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November 9, 2007  Volume 14, Issue 12










Singer/SriLankan event too valuable to be left in hands of one body

Kandy Sevens: handle with care

FOR all the frequent seizures of doubt that struck the SINGER/SRILANKAN International Rugby Sevens last week, it is a minor miracle that the event kicked-off at all yesterday.

The on-off saga which began Thursday finally ended last Monday afternoon, with the ARFU's nagging concerns over security dispelled. "It wasn't easy - the four days in Seoul seemed like four years," said SLRFU's CEO Dilroy Fernando, who with Tournament director, Hemantha Yatawara, argued down the looming cancellation at the Seoul meeting. "We couldn't deny the war; the participants' fears were understandable - so trying to argue their doubts out was, well, like fighting with your right hand tied."

That fight began a day after the event's draw, which, sport administrators will tell you is pretty much the "on your marks" of any tournament as it provides the competition's chart, setting out who meets who all the way up to the final. So when the draw of the Kandy event was over and done with, two Mondays ago, 12 countries were placed in their respective places on the grid. All that was left was for the race to start.

By Thursday morning, however, the prospect was that there might not be a race at all. The events leading up to this distressing point have been widely reported in the recent issues of The Morning Leader as well as The Sunday Leader to render superfluous any repetition. Suffice it to say, news of an uncovering of weapons and explosive in Kandy a week before the Sevens had revived, among some participants, all the old fears of safety in war-torn Sri Lanka.   That, in turn, brought threats of withdrawal from Hong Kong , Korea and Thailand - and with it the grim prospect of cancellation.

Mercifully, all of that was averted, and any encomiums sponsors, organisers and the union might want to hand Messrs. Fernando and Yatawara would be deserved. But for their admirable perseverance and gumption, the Nittawela stadium might have gone quiet as a churchyard - and not the place of rumbustious fun which, as you read this, it is.

The annual event, it has to be said, is blessed. After all, this isn't its first brush with near-cancellation. The infamous 9/11 exploded on the world barely a week before the 2001 Singer/SriLankan Sevens. Airplanes, if you remember, instantly became objects of fear, and air travel was avoided as if it were a plague. To the credit of the organisers, they managed to persuade all but one of the 16 participants to fly out for the event.

Fortunately this time too, a meeting of the ARFU executive committee was to begin in Seoul last Saturday, three days before the cancellation threat began to snowball. The meeting rather divinely assembled in one place all the officials of participant-countries thus providing a fortuitously convenient start to Fernando's and Yatawara's task - as opposed to flying to 10 different destinations, which, given the impracticalities, would've meant as good as cancellation.

Given that blame-game is a national sport here, accusations and counter accusations over this issue is to be expected. In fact, as the crisis gathered, the blame-game had already begun. Organisers, Kandy SC , fired the first volley, blaming the SLRFU's hands-off approach. They said, as the controlling body, the union ought to have used their influential position vis--vis other Asian union to talk the doubting countries out of their doubts. They blamed the union's indifference to this responsibility of theirs that heightened the threats of withdrawal.

The union shot back, saying that, because of Kandy 's attitude of "jealously protecting" their interests, they preferred to keep the union out of the event's affairs. "It's a case of them wanting the union to take a hands-off approach, not the union," said an official, requesting he not be named. These are, of course, emotional eruptions at a time when crisis deepens and desperation swamps common sense.

In retrospect, the panic and desperation of the last days might never hit home had the "guns in Kandy " story not hit the international wires. That, though, is what- might- have-been. The reality to live with, however, is that hosting international events is always going to be, well, as difficult as getting our Benz-driven ministers to take a bus ride to office. The analogy might seem far-fetched, but yet is relevant. After all, just as ministers feel unsafe travelling in public transport, foreigners feel the same visiting a land long wracked by political violence.

The truth is, neither Kandy SC nor the union is to blame for the troubles in the country. Nor can they barricade traffic on the information highway. And as long as multi-barrel guns fire and mines explode and each new explosion finds its way to the outside world, foreign sport teams will always have reservations about coming here.

Hosting an international event, so, is no longer the old easy - invite and they'll come. It's now  the sort of exercise that might daunt even the best in the PR business. Words of reassurances aren't enough. All sorts of security guarantees, including 24-hour protection by security personnel and armed escorts, have to be provided - and sometimes that's not enough, as Fernando and Yatawara found out in Seoul .   SLRFU president DIG Nimal Lewke had thoughtfully forwarded videos of the Kandy perahera to show life in Kandy goes on as usual. As well, Defence department 's security guarantees were dispatched to the doubting Thomases of the ARFU. That wasn't enough. They asked - and got - an independent assessment by a private security company, Ceylinco Cisco, before deciding to participate in Kandy .

The event itself is no garden party to host. It is an IRB sanctioned event, which means the world body has to vouch for the safety of the visiting teams during their stay here - and they won't risk a breach of that responsibility until they've extracted all safety guarantees. It is understood that, the independent assessment of a private company apart, the IRB representative at the ARFU had also insisted on guarantees from a Justice of Peace as well as a distinguished Sri Lankan citizen that it was safe to hold the tournament.

Hardly a year ago had the ARFU aborted the Colombo Asiad for reasons of security. Lessons ought to have been learnt from that experience and organisers should've been better prepared to deal with the recent crisis. To have to gone to Seoul and to then frantically ask for all types of documents from Kandy and Colombo suggests that little had been learnt from the lessons of the Asiad cancellation last year.

One wonders if the event, since securing IRB recognition, has got a tad too big and too important for Kandy SC to handle by itself. IRB puts a hefty Rs.9 m. into each event, and their demands on the organisers are not likely to get any less. Whatever the excuses are for SLRFU's alleged non-involvement, the truth is that the IRB will hold the SLRFU responsible for any lapses in the running of the tournament. After all, it's the SLRFU that is affiliated to the IRB - not Kandy SC. The tournament thus is under the aegis of the SLRFU and the ARFU/IRB.

You don't have to have exceptional intellect to work out the solution. That the event requires the joint effort of the organisers and the union is obvious. And for more reasons than one; 1/ it is an IRB-sanctioned event which makes the involvement of its affiliated member, the SLRFU, a pre-requisite - without which the event's IRB status becomes questionable; 2/ the event is increasingly coming under IRB scrutiny and the importance of the task of running the event is better shared between union and Kandy SC than only the latter; 3/ the potential for developing the event into a major competition in Asia is tremendous - a goal that will be unattainable if the union and the organisers work at cross purposes.

Sri Lanka 's solitary yearly international event is too precious to perish in the crossfire.

Nalaka Weerakodi - takes up football

By Hafiz Marikar

The rugbystar,Nalaka Weerakodi who was a top class footballer during his school days, and also had the privilege ofleading the Sri LankaYouth XI, now after hanging up his rugby boots, takes over his former pet sport, football.

Nalaka speaking to this writer said, that he can do much better in football, and will be playing for his home town club, Hy Line Sports Club, Dangolla in the Kandy Association Football League Tournament.

Telecom Football

Chinthaka Wijaya-suriya the General Manager of the Region One ,is happy over the  well conducted Kandy Association Football Leagues"A" division inter club tournament.

At a meeting, he said that all the matches played had been with good football and organised well, he thanked theLeague headed by DIG Bodi Liyanage for doing a wonderful job.

He said, that he did not know that football was so popular and said that he has analysed the sport, as the cheapest game which can be played by any one.

Maurice Joachim weds

Former Sri Lanka centre, Maurice Joachim,who led the Kandy Sports Club in 1992 to win the first ever Clifford Cup, married Shalindri Mendis a few days back at "The Eagle" Waters Edge.

Maurice Joachim, one of the finest ruggerites to come out of St.Anthony's College, played for Kandy Sports Club for well over a decade, and also led the side twice. It was from here he played for Sri Lanka.

First ever WheelchairTennis International to be staged here next month

THE SLTA will write a piece of Wheelchair Tennis history this month when it hosts the country's first ever international competition.

The ITF-sanctioned four-day event will be a triangular featuring Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. Billed as the Silver Fund Cup (Asia), the September 14-17 tournament on the SLTA's Green Path courts, is a part of the world body's global campaign to promote wheelchair tennis. The Silver Fund Cup, in fact, is being held in an Asian country for the first time, though its history in Europe and the US runs longer.

 As a prelude to the triangular, the SLTA will host the first ever Cruyff Foundation training camp for juniors, a four-day programme from September 10-13 at the SLTA. It is another of ITF's endeavours to spread wheelchair tennis worldwide. Both events will be financed by the ITF, and the cost is expected in the region of US$4,000. 

Bringing both ITF programmes to Sri Lanka's backyard will no doubt impact positively on the country's wheelchair tennis, whose beginnings were as recent as in the late'90s. Progress, however, was rapid, with the country successfully competing in international events. It has brought medals from ITF tournaments staged in Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Belgium, as well as earned qualification to play in the World Cup tournaments of 2005 and 2006.

In the 2007 WC, soldier Upali Rajakaruna, 31, created a sensation when he defeated world No.22, a Chilean - and earned him a world ranking of 345.

The bulk of the island's wheelchair participants are servicemen who were rendered disabled on the battle fronts. Their successes on the tennis court, however, were commendable - and inspired the SLTA to take the sport to the civilian population, especially children. The Cyruff Foundation training camp is thus seen as a welcome shot in the arm for youth development.   

"Wheelchair tennis has made vast strides in a relatively short period of time - and the ITF's decision to stage two significant international events in Sri Lanka is obviously an acknowledgment of the successful programmes we've carried out," said Lionel Almeida, SLTA CEO. "The triangular tournament and the junior training camp will no doubt help take the sport to another level."

70s Night at Victoria

Victoria Golf & Country Resort presents you the opportunity to go back in time feel the enchantment of the 70s.

The much waited "70s Night" is scheduled for Saturday,  September 22  and coincides with the September Monthly Medal at Victoria.

Guests are expected to meet at the poolside in 70s dress and jive the night away to the tunes of the 70s.

There you will be entertained under the stars to a gourmet dinner and music from the 70s to move your body to the grooves for a mere Rs.1, 500.The best dressed couple, raffle draw, table gifts and many surprises in store for the guests, it will definitely be a night to remember.

"With the resounding success of the exclusive dinner Party in the Bush held on the  July 14 we are confident of over 100 guests attending" commented Mike Varney - General Manager, Victoria Golf & country Resort.

 It is a never to be missed event which will set the pace in Kandy once again. So book your tickets now! To reserve your table call 0777 258 730 now or e-mail.

Sri Lanka Insurance and SLCA tie-up

Colombo,  September 6.  -  Sri Lanka Insurance today entered into an agreement with the Sri Lanka Cricketers' Association (SLCA), to be the official Life insurance provider for all its members. The signatories to the MOU agreement were Sidath Wettimuni, President of the SLCA and Nalaka Godehewa, CEO of Sri Lanka Insurance.

The Life insurance cover offered by Sri Lanka Insurance will be extended to all members of the association covering cricket legends from as far back as the 1950s. The Sri Lanka Cricketers Association is enriched by a membership of  distinguished past national cricket captains and prominent players ranging from Michel Tisera Ranjan Madugalle, Bandula Warnapura, Aravinda De Silva, Arjuna Ranathunga, Sanath Jayasuriya  to Mahela Jayawardena and Lasith Malinga amongst several others. 

Speaking on the occasion Nalaka Godahewa, CEO of Sri Lanka Insurance said. 'It is our privilege to be associated with this project and Sri Lanka Insurance is delighted to be the Life insurance provider to our cricketing stars who has brought and continues to bring honour and recognition to our country. It is our duty both as an industry leader and Sri Lanka's pioneer insurance provider, to safeguard such sportsmen who are also a national treasure. We applaud SLCA's efforts to build the sport and are indeed honoured to be linked with such a recognised body of outstanding professionals'.

    President of Sri Lanka Cricketers' association Sidath Wethamuni expressing his thoughts said, I'm pleased that the SLCA together with Sri Lanka Insurance has  been able to launch an incomparable scheme which will benefit the cricketing profession. We are also extremely happy that Sri Lanka Insurance has come forward to provide protection for our National Heroes as it is the largest, strongest and the most stable Insurance Company in the Industry today. I also take this opportunity to thank the players for their unhesitant corporation towards this endeavour.

To mark this fine alliance and towards the noble cause of raising a pension fund for all national cricketing heroes of our country, Sri Lanka  Cricketers Association in collaboration with Sri Lanka Insurance  is launching "Sri Lanka Cricket Legends 2007" a grand felicitation ceremony scheduled to be held in end September.. Sri Lanka Cricket Legends 2007 will unfold in two events. The first event would be the Cricket Fiesta which will see the grand union of all the cricket legends way back in the 1950s to the present cricketing Heroes participating at a friendly cricket tournament for a single tournament trophy at the SSC grounds on September 26.  What is too good to believe is that all cricket lovers will have chance to witness this historical event, mingle with your cricketing stars absolutely free of charge.

The second event would be the Sri Lanka Cricket Legends 2007, is a unique felicitation ceremony to recognise cricketing legends who have contributed immeasurably to the national sport both in the local  and international arena. The event will be coupled with special entertainment acts choreographed by the famous Indian Choreographer Sameer D.Caazy which will take you through the time tunnel and it will be a unique Show of its kind. Tickets will be priced at Rs. 2000. The show will be held at Waters Edge Hotel on  September 28  from 7 p.m onwards.

Inaugurated in 2000 Sri Lanka Cricketers Association is an organisation of all eminent current and past cricketers in Sri Lanka. The association works to facilitate the playing generation as well as the welfare of past cricketers of the nation, whilst encouraging future cricketers to join the game. It is also to build a strong bond in the alumni of cricketers past, present and future and contribute to the positive development of the sport.

Sri Lanka Insurance is the largest and strongest composite insurance provider in Sri Lanka, with over Rs. 50 billion in assets under management, over one million policies in force and an average claims settlement of Rs. 18 million a day.  Sri Lanka Insurance is the only Insurance Company in Sri Lanka to be assigned a global rating for financial strength and stability from a world renowned rating agency. The company received the AA- Sri from Fitch Ratings London for the third consecutive year for Financial Strength and Stability. 

Sri Lanka can bid  for World Cup qualifier

By T.M.K. Samat in Nittawela

AFTER surviving the many threats of cancellation last week, organisers will want to make an impressive show of the ongoing SINGER/SRILANKAN Airlines International Sevens in Nitawella. 

Naturally, Kandy SC , the organisers, would want to prove that the security fears of some visitors that nearly scrubbed out the event,were unfounded. Hong Kong , Korea and Thailand threatened to pull out a week before the event after news broke out of the discovery of weapons in Kandy. It was only after fresh guarantees were extracted from the organisers  that the trio decided,  Monday, to make the trip here.

To prove the doubters wrong won't be the only reason why the organisers will want to put their best foot forward. There's a lot more riding this event to let any lapses spoil things for Sri Lanka. 

With the IRB declaring that the next World Cup Sevens is to be held in 2009 in Dubai, the qualifiers from Asia will be decided next year. The ARFU has earmarked next September to stage the Asian qualifier - the same month that the next Kandy event is scheduled for.

The convenience of slotting the WC Asian qualifier into the IRB sanctioned Singer/Srilankan Airlines tournament next September is not likely to be lost on the ARFU. Any claims by local organisers to host the WC qualifier will merit ARFU consideration. Besides the scheduled date for the WC qualifier coinciding with the Kandy event, Sri Lanka   has the advantage of experience of hosting the qualifier in 2004 for the World Cup Sevens of 2005.

Important dignitaries from the IRB flew out to watch the 2004 Kandy event, the first with IRB recognition. One of them was Mark Egan, the then IRB Sevens manager, and he paid glowing tributes to the organisers, ensuring the event long term IRB status. The present IRB Sevens manager, Beth Coalter, too, visited the Kandy in 2004.

The concept of IRB Satellite tournament, it has to be said, wasn't popular three years ago, and there were no takers, bar Kandy, for the 2004 WC Asian qualifier. Not so now. There's tremendous potential for enhancing the importance of the event given its world body recognition - and other countries have realised it. It won't be surprising if there will be more than one bid on the table. The Sunday Leader has heard of at least two other countries' interest in next year's World Cup qualifier: Singapore and China , for Shanghai.

Both countries, of course, won't speak publicly of their intention, but their capacity to host a worthy WC qualifier is without question. Singapore has the financial resources as well as management expertise to make an attractive bid. Booming Shanghai won't be short of prospective sponsors, but expertise in events management won't be their strongpoint. Even so, their bid, should they bid, won't be rejected by the ARFU. In fact, it won't be surprising if the IRB, via the ARFU, gives China favoured treatment. The world body, after all, has long tried to have rugby accepted as a government-recognised sport, normally accorded to only Olympic sports. Should the Chinese government grant rugby recognition; the IRB will feel their ambition to be a medal-sport in the Olympics would've moved closer towards realisation.

Meanwhile, the action in Nitawella began, Friday, with the 12-team inter-schools competition. Defending champions, St Anthony's Katugastota made an untroubled advance to the quarterfinals but, and last year's finalists Issipathana, were given a minor scare by Dharmarajah. The Antonians overcame Ananda 36/5 and Zahira 19/5 while Issipathana defeated home town schools Vidyartha, 15/0 and Dhamarajah, 26/10, after being led 0/10.

Two other teams finished the day unbeaten. St. Peter's issued notice of their championships intentions with impressive wins over St Joseph's, 31/5 and Wesley, 19/5, while Kingswood overcame S. Thomas', Mt. Lavinia, 24/10, and squeezed past home town rivals, St Sylvester's, 7/5.

The quarterfinal lineup: St. Anthony's v. St Joseph's; St. Peter's v. Ananda; Kingswood v. Dharmarajah; Issipathana v. S. Thomas.

Bowl Semi finals: Zahira v. Wesley and St. Sylvester's v. Vidyartha.

Shoaib sent home

Pakistan paceman Shoaib Akhtar has been sent home from the World Twenty 20 after a bust-up with Mohammad Asif.

Shoaib, who was already on probation for a disciplinary breach last month, confronted team-mate Asif during practice in Johannesburg on Thursday.

Shoaib admitted to hitting Asif with a bat, causing bruising to his left thigh and prompting a team investigation.

"A decision has been taken to call back Shoaib after an initial inquiry," said Pakistan chief executive Shafqat Nagmi.

"The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) fully endorses this decision. Shoaib Akhtar will be returning on the first available flight.

No one will be spared if he flouts the rules and team spirit. What has happened is something that has shocked us."

Naghmi added that a detailed inquiry into the "unfortunate incident" would be held when the player returned to Pakistan.

Bernadus willing...

The Article that appeared in The Sunday Leader Sports page last week under the above heading was not written by Susilough Wijeyaratne, but a statement issued by Bernadus himself. The error is regretted. 

Sports happenings at a glance



Japan wins first medal

Hosts, Japan finally won their first event at the 11th IAAF World Championships when Reiko Tosa clinched the bronze in the women's marathon.

Americans dominate

United states of America ended on top of the IAAF world championships medal tally with 14 gold medals.

Positive dope case

The first positive dope case of the 11th IAAF world championships was reported but the identity of the athlete was declined by the World Track and Field governing body.


Surgery not necessary

Lanka's champion off spinner, Muttiah Muralitharan believes that he will need only rest, not surgery for his shoulder injury.

Martyn joins ICL

Retired Australian cricketer, Damien Martyn and ICL has struck an agrement for two weeks.


Sharapova beaten

Poland's Agnieszka Radwanska pulled off a stunning 6-4, 1-6, 62 win over the defending US Open champion Maria Sharapova.


DFCC retain Nature Cup

Defending Champions, DFCC retained the David Pieris Motor Company sponsored men's Nature Cup basketball tournament defeating Wattala BC by 65 points to 62 at the MCA courts.



Susanthika to train in LA

IAAF World Championships 200m bronze medal winner, Susanthika Jayasinghe plans to start her training for the next Olympics in the United States before the end of this year.


Three bronze for Lankans

Gihara Sachini Amarasinghe, Methma Jayawardena and Madhavee Weeratunge of Sri Lanka won bronze medals in 50m, back stroke, 50 m free style and 100m free style events respectively on the opening day of the 1st South Asian Swimming and Waterpolo Championships held at the Pakistan Sports Board swimming pool. 

Swimming pool for Zahira

The foundation stone was laid for a swimming pool for Zahira College under the patronage of the Chairman, Board of Governors, Zahira College, Fouzul Hameed.  

Mineka wins first gold

Mineka Karunaratne won the first gold medal for Sri Lanka at the South Asian Swimming and Waterpolo Championships held in Pakistan when she clinched first place in the 100 m breaststroke.


Ponting out of Twenty 20

 Australian captain, Ricky Ponting, may miss the inaugural Twenty20 World Championships in South Africa as a result of undisclosed family reasons.

India win

India beat England by 38 runs under Duckworth/Lewis method in the 5th ODI to make it 3-2 in favour of England in the 7 match series.

Scores: India 324 for 6 in 50 overs (S. Ganguly 59, S. Tendulkar 71, Gambhir 51, Y. Singh 72) England 242 for 6 in 39 overs (M. Prior 46, T. Bell 44 P. Collingwood 91 n.o, Ganguly 2 for 26, Power 2 for 45).


Jayasuriya hat-trick

A hat-trick of  goals by Ratnam forward Kasun Jayasuriya saw his team win 3-2 against Jupiter's in their Kit Premier League second round game played at the Sugthadasa Stadium.


Rusi Captain win for 12th time

In a 36 hole contest against veteran Pferoze Billimoria, Rusi Captain worked his way to a magnificent 7 and 6 victory at the RCGC. This was Captain's 12th title in 15 years.


Serena, Henin showdown

Justin Henin and Serena Williams advanced to the US Open quarterfinal showdown in impressive fashion.

Nadal battles on

Despite a painful knee, Rafael Nadal defeated Freachmen Jo-Wilfried Tsorga 7-6 (7/3), 6-2, 6-1 at the US Open.



Red carpet welcome for Sussie

Sri Lanka's Susanthika Jayasinghe, who won the bronze for 200m at the IAAF World Championships, received a red carpet welcome on her return to her motherland.


OLV U-15 champs

Our Lady of Victories Convent, Moratuwa, beat Holy Family Convent, Dehiwela by 44 points to 37 to become the champions of the All Island U-15 girls 'B' Division Basketball Tournament.


Ten shuttlers to Iran

A ten member Sri Lankan junior badminton team will participate at the first West Asian Junior Badminton Championships to be held in Tehran, Iran.


Lanka, Tanzania duel

A boxing duel between Sri Lanka and Tanzania for the 'MAS Challenge Cup' will take place on September 8 at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium.


3 Silver, 4 bronze for Lanka

Sri Lanka women swimmers won another 3 silver medals and 4 bronze medals at the ongoing South Asian Swimming and Waterpolo championships conducted by the Pakistan Swimming Federation.


Dilruwan to replace Murali

Dilruwan Perera will replace the injured Muttiah Muralitharan in the Lankan squad for the ICC Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa from September 11 to 24.

Streak to retire

Former Zimbabwe captain, Heath Streak will retire from English County cricket at the end of the season.


India beat South Korea 3-2

Defending champions, India defeated South Korea by 3 goals to 2 in the men's field hockey Asia Cup.


Federer in quarter finals

With a 3-6, 6-4, 6-1, 6-4 victory against spain's Feliciano, top seed Roger Federer reached the quarterfinals of the US Open.



Keita tested positive

France's 400m hurdles bronze medallist, Naman Keita owned up to a major error of judgment after testing positive for testosterone at the IAAF World Championships in Osaka, Japan 

Three meet records

P.V. Danushka Priyadhasani of St.Thomas' Balika MV, J.N. Jayasinghe of St. Joseph's Convert, Kegalle, and A.G.V.S. Jayasekara, Mahinda College, Galle, established three new meet records in the U-18 girls Triple jump U-18 girls 200m and boys U-18 200m respectively at his Milo sponsored Sri Johan Tarbat senior Athletics Championships at the Sugathadasa Stadium.


Cricketers leave

The Sri Lanakan national squad left for the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa. that begins on September 11.

277 off 72 deliveries

Danuka Pathirana established a World record when he hammered 277 off a mere 72 deliveries with 29 sixes and 18 fours out of 366 for 3 for Austerlands in the Saddleworth league Twenty20 knockout tournament played at Droylsden 


Nadal defeated

David Ferrer defeated the No 2 seed, Rafael Nadal, 6/7,6/ 4,7/6,6/2 at the US Open

Henin beats Serena

Top seed Justin Henin beat Serena Williams 7-6,6-1 to reach the women's semi-final at the U.S Open.



India level series

A stunning 2 wickets win over England in the 6th ODI saw India level series 3-3 the seven match series at the oval. Scores England 316 for 6 in 50 overs, India 317 for 8 in 49.4 overs)

Murali in Line

Sri Lanka's off spinner Muttiah Muralitharan was nominated for the Test Player of the year award in the ICC Awards 2007 that will be held in Johannesburg on September 10 . 


Susanthika rewarded

Bronze medal winner of the IAAF World Championships Women's 200m, Susanthika Jayasinghe received a reward of Rs.500, 000/- from Major General, Palitha Fernando, President of the AASL.

Walala MMV champions

Walala A. Ratnayaka College become the Grils' and Boys' overall champions at the Sir John Tarbat Senion Altletics Championships conducted at the Sugathadasa Stadium.


Lanka 2nd win

Sri Lanka registered their second victory in the Asian Invitation Netball Tournament when they defeated North Ireland 55-50 in Singapore.


Lanka fail to qualify

The Sri Lanakan volleyball team playing for the 9th place in the Asian Region Volleyball Championships were beaten by Qatar, 3 sets to nil.

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