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November 25, 2007  Volume 14, Issue 23










Make your body your greatest project

Doctors Tom Wu and Janet Wu

By Ranee Mohamed

Dr. Tom Wu and Dr. Janet Wuwho were  in Sri Lanka for the 45th World Congress of Medica Alternativa speaking to The Sunday Leader said the people today are busy on various projects, but seem to be neglecting the most important project in their lives - their bodies.

The husband and wife duo who have a Wellness and Selfcare Centre in California say that the secret to good health lies in changing your diet and lifestyle.

"Think of your body as a project. Do not neglect it," warns the doctors. Dr.Tom Wu holds a doctorate in naturopathy and nutrition and Dr. Janet Wu, holds  doctorates in Naturopathy and psychology.

Dr. Tom Wu combines his knowledge of ancient Chinese art and modern Western scientific medical knowledge to show people how to use foods to let the body heal itself.

Dr. Janet Wu uses her selfcare and do-it-yourself programme to teach people how to maintain better health the natural way.

These internationally known health speakers and educators who travel all over the world, say that doctors in the future ought to give less prescriptions and be more interested in the patients' diet and lifestyle.

Combining physical well being with the state of the mind, Dr. Tom and Janet Wu, said that doctors ought to strive to learn all the healing arts including meditation and prayer to complement one another to make them more knowledgeable and more capable in helping patients to recover faster from illness. Thus they stress that the focus ought to be on healthcare instead of disease care, through warm personal love instead of  cold high tech procedures. "Our body is a physical, psychological and spiritual entity," says Dr. Janet Wu.

Traditional kind of doctor

Dr. Tom Wu is the traditional kind of doctor who listens and understands. But he does even more, he is able to study one's foot and identify ailments and diseases which he says are easily put right with the correct diet and lifestyle.

Once afflicted with cancer of the lung, Dr. Tom Wu, who was then a lung specialist said that though his condition may have been as a result of years of long treatment of victims of lung cancer, he himself has been able to overcome his cancer with a changed diet and lifestyle.

Today, he says he is as well as can be - able to travel and treat other patients with love, care and the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

In a diet plan aimed at curing through food, Dr. Tom Wu and Dr. Janet Wu said that people today are eating more flour, salt and sugar and less fruit. They attribute this sugar/salt/floury diet to the swelling rate of diabetes, not only in Sri Lanka, but all over the world.

However, the doctors do not hesitate to suggest a diet which in the eye of the common man may appear too radical. They go on to forbid the use of dairy products and 'prescribe' only soy milk or goat milk. "The structure and composition  of goat's milk are similar to that of human milk, hence goat milk is the ideal milk of the human body," they said.

In another surprising proclamation this duo from the arena of alternative medicine advise the intake of two tablespoons of coconut oil, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with the juice of one lime for weight loss.

Describing the structure of coconut oil, they went on to speak of its wonders when taken in its natural form. "We know that the Sri Lankan diet involves the use of coconut milk. This is very good, but we wish to suggest a variation. We think it would do wonders to the body if the vegetables are cooked in itself and the coconut milk added after it is cooked," observed Dr. Tom Wu.

Water, the fluid of life

Speaking about the way to good living, Dr. Tom Wu and Dr. Janet Wu, said that the wonders of drinking water can never be matched. Declining all kinds of sodas and juices, the duo insist that water is the fluid of life. "Water ought to be sipped and not gulped down by the bottle. That would only place a great strain on the kidneys. Think about the other organs and cells waiting to receive water, that is why water ought to be sipped," they advised.

Speaking of warmth and room temperature this medical duo say that many people eat fatty foods and drink frozen and cooked sodas and other kinds of iced drinks. They say that this will only cause the fat in the foods to harden in the stomach.  "When one drinks warm or hot water, or even tea, it will help to dissolve and possibly flush out the fat," they said.

Brushing out the bed tea and the mid morning tea, this duo of naturopathy said that tea ought to be drunk only after meals as an aid to digestion.

"Eat steamed vegetables, eat steamed fish or eat salads. Eat fruit.  Think of what all the natural goodness will do to your body. Eating white bread and other floury products ought to be avoided.

To lose weight

"Bread contains folic acid, which is added to flour. The other day we saw a person in the hotel taking about seven slices of bread. Think of what all this white bread will do to one's body. The body needs only 400 mcg of folic acid and too much of it can cause cancer," warned the doctors.

"If you want to truly lose weight, then do not eat bread, flour products, pasta and noodles.  Cookies and doughnuts are also prohibited. Eggs ought to be eaten hardboiled," they pointed out.

Speaking of the wonders of the local stringhopper, Dr. Tom and Dr. Janet Wu said that stringhoppers made from red rice flour (flour made at home and not from commercial packets) are very healthy. "The flour ought to be pounded at home, from red rice and the stringhoppers ought to be made at home," they insisted.

"We advise a special smoothie for breakfast, if one is striving to lose weight. A smoothie made of carrot, tomato, beet, celery, baby spinach, ginger, turmeric, fresh coriander, parsley and one teaspoon of funugreek is the ideal nourishment  for the morning. But one must not forget to add either a kiwi fruit, pineapple or a green apple or green grapes to this mixture. Have a glass of this smoothie for breakfast and some salad, and take more of this smoothie for lunch alone with other cooked food as fish, hardboiled eggs and salad." they advise.

Cure for cancer

"Eat raw vegetables and make sure that they are of seven colours if you can. Cancer is caused by the wrong diet. We have ensured that people who have suffered with cancer and who have overcome the disease have experienced good health with good eating habits. People who take this fruit and vegetable diet have not come back with cancer," said the doctors.

While breakfast and lunch is all fruit and vegetables, there seems to be no great plans for  dinner  either for one who wishes to make his body into a great health project. Dinner, they say ought to be brown rice cooked with some fenugreek, diced pumpkin, one teaspoon of fenugreek powder, slices of ginger, generous amounts of garlic and some dried beans,  said the doctors.

Alcohol is sugar

Prohibiting the intake of all kinds of alcohol, the doctors said that every glassful of alcohol is its equivalent in sugar. "Some people we have met say that they do not eat floury products because they are diabetic, that they avoid sweets, but take whisky, beer wine  and other alcohol. Alcohol in itself is sugar," warns the doctors.

"It is not that we prohibit all sweets. One or two chocolates taken once in a way is okay," says Dr. Janet Wu.

Advising a brisk walk for half an hour everyday, these doctors say that exercise ought to be done outside and not in air-conditioned halls. "The pores open out during exercise and the body tries to throw the garbage out, but the air-conditioning stops it all, "said Dr. Janet Wu.

The doctors also observed that Sri Lanka is blessed with  natural water that is so good for the body. "King Coconut water is miraculous. It lowers blood pressure and is good for every organ. But we do not recommend that patients' with asthma consume it,"they said.

They said that garlic is nature's antibiotic which also lowers blood pressure; that ginger purified your blood stream and strengthens the kidneys.

"What is the use of being engaged in all kinds of other outside activities if one is neglecting one's health? Look after your body. Make it your next project," advises the doctors.

Indian cobra

Be nice to the snakes!

By Risidra Mendis

We always talk about the abuse perpetrated on  animals by humans. We also talk how we should work towards protecting them from extinction. We talk about animal rights and the need to implement strict laws to save them from being exploited by humans. But the question that now arises is, What have we done to promote animal welfare?

The fight to protect the rights of animals is a longstanding issue that is yet to be addressed by the relevant authorities. In the recent past steps taken to prevent cruelty to animals have in the main focused on dogs, cats, animals and birds listed as endangered and endemic species, and cattle, pigs, goats, chicken, rabbit and fish that are killed for human consumption.

However the cruelty inflicted on snakes when they are used in awareness programmes has been largely ignored by animal lovers and environmentalists. These programmes are conducted to explain the importance of snakes and why they should be protected. Awareness programmes on snakes have become popular among environmentalists and those interested in seeing and touching a live snake. However the stress and strain these animals have to face when being transported long distances where such programmes are held has been conveniently ignored by those who organise such programmes.

Consider welfare

Speaking to The Sunday Leader, herpetologist, Anslem de Silva said snake awareness programmes are good as long as the welfare of the snakes are taken into consideration. "When transporting a snake the creature has to be kept in a cage for a long time. During the programme the reptile is taken out and touched by many people. People participating in  snake awareness programmes are allowed to touch the reptiles to help reduce their fear of snakes. However due to inexperience in handling snakes these people can accidentally squeeze them and hurt them. This is harmful for the reptiles," de Silva said.

Better method

He added that using videos and photographs during snake awareness programmes is better than the real thing. "Videos and photographs give the participants a better picture of the snakes and help in identifying them. When I have snake awareness programmes I make power point presentations to explain the characteristics and identification of snakes," de Silva said.

According to environmentalists, snake awareness programmes have now become a fad as they are held mainly as a tourist attraction. Leading hotels that claim to be environment friendly and situated in areas such as Yala, Habarana and Kandalama frequented by tourists have resorted to holding these programmes to attract tourists and increase their revenue.

A snake awareness programme conducted recently at an outstation hotel came under criticism by animal lovers who claimed that certain species of snakes that could not even be found at the zoo were being caught from the forests.


Naturalists claiming to be working towards the protection of snakes were seen taking snakes from the wilds for this programme. "The authorities at the National Zoological Gardens should take responsibility for the stress caused to these reptiles as they permit such groups to take the snakes for various programmes," environmentalists said.

Will the relevant authorities look into this matter or will they turn a blind eye to the exploitation of wild snakes by hoteliers and naturalists whose main intention is to earn extra revenue under the guise of attracting tourists?

scence & heard

Ferrey and Gill reading

It was an evening of music and readings at the Villa de Mel when the second edition of Ashok Ferrey's book of short stories, The Good Little Ceylonese Girl, was launched. Ferrey's guest speaker was Gill Westaway, Head of the British Council in Colombo.

The Good Little Ceylonese Girl which was shortlisted for this year's Gratiaen Prize was first released 10 months ago. The new edition comes after three re-prints of the old one. Authors Yasmin Gooneratne, Premala de Mel, Dr. Lalith and Dr. Selvie Perera, James Moore and Richard Reidy were among the artistic and distinguished gathering.

Earl's Regency takes on the cake

It was a grand day when the Earl's Regency mixed their christmas cake. Photo shows Thusith Samaraweera - general manager, Latiff - chief accountant, Dayanthi - executive housekeeper, Hilary - food and beverage manager and Senerath - chief engineer together with the executives and the kitchen brigade headed by Executive Chef, Sanjeewa Ranasinghe.

Time for the Balangoda Sale again

If its fancy crochet serviettes, delicately crafted smocked dresses or cross stitched bedsheets you want then the place to visit is the Balangoda Sale held at St. Bridget's Convent, Colombo 7. There is a wide array of linen in the most beautiful of designs crafted by the village lasses of Balangoda.

Bed sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, serviettes and exquisitely crafted doilies will be available at this sale. Also on sale will be nightdresses, housecoats and a range of children's garments that are not available in stores.

All items bear the trademark of excellence and are made from the finest of handlooms giving durability in addition to style.

All these works of art come from the handicraft centre at Balangoda which functions under the direction of the Good Shepherd Sisters. This project that began 45 years ago has provided a profitable livelihood to the women of the area.

The Balangoda Sale will be held on December 1 (Saturday) and 2 (Sunday) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at St.Bridget's Convent.

Do support and encourage the work of our village folk - their work is their pride and their only source of income.

Latvian National Day celebrated

The National Day of Latvia was celebrated in Colombo recently. "Latvia is a country with a growing economy. Prosperity is no longer a distant vision but a goal that is within sight. However, wealth alone will not make a person or society happy. In a healthy society people responsibly participate in national life. We should be working together, not battling each other. The structure of the state, intertwined with the welfare of the public, is the framework in which we can achieve security as individuals and secure a future for our children and grandchildren," said Hon. Consul General, Republic of Latvia in Sri Lanka, Thomas F. Daetwyler speaking at the event.

"Among the major achievements of Latvia is national security of the kind our country was never before able to attain. Full membership in the European Union is no longer merely a matter of policy but a reality. We must remain reliable allies, enhancing transatlantic dialogue. A strong EU and a strong NATO are the primary guarantees for our prosperity and security. We must work constructively with all our neighbours, developing a dialogue and enhancing cooperation in view of the fact that our countries' are collectively responsible for the long term, sustainable development of the region," he said.

"The Latvian people assisted in the reconstruction in the aftermath of the tsunami, with funds utilised for preschools and reached out to the Sri Lankan peo- ple," Daetwyler  said.

"I am happy that an eminent group of Latvian musicians have been able to join us here in Sri Lanka for the National Day and some other events, and I am sure that they will share the warm feeling of the Latvian people towards Sri Lanka, and carry home in their hearts the memory of the great hospitality of the Sri Lankan people," he added.

Sri Lanka Housewives in the forefront for the season

The Sri Lanka Housewives Association has sprung to the spotlight this season with their Christmas Pola to be held at the Public Library Auditorium on December 1 from 9 a.m.

The service-oriented Housewives Association has opened this year- end pola to all and entrance is free of charge. The pola will feature  everything from food to clothes and household goods, said a spokesperson for the Sri Lanka Housewives Association.  


It added upto 11

The wife is heavily pregnant and in hospital to give birth. An anxious husband is watching cricket whilst awaiting news from the hospital. Eventually he could not wait any longer and called the hospital to find out about his wife, but..he accidentally dialled the cricket stadium.˜ When the phone was answered he asked: "How are things?" and was told: "Fine, 3 were out by tea break, in total 7 were out by lunch time, the last one out was a duck!"˜ The husband fainted.

Scary thought

Serial killer and his victim walk through a dark and scary forest. Victim to killer:" I  am scared," and the killer replied: "Why are you scared, we are two. you must know how scared I am. I have to walk this way back alone."

Grumpy's sleeping

A marriage counsellor was attempting to determine an angry wife's general demeanor.

"Did you wake up grumpy this morning?" he asked.

"No," replied the woman, "I just let him sleep."

Time difference

On some air bases the air force is on one side of the field and civilian aircraft use the other side of the field, with the control tower in the middle.

One day the tower received a call from an aircraft asking, "What time is it?"

The tower responded, "Who is calling?"

The aircraft replied, "What difference does it make?"

The tower replied, "It makes a lot of difference. If it is an American Airlines flight, it is 3 o'clock. If it is an air force plane, it is 1500 hours. If it is a navy aircraft, it is 6 bells. If it is an army aircraft, the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 3. If it is a marine corps aircraft, it's Thursday afternoon."

Different destinations

A student was heading home for the holidays. When she got to the airline counter, she presented her ticket to New York. As she gave the agent her luggage, she made the remark, "I'd like you to send my green suitcase to Hawaii, and my red suitcase to London."

The confused agent said, "I'm sorry, we can't do that."

"Really? I am so relieved to hear you say that because that's exactly what you did to my luggage last year!"

Flying rage

As a guy takes his seat on an airplane, he is surprised to find a parrot strapped in next to him. After taking off, the flight attendant comes around to serve the passengers on the plane. The guy asks the flight attendant for a coffee and the parrot squawks: "And get ME a coke...NOW!"

The flight attendant, flustered by the parrot's attitude, brings back a coke for the parrot. However, she forgets the coffee for the guy.

As the guy points this out, the parrot drains his glass and screams:

"Get me another coke or I'll really create a scene!"

Quite upset, the attendant comes back shaking, with another coke, but still no coffee.

Irritated at her forgetfulness, the man decides to try the parrot's approach. "I've asked you twice for a coffee. Go and get it right now, or I'll create a scene that will make HIS look like a Victorian tea party!"

The next moment, both the guy and the parrot are grabbed and thrown out of the emergency exit by two burly security guards.

Hurtling towards earth, the parrot turns to him and says: "You're pretty cheeky for a guy who can't fly!"

Gay ways

Four guys have been golfing together for years. Throughout the years, they have discussed various aspects of their lives, with one exception: they never talk about their sons. This is because one of the men has a son who is a flaming, out-of-the-closet homosexual, and the other men don't want to make him feel bad.

One week, however, the man with the gay son is late to the country club, so the other three are sitting around the table and inevitably start talking about their sons.

"My son, the Mercedes salesman," says one, "has been doing so well lately that last week, he tells me, he GAVE a friend of his a brand new Benz!"

"Ah, that's nothing," says the second one, "My son, the marina owner, has been so successful lately that last week he gave one of his friends a brand new speedboat!"

"MY son," says the third, "has done so exceptionally well in the real estate market, that last week he gave a friend of his a whole HOUSE!"

Just then the fourth man walks in and says, "You know, I never thought my son would amount to anything. But then, just last week, his three lovers gave him a new Mercedes, a speedboat and a house!""


Be nice to the snakes!

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