styling and all. No doubt a hair raising experience what!

Timely Advice

With the house by the lake becoming a hotbed of controversy the big Bandara is sure in over his head! So much so, the debate on holding meetings at the Araliya abode on matters consultative had him visiting Secretary General Pree-yaa-ni while she was recuperating in hospital to seek advice on how to deal with the situ. Oh well!


Karu the Victory-Sun was not only forced to give up his lofty ideals, but was brought down to sheer childish antics when, following the Dentist with a big mouth’s doings he sent message to the Justice that is Chief, claiming of the past impeachment that he was "forced to do it." Sin no for the child. A man of straw indeed we hear the Chief muttering.


Following decisions to suspend Colombo’s See-M-See and appoint a special commissioner, the Prez, having got the best out of Vasu, denied his concerns, claiming the Liyana-house was a better option since he was "good with both Ra-kneel and the justice that is chief." So there!


The historical monk’s claim that he would let his dog go in "that" Benz brought a few laughs at the house by the lake. The joke doing the rounds is that when You-En-Pee Em-Pee Ranga the Bandara went home his dog was sulking. Asked why the canine kind said, "You were elected three times but you never gave me a Benz!"

Greedy Talk

Maa-hinder had yet another bright idea on school admissions and IQ tests when he suggested the Museaus method be used. That is he told the angels at the cupboard meeting, throw a toffee at the prospective student and reject her if she grabs it because it indicates greed. Trouble is, if moderation were a criterion for entry, future politicians wouldn’t get an education at all, no?



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