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No breakthrough in arson attack on Leader

By Arthur Wamanan

Police investigations into the attack on the Leader Publications.....


> Leader journalist files FR petition
> President to state SL’s
stance on Pakistan
> WFP faces breakdown
in supply lines

Heartfelt gratitude

The Sunday Leader wishes to extend its heartfelt gratitude to all those who extended their support and solidarity by way of calling, personally visiting and other means soon after the arson attack on the press last Wednesday.

We wish to extend a special thank you to all the members of parliament, members of the judiciary, media personnel/institutions, religious leaders, diplomatic community, international organisations and the many professionals and well wishers who at times went out of their way to extended their support to The Leader newspapers. A big thank you to them all with the assurance that The Leader newspapers will stay the course, no matter what.



Leader Publications (Pvt) Limited, publishers of The Sunday Leader, The Morning Leader and The Irudina is offering a reward of Rs. 1 million to anyone providing information that will lead to the arrest of the thugs who carried out the arson attack on the Leader printing press early Wednesday (21) morning.
All information will be treated in the strictest confidence and could be conveyed on telephone number 0777 745552.


The Bait

Baa-sil has given the governing types the assurance that no matter what, the pack will survive in office come December 14. He said that there were enough ministries around and some could be sliced in tens and the expectation is that 10 more opposing types would bite the bait. Let’s wait and see!


Red ropes

The Red brethren were very much aware of Baa-sil’s snooping ways in the run up to the budget. There were leaks from within the party to him and the comrades

decided to send out all kinds of dead ropes just before the budget that poor Baa-sil did not know what to believe. Ha ha!


Fireworks display

Mangy was on his way home after the budget when who should he see lighting crackers and dancing the jig on parliament drive itself but Merv the foul mouth and a particular Lal known for Kudu. Hmm


Clean up

Ma-hinder is on a cleaning project. He has made it known that he is ever ready for elections and in fact thinks it is a blessing in disguise. He can then clean up the party, he says. And the man has also

vowed to deal with those who even remotely oppose his budget. So there!


Pus vedilla

Captain Cool has now ended up with egg on his face. The man huffed and puffed that he would vote against the budget and come vote day, pronto the ‘yes’ was cast. Now Ma-hinder has informed Baa-sil that there was no need to make any offerings to the Captain as the job is done.


Red faced

Lucky Yapa from the south, the pole-vaulter was all gung-ho that the budget was in the bag and the majority was a fat 48 votes. He had swallowed the dead rope that the Red Brethren were going to vote for the budget.

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