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World Affairs



This is Paradise







Anura calls Govt.’s foreign
policy duplicitous

National Heritage Minister Anura Bandaranaike has in a scathing written attack on the government’s foreign policy called it duplicitous and.....


> Karuna Group claims to have released all child soldiers
> Consumer prices increase
by 4.4% in Nov.
> No entry for civilians from Omanthai

If there was controversy generated over the Aston Martin luxury car which arrived in Sri Lanka some months back, there is now a new buzz over the arrival of a Hummer H2 off roader of the luxury kind. Valued at over US$ 55,000 without duty, the vehicle has recently arrived in Sri Lanka and is said to be for a VIP son



Bloody mayhem in Colombo

By Amantha Perera

The words sounded ominous - "The Sinhala nation is celebrating this tragedy



Fall out of Eelam War IV

While the government and the LTTE are engaged in sabre rattling, it is the civilians who have to pay the ultimate



Firing Line

There is a juicy story behind the firing of Fon-se-ka, one of Boggle’s trusted aides. The man was known to request comfortable vehicles with tinted glasses no less for his official duties, and a little birdie had whispered into the Bitter Half’s ear that Fons was couriering a lady friend of Boggles and pronto orders went out for his sacking. Sin no

The Leak

And the guessing game is on as to who did the dirty on Boggles from inside the ministry that is foreign by tipping off wifey. Given the bitter blood between Boggles and Koo-hona, the story is that it was the result of a well inspired leak from the

security of the secretary to whom nothing is foreign.

The Bait

Budget jitters are on again with the 14th nearing. And Prince AB’s secretary that is private received a call from Ma-hinder. The message was that the Prince was in line for a major task when cupboard is reshuffled next year, just a month away and not to rock the boat. Guess the Prez thinks a sucker is born every minute, what!

Moving On

Even Merv the Perv is getting his wishes. After sonna boy’s incarceration he has been gunning for the head of the OIC at Bamba, and now orders have gone out to banish the poor kakhi type to Siberia, all for doing his job. Shame! Shame!

Action Man

Hack-him knows when to rock the boat and after he took to task Wije the Parlour at the revenue that is all inland and Pee Bee, the long serving secretary on matters financial, many were the angels who patted him on the back for a job well done in the members’ canteen. They say that Pee Bee has overstayed his welcome and it’s high time for retirement. Hmmm...

The Cut Throat

Ass Bee and a bunch of merry men around him with skeletons in the cupboard are hard at work to keep the governing types from toppling over. The man wants the status quo to hold till his rights that are civic are back. So it was when he went to visit Rathne, the latest high jumper. His message was "you are 60 years, just get what they are giving you and jump." Tch! Tch!

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