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In a Natshell



While the country was agog with the happy news of Merv the Perv being finally given the thrashing he richly deserved, there were those 'breaking news' flashes on the Dutugemunu in reverse form. One such widely circulated short message read: 'After Dr. Mervyn Silva checked into the Merchant's Ward of the National Hospital, CT scan fails to diagnose any brains.' Sin no!!

Macho spirit

Having hidden behind the chairing man's seat for three long hours to emerge sweating and out of breath, the self proclaimed Dutugemunu quickly recovered his penchant for hooliganism and macho spirit on a hospital  bed. Panting, he was heard boasting to the medicos that he would personally get even and dislocate a few jaws upon rising from his hospital  bed. Now that's the true Merv the Perv spirit would you say?

Chicken  Wings

But Merv was not so brave as he bid a hasty retreat from the Selalihiniya office amidst  tight police and army cover, howls, hoots and dripping red paint. Security types hopped into his unregistered metal contraption, hitching rides up to the main road. As they jumped off near the main road from the jam-packed vehicle, only to hear Merv's passionate  pleas not  to abandon him.  After all, all hell had broken loose and was after him. Not so brave then, eh?

Chinese Cuisine

Whispers along the corridors of the ministry that is foreign is how a woman diplo-mutt from Brussels suddenly sprouted in Shanghai at the recent opening of our consulate there  by the minister to  whom  nothing is foreign, Boggles. While some think that Brussels sprouts taste nice, the question asked in the corridos of the ministry that is foreign is whether they have to be flown all the way to Shanghai  which has its bean sprouts that taste better.Could not Boggles and Beijing Meeya now turned Shanghai rodent raise the flag without some feminine input they ask.  And so the battle continues. Aha!

Foreign Affairs

And with the battle ragingnow the talk in the ministry that is foreignis how a small man with a big head who is adept at skirting issues,if you getour drift, is trying frantically to master the Viennese waltz before another sojourn during the next Prague Spring. It seems the man is promoting this Viennese edelweiss to come to London Town also around spring. Sweet no!


Ravi the Kind-Leader from the ancient kingdom of Kotte was quite taken aback when calls poured in from the health sector on the last day of the bud-get, threatening strikes and all if a particular green turncoat was about to return home. Their singular grouse was the mistaken belief the Kind Leader was trying to bring back the foul-mouthed dentist.  And pacifying health workers took a lot of time on that busy day. Hmm.

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