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In a Natshell


The crony

The committee that is not representative of all parties was in session when there was a proposal to hold a meeting on Poya day. Morning the Gum-manpila would have none of it and thundered that Poya was not for holding meetings. A little while later there was a message that Ma-hinder himself wanted a meeting on Poya day and who should jump in agreement first but Morning himself. Oh well! 

Something Fishy

Talking of Poya, then there was Ma-hinder who met with the wild asses on that day  and treated them to lunch as well. By oversight or otherwise the meal was not total vegetarian, it included the southern delicacy fish ambul thiyal. Now there's an issue for the JHU, what!  

High Jumper

While the committee that is not representative of all parties was in session there was one man who was whole-heartedly supporting Ma-hinder, even advising him not to devolve too much. It was none other than Hum-meed from the congress that is for all Ceylonese Muslims. The man also sits at the top of the cooperation that is shipping and had helped himself to a hefty salary hike recently. Seeing his show at the sessions one wise ass quipped that he was sure working hard to justify his raise. Hmmm.  

Money Talks

Then there was Na-zeer the Aha-mad from another Muslim breakaway party who came on Selalihiniya and said that there would be no peace as long as Velu is alive. When he came out, a friend inquired whether he wasn't nervous to take such high risks. "What nonsense without such risks I can't push a deal through," came the reply.  Now who said war was not big business, eh! 

Forked Tongue

Boggles had the last laugh after the proposals of the committee that is not representative of all parties came out. He saw Professori waxing eloquent at the cupboard meeting on the benefits of the 13th Amendment and couldn't help but quip, "this was the same man who not very long ago said that 13 Amendment could not solve anything." So what!   

Juicy Bits

There is trouble within the Red Brethren and who should advice Ma-hinder on how to deal with Anura Dissa, but Wee Flower's bitter half. The lass has told Ma-hinder a thing or two she knew. And pronto the request went to her to send all the juicy details. So there!

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